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2018 was our first full year. We meet 3 times a year, and the numbers who attended was as follows:

  • 27 March 2018 at Aberystwyth: 10 members present with 5 apologies accepted
  • 7 August 2018 at Cardiff: 12 present and 7 apologise accepted
  • 23 October 2018 at Llangefni: 9 present and 5 apologies accepted.

We have 20 members. Some of our work overlaps that done by Wikimedia UK, and a few members have close connections with Wikimedia UK. Both bodies are working closely and in harmony. Our work also steers the existing editors, so that they can focus on collaborations such as the #wiki360 project was suggested by the User Group, and subsequently taken up by 5 editors. Between April and the end of December, new articles were produced - one (or more) every day:

Total new articles as part of #wici365: 1,066
Total editors who managed 1 per day (average): 4
Number of editors still editing in their second year (#wiki720): 5

User Group Wales have received representatives from many institutions and other bodies including the Group's Chair, Dafydd Tudur, who is currently Head of Digital Access at the National Library as well as Welsh Government and Coleg Cymraeg (the Welsh Federal University), Y Cymro national newspaper of Wales, WiciMon and Cof y Cwmwd projects. These regular meetings, in person, has seen closer cooperation between the groups, e.g. Jason Evans, National Library of Wales and Aaron Morris, WiciMon are now working together on their next project (Welsh Governemnt's pilot of a simple Wikipedia interface for 11 - 14 year olds), with Wikimedia UK's input from Robin Owain, WMUK's Manager (Wales).

Minutes of meetings[edit]