Wikimedia Community User Group Kenya

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Wikimedia Community User Group Kenya

LocationFlag of Kenya.svg kenya
Country code254
Official language(s)Swahili, English

The Planning Wikimedia Community User Group Kenya seeks to mobilize and organize a new generation of volunteers in Kenya for meaningful engagement in the Wikimedia Community.

Current Members

  1. Winnie Kabintie
  2. Faith Mwanyolo
  3. Teri Wanderi
  4. Abdulahi Abdi
  5. Carol Mwaura [1]
  6. Josephine Ejay
  7. Esther Josephine
  8. Esther Nyanga
  9. Judy Mwaniki
  10. Mary Nyambura
  11. Noreen Likimani
  12. Sarah Itenya
  13. Ruth Andiye
  14. Nyakundi Nyambane
  15. Terry Boke
  16. Ruth Andira
  17. Cosmas Chumba
  18. Sean Obell
  19. Lenny Kisuu

1. Objectives

1.1. To establish the presence of Wikimedia in Kenya.

1.2. To promote Wikimedia projects and free content in general and to encourage the use of Wikimedia resources in community empowerment.

1.3. To recruit technical and non-technical people to participate in Wikimedia projects.

1.4. Organizing of conventions, conferences, meetings, workshops and contests.

2. Activities and Projects

2.1 'East Africa Strategy Summit' [[2]]

2.2 Months of African Cinema [[3]]

2.3 Wiki Loves Africa [[4]]

2.4 1Lib1Ref [[5]]

3. History

4. Movement Strategy [[6]]