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Wikimedia Community User Group Guinée Conakry/Report2023

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Guinean delegation to the 2023 French-speaking Wikiconvention in Abidjan

Since the establishment of our User Group in 2019, which has been almost six years, the Republic of Guinea has continued its activities with little improvement. Activities continue into 2024, with more successful missions, partnerships and collaborations at national and international levels. Thus, major face-to-face and online activities with more relevant and diversified content were carried out, demonstrating a strong commitment from the association's volunteers, all crowned by actions with volunteers from abroad.

This document helps to account for the dynamics that have begun since the Guinean user group was launched 6 years ago.

More relevant and diverse content[edit]

Receipt of the satisfaction awarded by the National Transition Council of Guinea to the Wikimedia Guinea User Group for good collaboration since 2021

In 2023, all regions of Guinea continued to carry out training, this was an implementation to the benefit of old and new members of the Guinea Conakry User Group to motivate novices who benefited from its supervision during training sessions, photo outings and wiki workshops. The combined efforts allowed us to exceed 2,900 articles for Wikipedia in French in 2023, a clear improvement. From the creation, translation and correction of articles on public figures, education, culture, infrastructure and towns in Guinea.

Contributions focused on raising awareness and promoting articles on Wikipedia, Wikidata, Wikivoyage, Wiktionary, Wikimedia Commons and various languages including French, English, Fulfulde and N'ko.

In addition to these languages, we make mini contributions in other language versions, notably by adding photos or translating their content. Articles in Spanish, Polish, Arabic, Japanese, Portuguese and especially English are translated into French concerning Guinea. and Africa.

In 2023, we managed to maintain institutional partnerships with in particular the National Transition Council and renew our letter of "official recognition" with the Ministry of Territorial Administration of Guinea.

Our activities[edit]

Aristide Kouané from Cote d'Ivoire (left), Jymmy Wales founder of Wikipedia (right) and Mamadou Falilou Diallo (center) at Wikimania 2023 in Singapore
View of the Tounty tourist site in Lélouma
360° view of Saala Falls in Labé
Activity Place Dates
Participation in the international cinema day organized by ONACIG Bluezone of Kaloum December 3, 2022
Saturday Wiki at Nongo Conakry University - UNC Nongo Conakry University - UNC December 18, 2022
Facilitate the organization of the Africa School Wikichallenge 2023 competition Guinea December 2022 to April 2023
Saturday Wiki at Nongo Conakry University - UNC Nongo Conakry University - UNC January 29, 2023
organization of contribution days on the creation of articles on the country's national roads Guinea February 2023
Photo outing at the Baga de Boffa Festival Boffa February 12, 2023
Training and awareness session with students from the Saint Georges de Taouyah School complex Ratoma February 11, 2023
awareness session for students from the Groupe Scolaire Mohamed Barry de Hamdallaye high school in Conakry Hamdallaye January 28, 2023
Guinea’s first participation in the Loves folklore wiki competition Guinea February to March 2023
Two days of training on discovering Wikipedia at the Yoma school complex. Dubreka March 14, 2023
Training session on discovering Wikipedia at Hamdallaye High School in Kamsar Kamsar March 15, 2023
Photo outing on the slave path at Fortin de Boké Boké Museum March 16, 2023
Organization of the campaign Africa Environnement WikiFocus Kindia March 27, 2023
contribution sessions on Wikimedia Commons in Kindia Kindia April 19, 2023
Organization of the campaign Africa Environnement WikiFocus Conakry April 19, 2023
prize ceremony for the competition winners Wiki Loves Folklore 2023 in Guinea Ratoma April 19, 2023
Certificate delivery ceremony at the end of the three-month training series in Kindia on member capacity building. Kindia May 1, 2023
participation in the 6th edition of the Labé arts and laughter festival. Training, awareness and initiation of artists on Wikipedia. Theme: The place of Wikipedia for a career these days Labé May 19 to 25, 2023
Promotion of digital technology at the orphanage to help deprived children of Hamdallaye Hamdallaye, Conakry June 16, 2023
day of contribution on Wikipedia to the CECOGE of Labé Labé June 19, 2023
Photo outing on the Lelou and Tounty falls Ley holo, Lélouma June 21 to 22, 2023
Photo outing on Saala Falls Labé June 22, 2023
Photo outing on the Kaleta dam Télémele June 25, 2023
Photo outing at Télémele center Télémele June 27, 2023
Photo outing to the Grotte de Ley Leguel Sarekaly June 29, 2023
Training and awareness campaign in the community of Sarekaly (Télimélé) Télimélé June 31, 2023
training session for the linguistic community ADLaM Guinea Headquarters of ADLaMGuinée, Ratoma July 8 and 9, 2023
Restitution session of successful exchanges and partnerships during Wikimania 2023 in Singapore Online August 27, 2023
Wikipedia contribution day at Mamou town hall Mamou August 28, 2023
Wikipedia contribution day in Pita Pita September 10, 2023
Participation of four Guineans in the 2023 French-speaking Wikiconvention in Abidjan Abidjan September 17 to 23, 2023
Restitution session of successful exchanges and partnerships during the French-speaking Wikiconvention 2023 in Abidjan Online September 28, 2023
Exchange meeting with Wikimedia Senegal at the French Institute of Dakar French Institute of Dakar October 5, 2023
First training session on the Sans Pages program in Guinea Conakry November 27, 2023


