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The 1Lib1Ref Uganda.Tanzania - Seeking Sources is a regional effort under the global 1Lib1Ref campaign. It is the initial activity organised by the Wikimedia User Group in Uganda and Wikimedia Community User Group Tanzania aimed at encouraging participants to strengthen the quality of content on English, Luganda and Swahili wikipedias and engaging participants outside the designated 1Lib1Ref timelines. This program will be divided into a number of parts as follows :

Scope of work[edit]

  • Training: Collation of resources for training and release of licenses under CCBYSA, design and launch of program dashboard for measuring project metrics, communication channel and design of project landing page ( Meta).
  • Webinar Session: A number of online Wikipedia hands-on training will be organized to demonstrate the various ways that existing editors can contribute to 1Lib1Ref (Citation Hunt Tool, Citation Needed Tag, See Also and External Links tabs)focus on different areas of Wikipedia module. There will also be sessions to introducing new participants to editing and the basics of Wikipedia.Details of focused areas are listed in the table above.
  • Mentorship: Providing ongoing support to participants and attending to related feedback .
  • Reporting: Project reporting, number of editors participated, number of bytes contributed, number of articles created, number of articles edited, the total number of photos uploaded to commons.

Project Time-Lines/ Work Plan[edit]

Activities Specific Activities Time Lines Expected Outcomes Remarks
  • Collation of Resources Release of content under CCBYSA)
  • Design and launch of Program dashboard for measuring Project metrics
  • Design of project landing page ( Meta)
  • Registration of participants on and off-wiki.
  • Social media engagement eg Facebook, Instagram, twitter etc

25 July - 22 August 2020 Participants are expected to have enrolled on the program dashboard.
Live Training
  • What is 1Lib1Ref
  • Tools and Aids for participating in 1Lib1Ref - Citation Hunt Tool, Citation Needed Tag, See Also and External Links tabs
  • Learn how to create an account and edit Wikipedia
03-04 August 2020 and 15 August 2020 Participants are encouraged to attend live training sessions and office hours to query and receive support from a trainer Duration (2hrs) per Webinar session. Each session will be recorded and made available on the landing page for reference


Name username
Douglas Ssebagala Douglaseru
Derrick Ndahiro Ndahiro derrick
Peter Kiyonga KiyongaPeter
Hamis Juma Hamisj
Eric Nelson Haumba Haumbaeric
Peter Atuha Atuha
Tebby Otieno Tebby Otieno
Sharon Atyang Atyang Sharon
Hindi Khamis
Clement Czeus25 Masele
Ester Foi BrixL


1Lib1Ref Uganda.Tanzania - Seeking Sources