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Wikimedia Community User Group Hong Kong/Statement/Emergency Regulations Ordinance

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Statement regarding the usage of Emergency Regulations Ordinance

Statement regarding the use of Emergency Regulations Ordinance

Free speech, expression and access to uncensored web services are some of the fundamental requirements for anyone living in Hong Kong to access Wikipedia and its sister projects, which is also a protected right under the Basic Law of Hong Kong.

Wikimedia Community User Group Hong Kong is in dire concern regarding recent moves by the government. The usage of such ordinance can bring negative effects to the local community and members of the public who want to access Wikipedia:

  1. Usage of the ordinance can restrict the organization of offline meetups in Hong Kong
  2. Usage of the ordinance can also restrict access to Wikipedia and its sister projects

Such worries are not fabricated, as a member of the Executive Council of Hong Kong expressed such possibility of removing internet access within Hong Kong through enacting relevant provisions.

We hope all members of the public, especially the police, the government itself, protesters, etc. to remain calm and not to initiate violence.

We also continue our stance to conference participants and organizers not to use Hong Kong as a transit point for going to/from events.

The statement was released at 8 Oct, 2019 and was approved by all Board Members.

Confirmed by 1233 T / C on 00:59, 8 October 2019 (UTC)[reply]

Wikimedia Community User Group Hong Kong is a User Group representing Wikimedians residing in Hong Kong. The User Group is formally recognized by the Wikimedia Foundation as a movement affiliate on 28 September, 2018.
For media enquirers, please contact User:1233 through Telegram (Telegram Username: @theonly23333) or leave a message through the Facebook Page of Wikimedia Community User Group Hong Kong
This statement only represents the views of participants of the Hong Kong User Group and does not represent the official stance of the Wikimedia Foundation.

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