view of the Museum and slave path in Boké

The number of our members is growing, particularly during face-to-face events organized by the Wikimedia Guinea user community. This was possible with the support of partners, both strategic and financial, for the operationalization of our objectives. Given the context, there are several partnerships maintained in 2023 which can be classified according to whether they are considered formalized agreements, whether they were simple hosts of events organized by the user group, whether they have granted us funding or associated us with events offering us forums to promote the free dissemination of knowledge.

  • Collaboration agreements with partners such as :
    • WikiFranca Movement
    • The Wikimedia Senegal user group
    • L'Harmattan Guinée (for the 72 heures du livre)
    • Wiki Africa (WikiAfrica Hour)
    • State institutions with the National Transition Council (for partenariat institutionnel)
    • Wiki Éducation
    • Fondazione Aurora
    • Moleskine Foundation
    • Wiki Africa Éducation
    • University Nongo Conakry - UNC
    • ADLAM Guinea
    • ONG Solidarity with deprived children
    • town hall Pita, Dalaba, Sérékaly, Télémele centre, Kamsar et Boké
    • Lycée Hamdallaye Kamsar
    • Boké Museum
  • Event Hosts :

- une session

    • Hotel Onomo
    • Kofi Annan University of Guinea
    • Pita Community Library
    • Belvedere Library
    • orphanage helps destitute children of Hamdallaye

- Invitations:

    • Association for sustainable development of Sarékaly - ADDS
    • Women models from current.info
  • Broadcasts and media invitations
    • City FM 88.1
    • TV Espace
    • Télémele rural radio
    • RTG
    • The victories of Guinean music


Communication channels[edit]

Our communication channels had more subscribers.

  • Broadcast list[1]
  • Facebook 8200 subscribers [2]
  • Twitter 843 subscribers [3]
  • Instagram 622 subscribers [4]
  • LinkedIn 167 subscribers [5]

Growing volunteer commitment[edit]

Family photo at the Wiki indaba 2023 in Agadir (Morocco)

Wikimedia Community User Group Guinea Conakry organized more than 25 events in 14 cities of Guinea (Conakry, Kindia, Dubréka, Boké, Pita, Kamsar, Télémele, Dakar, Abdijan, and Labé) and 5 countries notably in Côte d 'Ivory, Singapore, Senegal, Morocco and Guinea-Bissau divided between workshops, photo outings, competitions, meetings, executive office and daily discussions and above all raising awareness around free contributions' ' (online and face-to-face).
These activities generated “several hours of work and commitment from volunteers”. This commitment is the work of “50 volunteers, 50% of whom are women”. This large proportion of women in the Association is very remarkable for their strong involvement in photo outings, training and assistance to trainers as facilitators and present within the management staff where they occupy 50% of the positions.

Source of funding[edit]

The Guinea Conakry Wikimedia Users Group has no sponsors. All current expenses are spent with funds from the Fondation Wikimédia, Wikimédia France et de Wikimédia Suisse and personal funds of participants.

Useful resources[edit]