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The need to take part in international Wikimedia life more actively has ripened now. Therefore it is necessary to be more organised and collaborative. User group can become the first step in Belarusian Wikimedia branch deployment.


User group unites active Wikimedians from all Belarusian Wikimedia projects and helps involving other Wikimedians in common deals, as well as developing their social impact through the creation and proliferation of free content, and keeping open principles in knowledge management and in self-government.


To make Belarusian Wikipedians' community life more vibrant through support and promotion of the local culture, the Belarusian language and free knowledge.



  • To represent both Belarusian Wikipedias (classical and academic) in international relations.
  • To widen media presence and public awareness about Belarusian Wikipedia's community activities.
  • To make collaborative projects with other interest groups, social initiatives, NGOs and local communities in Belarus and abroad.
  • Last but not least, to support the the creation of a Wikimedia chapter in Belarus.

Strategical task[edit]

  • To organise and host the regional Eastern-Europe Wikimedia Conference in 2016 (or 2017).

Interested in external activities[edit]

  • To make mutual wikicamps with other user groups and chapters.
  • To build online bridges with Wikimedians from different affiliates.

Recent and Future Activities[edit]


  • (DONE) Organised local Wiki Spring 2015 campaign in both Belarusian Wikipedias (classical and academical)
  • (DONE) User Group founding meetup on the 21th of June 2015
  • (DONE) Local OpenStreetMap and Wikipedia communities partnership - to foster Minsk map with link to Wikipedia articles (July, 2015)
  • (DONE) Participation in the CEE WikiCamp 2015, 31 July - 2 August, in Macedonia
  • (DONE) Wiki workshop with the Belarusian Association of Journalists (August, 2015).
  • (DONE) Participation in the WMCEE 2015 annual conference, 10-13 September, in Estonia
  • (DONE) Holding seminar "How to Become Wiki-Editor" for 'Pramova' club of the Belarusian Language Society on 30 September 2015
  • (DONE) Wiki Helper elaboration and publishing (July-October 2015) (sandbox, project description, result)
  • (DONE) 19th of december To make a half-day meeting with guys who would like to discuss further Wiki community development, December 2015


  • (DONE) Community survey for understanding common vision of development, December 2015 - January 2016
  • (IN PROGRESS) Extend and establish volunteer list for new projects next year, 2016 - winter 2015-2016
  • (DONE) Wiki Spring 2016 campaign in both Belarusian Wikipedias (classical and academical)
  • (PILOT DONE) Start local challenge 10wikidays - from 28th of February by Mr. Zabej
  • (IN PROGRESS)Support and development of User Group public in FB - throughout 2016
  • (DONE)Planning collaboration activity with HRs activists - throughout 2016
  • (IN PROGRESS)Developing idea and planning the Wiki expedition with different communities - summer 2016 - --Mr. Zabej (talk) 12:10, 10 July 2016 (UTC)fundrising

Plans and possible projects page for 2016-2017

Wiki meetings[edit]


Founders and participants[edit]

Voluntary roles[edit]

  • Communicator (external relationships) - Mr._Zabej
  • Content manager (update meeting pages)
  • Event managers (regular meetups)
  • Translator (Enterpreter) - into english and belarusian

How to join us[edit]

  1. You share our principles
  2. Join mailing list by submitting your intention to join.
  3. Add your name and account name to the page in section "Founders and participants"

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