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Organizational activity[edit]

Strategic partnership[edit]

  • The User Group has established a formal partnership with Wikimedia Portugal in the context of a set of activities with UAb, CIDH, LE@D and CLEPUL.
  • The User Group has sustained the partnership with the RIDC NeuroMat, a research institute in São Paulo, particularly in what has been called the NeuroMat Wikimedia Initiative, which includes wikimedians-in-residence and student workers, funded by the São Paulo Research Foundation and the University of São Paulo.
  • The User Group has officially and actively supported activities and purposes of Whose Knowledge?, connecting this initiative with the Wikimedia communities in Portuguese.



MOOC Introduction to Science Journalism[edit]

The UG has supported the development of the MOOC module on pt.wikiversity and of the course on Introduction to Science Journalism, organized by NeuroMat. This module provides a new template for anyone who is interested in creating wiki-courses, which could contribute to setting a new perspective for the use of Wikiversity.

Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul[edit]

Wikipedia project on Mathematics.

Faculdade Cásper Líbero[edit]

Audiovisual communications[edit]

A Commons project on cultural heritage of São Paulo city, in Brazil, and a Wikipedia project on Brazilian politicians were produced with undergraduate students within a course on Political Science at the School of Audiovisual Communications.

This Commons project is part of an ongoing activity for documenting all monuments in São Paulo (city).

A map view of monuments in São Paulo city is being built in the context of this initiative



Wikidata Lab[edit]

Wikidata Lab VI: Structured Commons[edit]

Training for the community on April 10, in São Paulo.

Wikidata Lab V: GLAMpipe[edit]

Training for the community on March 22, in São Paulo.

Wikidata Lab IV: Mass uploading[edit]

Training for the community on February 22, in São Paulo.

Other projects related to education[edit]

  • Launch and technical support of an education program on theory of history at the Santa Catarina Federal University. With Chicocvenancio.










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