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Wikimedia Community User Group Wales

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Grŵp Defnyddwyr Cymuned Wicimedia Cymru
Wikimedia Community User Group Wales

Location Wales
Country codeGB-CYM
Approval dateMarch 2017
Official language(s)Welsh
Other language(s)English

Wikimedia Community User Group Wales (officially: Grŵp Defnyddwyr Cymuned Wicimedia Cymru) is a group formed by active members of Welsh Wikimedia projects who are interested in organizing and participating in outreach activities on a Welsh Country level.

Members of the User Group have been active for several years, as individuals, as a community, and as organisations hosting Wikimedians-in-Residence (Y Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol, Llyfrgell Genedlaethol Cymru / The National Library of Wales) and undertaking Wikiprojects (Wici Môn, WiciPop, Wici-Iechyd), engaging in activities such as workshops, hackathons, 'train the trainer' programmes, editathons, and other education-related events. Many activities have been in collaboration with Wikimedia UK.


Since Spring 2020 all events have been placed on hold.


The discussions regarding the formation of the User Group originally took place on our community page on Wikipedia, and is archived here. Current discussions can be found here.



The Wikimedia Community User Group Wales promotes and encourages free and open access to knowledge in all forms, particularly in relation to the Welsh language and/or Wales as a nation, and embraces and promotes diversity within Wales and throughout the world.



  • Facilitate and support collaboration between Wikimedia projects and activities in Wales
  • Establish links and identify opportunities to collaborate with groups, organisations and projects in Wales
  • Identify and explore opportunities to work with organisations and funding bodies in pursuance of the User Groups aims.
  • Co-ordinate participation in Wikimedia campaigns in Wales
  • Strengthen links and collaborate with other language communities, especially minority languages and territories without political sovereignty

Content and activities

  • Increase the quality of content on Wiki platforms, especially in the Welsh language
  • Increase the number of items (articles, labels, images, etc) on Wiki platforms
  • Increase, engage and support Wikimedia editors in the development of content and skills
  • Identify and highlight subject-areas that should be improved or better represented on Wikimedia platforms


  • Listen, support and represent the voice of the Wicimedia community in Wales
  • Disseminate local and universal knowledge in the Welsh language by way of free and open content in all forms
  • Communicate key messages about the value and impact of open content and related activities
  • Promote and encourage the use of the Welsh language on Wiki platforms, and the value of Wiki platforms to the Welsh language
  • Promote Wales and the Welsh language within Wales and throughout the world


  • Regular meetings / online meetings for discussions;
  • Wikipedians in Residence;
  • Workshops;
  • Editathons;
  • Contests;
  • Wiki groups/camps etc
  • Affiliate social media accounts: none

Activities in 2018[edit]



Activities in 2019[edit]


Activities in 2020[edit]



Llywelyn2000 (article on Wikipedia: Robin Owain)
AlwynapHuw (Alwyn ap Huw)
Jason.nlw (Jason Evans, NLW)
Lesbardd (article on Wikipedia: Les Barker)
John Jones
Carl Morris
Deb (article on Wikipedia:Deborah C. Fisher)
Prosiect Wici Môn (Aaron Morris)
Adda'r Yw
Stefanik (article on Wikipedia: Siôn Jobbins)
Dafyddt (Dafydd Tomos)
Sian EJ
Duncan Brown (Llên Natur; Duncan Brown)
Deri (article on Wikipedia: Proff Deri Tomos, Bangor University)
Seddon (Wikimedia Foundation)
Dafydd Tudur (Head of Digital Access at NLW)
Heulfryn (Cof y Cwmwd)