Wikimedia Conference (India)

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Wikimedia Conference (India) is a planned annual meeting/conference of representatives of Wikimedia Foundation, Wikimedia India, Indic Wikimedia User Groups, community representatives, and CIS-A2K. The conference is inspired by and is an Indian version of Wikimedia Conference. The first Wikimedia Conference is planned to be conducted in the first half of 2018.


This conclave will serve as an idea exchange platform and will yield insights for all the participating organizations, communities, and groups working in India for the development of the movement.

The Wikimedia Conference is one of the main spaces for learning and sharing among Wikimedia affiliates. Wikimedia organizations and groups have a wide variety of experiences and knowledge in working with partners to achieve our mission. In the Indian context where there is scope to grow Wikimedia activities exponentially, it would be of immense help for all the participants of the WMCON 2018 to discuss and strategise both at the community/project/institutional level and also at the overall future of Indic Wikimedia projects.

Participating in WMCON 2018 throws open a range of possibilities for the growth and development of our communities. CIS-A2K would like to invite all the Indic Wikimedians who are participating in WMCON 2018 to participate in a two day consultation. The two day discussion and brainstorming will aim to arrive at a Indic Wikimedia strategy that is in alignment with Wikimedia Movement Strategy 2017.

First iteration[edit]

  • Date: 6 and 7 April 2018
  • Place: Bangalore, India
  • Venue: TBD
  • Participants' accommodation: TBD
  • etherpad: wikiconindia2018


CIS-A2K team organiser


Wikimedia Conference 2018(WCon-18) took place in Berlin from 20 to 22 April 2018. This is an annual meeting of all Wikimedia chapters, Thematic organisations, User groups. As a per work for all the participants who had been to WMcon-18, CIS-A2K had arranged a local meet-up for all of those participants and helped everyone to understand the work done by native communities and also to understand the future of the Wikimedia movement and strategy development, collaboration, and organisational development.

Day 1

Discussion of progress/submissions made to WMCon. All the invitees for WMCon 2018 India was requested beforehand to come prepared with updated program details, metrics and stats for presentation and feedback gathering from the participants.

The participants narrated and talked about the ongoing works of their communities.

Day 2

Networking and Partnership Opportunities for Indic Wikimedians. One of the exceptional things of WMCon is the possibility of meeting almost all the executive and staff members of WMF, various affiliates, User Groups and Movement partners. Indic Wikimedians seeking for opportunities to collaborate were encouraged to actively pursue conversations that would result in activities, partnerships and future collaborations.

The reference is important for three reasons:

  1. Community members who were earlier participants shared best practices and learning with new participants.
  2. Various ideas of partnerships and collaborations with global communities for the advancement of Indic communities were discussed and finalised.
  3. A network of support and safety for participants from India was created. This network was helpful in tasks of coordination, discussion and various logistics related issues.