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Every Book Its Reader (#EveryBookItsReader) is a campaign to increase quality content about books, literary works, and oral stories in Wikipedia, Wikidata, Wikimedia Commons, Wikibooks, and Wikisource. Read more about it in this Diff article

Every Book Its Reader encourages participants to contribute content under the hashtag #EveryBookItsReader. The campaign name is the third law in Ranganathan’s five laws of library science.


Partnering with the The African Studies Bookstore, the GLAM project will host an-person event that aims at :

  1. Introducing attendees to #EveryBookItsReader ;
  2. Contributing images of various Ugandan-published book covers on Wikimedia Commons
  3. Contributing new information about Ugandan publications on Wikipedia and Wikidata
  4. Improving the quality of new and existing book-related content by e.g adding references, adding missing links, adding images etc

Date and Venue[edit]

Date : 09 June 2023

Location : Uganda Society Library

Time : 9am - 4pm


If you are interested in contributing to this campaign , follow this link to sign up to the course outreach dashboard


You can register your username here if you plan to attend

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