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List of members[edit]

Please add your name at the bottom of the table. Other than to maintain a friendly and collaborative environment, there are no special requirements or commitments to join. Any active Wikimedian, including editors currently living outside Sri Lanka are welcomed to be a part of Wikimedia Sri Lanka. Editors who are globally inactive for over 6 months, may be removed from this list. Although not mandatory, you are also strongly encouraged to subscribe to the Wikimedia-LK mailing list to stay up-to-date with community discussions.

Username Home
Languages Location
Rehman (talk contribs  email) Rehman Contributions en-N, si-3, ta-1 Colombo, Sri Lanka Renewable energy, Limnology, Physical geography, Wikimedia policies
Azeez (talk contribs  email) Azeez Contributions en-N, si-2, ta-0 Colombo, Sri Lanka Cosmology, Theology, Graphics design (maps, charts)
Atcovi (talk contribs  email) Atcovi Contributions en-N, ta-0, si-0 US Wikimedia policies, School:History, Islam
Blackknight12 (talk contribs  email) Blackknight12 Contributions en-N, si-3 History, Politics
Dan_arndt (talk contribs  email) dan_arndt Contributions en-N Perth, Western Australia History, Physical geography, Architecture
L Manju (talk contribs  email) L Manju Contributions si-N Archaeology (Sri Lanka)
Shriheeran (talk contribs  email) Shriheeran Contributions ta-N, si-1, en-3 Jaffna, Sri Lanka Tamil, Chemistry, Cinema, Mathematics, IT
Maathavan (talk contribs  email) Maathavan Contributions ta-N, si-1, en-3 Jaffna, Sri Lanka Tamil, Chemistry, Cinema, Mathematics, IT, Geography
Sancheevis (talk contribs  email) Sancheevi Sivakumar Contributions ta-N, si-1, en-3 Ampara, Sri Lanka Tamil, Science, Environment, Mathematics
Sivakosaran (talk contribs  email) Sivakosaran Contributions ta-N, si-2, en-4 Jaffna, Sri Lanka Tamil, Sports, Countries, History
UMDP (talk contribs  email) UMDP Contributions en-N ,si-N Western Province, Sri Lanka Infrastructure, Politics
Price Zero (talk contribs  email) Price Zero Contributions si, en, es-1 Kandy, Sri Lanka Cosmology, Football, Astrophysics, History
Randeepa (talk · contribs) Randeepa Contributions si, en, es-1 Colombo, Sri Lanka Military, Politics
Pradeeban (talk · contribs) Pradeeban Contributions ta-N, en-5, si-3, pt-1 Lisboa, Portugal Tamil, Science, Environment, Hinduism, IT
Nancy (talk · contribs) Nancy Contributions en Dondra, Sri Lanka Topography, Geography, Psychogeography, Architecture and random quirky things :)
Abishe (talk · contribs) Abishe Contributions en Colombo,Sri Lanka Economics,Cricket
Yasasuru (talk · contribs) Yasasuru Contributions Si-N, en Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka Anatomy, History, Cinema, Television, Chemistry, Buddhism
Mayooranathan (talk contribs  email) Mayooranathan Contributions ta-N, si-1, en-3 Jaffna, Sri Lanka Tamil, History, Heritage, Architecture
CoolGin (talk contribs  email) CoolGin Contributions si-N, en-3 Kandy, Sri Lanka Cities, Architecture, Politics, Technology
Kanags (talk contribs  email) Kanags Contributions ta-N, en-3 Australia History, Politics, Geography, Tamil Cinema, Cricket
NaminiGunasen (talk contribs  email) Namini Contributions en Colombo, Sri Lanka History, Politics, Geography, Heritage, Architecture
Ifham Nawas (talk contribs  email) Ifham Nawas Contributions ta-N, si-2, en-4 Colombo, Sri Lanka Tamil,Countries,Scholars
Jesuschristonacamel (talk contribs  email) Jesuschristonacamel Contributions en-N, si-4, ta-0 Colombo, Sri Lanka History, Politics, Molecular biology, Infrastructure
Anish Mariathasan (talk contribs  email) Anish Mariathasan Contributions UK Global warming, Politics, Molecular biology, Table tennis, IT
Ceylonlion (talk contribs  email) Ceylonlion Contributions en Gampaha, Sri Lanka Cinema
Pradeepmaduranga (talk · contribs) ප්‍රදීප් මධුරංග Contributions si Galle, Sri Lanka IT, Translate
Carptrash (talk · contribs) carptrash Contributions en Arizona, USA History, Architectural history, Sculpture
Nirvanatoday (talk · contribs) Nirvanatoday Contributions en Guangzhou, China History, Buddhism, Technology
Gihan Jayaweera (talk contribs  email) GihanJ Contributions en Matale, Sri Lanka Zoology, Botany, Films, Cricket

Inactive members[edit]

To maintain an easy reference list of active members, editors who are globally inactive for over 6 months, may be removed from the above list and added here by any other member of the usergroup. Feel free to add yourself back to the above list once you return.

Last updated on 17 April 2019
Username Home userpage Last edit Languages
மதனாஹரன் (talk contribs  email) மதனாஹரன் 2018-05-31 ta-N, si-1, en-3
Shrikarsan (talk contribs  email) Shrikarsan 2018-03-02 ta-N, si-1, en-4
පසිඳු කාවින්ද (talk contribs  email) Pasindu Kavinda 2018-10-27 en-N, si-N, ta-1
Sandaru (talk contribs  email) Sandaru 2017-07-02 si-N, en-5
Zaaruk (talk contribs  email) Zaaruk 2018-05-12 en
දසුන් (talk · contribs) Dhasun 2017-08-11 si-N
Nipun Chamikara Weerasiri (talk contribs  email) Nipun Chamikara Weerasiri 2018-07-15 en
Nandanamihindu (talk · contribs) Nandanamihindu 2018-10-23 si-N, en-5, es-4