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Wikimedia Community User Group Greece is a group of users of Greek Wikimedia projects who are interested in organizing and participating in outreach activities on national level. We have been active for three years already doing among others many educational partnerships, workshops, presentations in free software events (see Fosscomm 2012), Mediawiki Geek Day 2013 or an edit-a-thon organized recently on el.wp as part of the World War I edit-a-thons. WM CUG Greece has been recognized as a Wikimedia User Group by the AffComm in July 2013.[1]

Why not a chapter

Although Wikimedia Greece is a chapter in discussion phase on Meta we strongly support the creation of an official User Group since the numbers of our community members at the moment are not sufficient for the creation of a chapter and surely not the numbers we expected to have two years ago. But there is still a tight group of Wikimedia projects users who are enjoying outreach activities and would like to get on with this work.

Having that in mind we would prefer to work as an officially recognized group in order to have the advantages of using the trademarks and logos of Wikimedia, if possible, in our promotional activities.

Access to grants from the foundation is not among our urgent concerns yet. We cover the cost for domain names and other petty cash from our pockets. An event or project with wider scope may need funding in the future when our group will be mature enough to organize it.

We held a conference on October of 2011 which was attended by about 20 persons. The first day of this conference was devoted strictly to discussions about the creation of WM-GR. Today we want to confirm the continuing interest of those who supported an active Wikimedia chapter at that time and we could surely work as a User Group at the beginning.

Focus, goals, activities

  • Regular meetings in major cities of Greece for discussions, workshops, editathons etc.
  • To empower and engage members present online on projects in offline activities
  • GLAM - some initiatives have been taken in this field, though the results are not impressive so far
  • Wikimedia Education Program Greece. There are already some initiatives especially in Medical and Mathematical schools of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in cooperation with OKFN-Greece. There were editathons and Wikipedia assignments for students over the last three years. You can see more about the work that is already done in public educational institutions of Greece from a wide range of users who are not necessarily members of our user group on this page. We plan to go further.
  • Creation of Wikimedia Greece chapter in the long run
  • Osmosis with other FOSS communities in Greece in order to develop forms of cooperation



See also the original version in Modern Greek

Anyone can join our usergroup, even those who don’t have an account on a Wikimedia wikiproject. Newbies are not only welcome but are encouraged to take part in our events and outreach activities as members on a trial basis. See how you can start learning and at the same time participate in WUG-GR.

However, to participate as a full member in WUG-GR (some things are considered self-evident but it is good to mention them) you should:

  1. Have participated being physically present, in one of our meetings of users that have taken place in various cities/places in Greece or to have met one of the members of the user group in person.
  2. Be an active user on any project of WUG-GR and to continue being an active user as long as you participate to the team. Have a minimum number of edits (greater than 600 total and at least 50 in the last 6 months) in the main namespace, namespace:category and namespace:template on any single Wikimedia Project (in Modern Greek or any other language, though not 600 cumulative edits in all the projects that you contribute).
  3. You should participate as much as possible in the activities of the group, for example in the organization of events, presentations and workshops, the production of manuals and educational materials or support of the functional needs of the User Group, and so on. Overall abstention from contributions and participation will mean that you lose your rights to participate in the decision making process of the Group, as well as to have access to administrative resources and materials of the Group.
  4. Have read and accepted the group’s Member Rights and Responsibilities.
  5. Your participation is not allowed if you oppose by your positions or actions to the core values of WMF, or create functional obstacles to WMF projects and also of those who are acting in bad faith in the User Group.
  6. Ρay on time the annual membership fee (today thirty euros 30€) (this rule is not applied to students, people who are doing their compulsory military service, or they are unemployed). The fee can be changed by decision of the User Group and will go into effect the year after the decision was taken.


  • WCUG significa Grupo de Usuarios de la comunidad Wikimedia (en inglés Wikimedia Community User Group)
  • Este texto es una traducción del texto en griego alojado bajo el título Προϋποθέσεις συμμετοχής στο WM-GR en la Para cualquier controversia sobre la precisión del significado entre la versión griega y la inglesa, prevalece la griega.

Report on activities


  • Education Program: AUTH, Medical School, 2012. Assignment to translate in groups of students, articles with medical content proposed in the priority list. 51 students - 21 articles [2]


  • Education Program: AUTH, Department of Mathematics, 2013. Assignment to translate mathematical articles. 130 students - 79 articles [3]
  • Education Program: AUTH, Medical School, 2013. Assignment to translate medical articles. 6 students - 7 articles [4]


  • Education Program: AUTH, Department of Mathematics, 2014. Assignment to translate mathematical articles. 137 students - 48 articles [5]
  • Education Program: AUTH, Medical School, 2013. Assignment to create or translate in groups, articles with medical content from a priority list. 6 students - 7 articles [6]
  • Education Program: AUTH, School of Italian Language and Literature, 2014. Assignments to translate articles from Italian. 6 students - 7 articles [7] - the students will be awarded with a predetermined amount of ECTS-credits
  • Presentation "Wikipedia and people's access to knowledge" (Corfu, March 1st)
  • Lecture on Wikipedia, in AUTH's Scool of Journalism and New Media.
  • Presentation Introduction to Wikidata (in cooperation with OpenThessaloniki group)


  • Wikipedia Lab, series of workshops
  • Education Program: Second Chance School for Adults in Corfu [8]
  • Education Program: AUTH, Department of Mathematics, 2015. Assignment to translate mathematical articles. [9]


  • Repeat the Wikipedia Lab, a series of weekly workshops on Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons and Wikidata.
  • Wiki Loves Earth
  • Continue and expand the Wikipedia Education Program.
  • Thesswiki project

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