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1003 People are coming in.

1004 Krieger: very warm welcome

1004 Speaking: moderators Sabria David and Anja Krieger

1004 Being at the nice Beletage at Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung, modern but beautiful room

1005 Sebastian Moleski (mol) with hello.

1005 Moleski with nice American accent. Thank yous to organization. „each year are coming more.“ Thanks: Foundation. WM France (support): HongKong, Spain, Estonia. Argentina, Kenya, Taiwan, sponsoring suprise; WM UK (support facilitators), WM Australia, WM Poland,

1008 mol: For the first time: representatives from 6 continents. Final thanks: Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung (Foundation of the Green Party), has been very very generous, providing space for free.

1010 mol: Stand-up-session each chapter. ARG, AUS, AUT not here yet (long ride..), CDN, SUI, CHI (in berlin-shirt), CZ, EST, SF (not here yet), FRA, HK, HUN, IND, INDO, ISR, ITA; KEN, MAC,NL, NOR, NYC (not here yet), PHI, PL, POR, CRO, SER, ESP, SWE, UK, UKR, SA, forgot germany.. and taiwan. WMF already in a meeting.

1015 mol: People that will help you..

1016 mol: „There will be some press here“, 1230 German Tagesschau will come (this is a warning if you don't want to be on TV)

1017 mol: 3rd conference. Chapters meeting since 2006. „most specutacular this year“. - „how to deal with losing our participants. It's a huge problem. An issue we have never faced. People were just coming. That's not the case anymore.“

1019 krieger: last year topic of vulcanoes was a big issue. This year no vulcanoes scheduled. Good News: Everyone made it here except DK. Bad news: No free week in Berlin afterwards.

1020 david: 6 continents - incredible! Introduces herself (slow media, corporate communication, open museum),

1022 david: Anna Lena will make visual facilitation.

1023 krieger: what can you do? Be on time. Participate actively, don't be shy, introduce yourself and chapter, contribute to documentation on Meta.

1024 krieger: extensive documentation. Note-takers introduced. Upload notes as soon as possible on the wiki. For privacy no names mentioned, only chapters. Would be great of you take own notes. Very welcome to take pictures, but there are badges for people who don't want to be photographed. Sign-up sheets for working-groups outside.

1029 david: daylight saving time on sunday: program of the day ( state of the chapters

1029 Wifi ain't too fast here...

1030 Please mute computers.

1030 Actually Wifi is totally slow.


1031 krieger: Lightning Talks (a bit like the European Song Contest), 3 minutes each

1032 krieger: sorry for those who prepared one-hour-wonderful-presentations, but you can put it online.


1033 ARG: 70+ members, from 2007, organised wikimania 2009, academy and several outreach activities.

1034 ARG: frankfurt bookfair, conectar igualad, mass freeing of contents, published book bicentennial. Support initiatives free culture, press relations

1036 ARG: working: partnership w/ CC, iberocoop, wikipedia 10 outreach events, professionalization

1036 ARG: challenges: fundraising, members, new collaborators for projects


1037 AUS: incorporated 2008, 6-member-committee (all states). 60+ members, 83% turnover at last election, we're not a united community, but 5 communities in 5 cities.

1038 aus: successes: program with state library queensland 50000 pictures, first year fundraiser, ongoing small grants program, press relations, „wikimedia in the classroom“,

1039 aus: Plans: professionalization, employing first staff.


1040: CDN: 6 years planning, incorporated 2010, 6 member board, 25 paid membership applicants (English + French), members 5 provinces and a territory

1041 cdn: in progress: charity status, chapter status with WMF; membership drive.

Czech Republic[edit]

1043 CZ: yellowish presentation. Founded 2008, 32 members (fees in march, will see in a few days), budget-diagram, 80% revenua grants from WMF, expenditures 35 WMF grans, 34% sponsors,

1045 cz done: fairs (book fair), conferences, writing contest (prices), plans: workshops, conferences, time's running out „so small resources, done so many things“ cz chased away..


1046 CH: named in latin. Mostly active members, a few supportive members (like library of zürich), budget 200.000 Dollars, mostly due to fundraiser, biggest project: TAO project (this one?

1049 ch: support of community (accredetation e.g. photographers). Scanning encycopedia, started talking to libraries, supported wikipidia offline, projects in Africa, want to record old music pieces with an orchestra


1050 CHILE: beautiful mountains on presentation slide

1050 chi: meetings 2008, decision 2010, bylaws presented jan 2011, 20 members mostly from Santiago and second city (Concepcion)

1051 chi: GLAM partnership,. 10 meeting, press, talks, participation in iberocoop. Plans: become a chapter, conference of WM CHI, GLAM w/ univerisity of chile, educational, mapudungun and rapa nui -languages-projects


1053 DEN not here and won't come, nobody knows why.


1053 GERmany: founding 2004, 641 members, and something.. finance grwoth to 3 mio (of some currency). Staff 2010: 16, staff 2011: 25. „some kind of competence headquarter“.

1055 ger: „why is this so exciting“, let professionals do what professionals can do, slide to fast away.

1055 ger: „Wissenswert“ introduction, 25.000 budget, community jury, low entry level, 93 applications, jury chosen 8 projects, e.g. „public domain project“ - historical audio recording, „podcast project“ - makes free content available as podcasts.

1057 ger: plans: interesting plans to keep the spirit, 200.000 community-driven-project-budget


1057 ESTONIA: very young chapter recognized Aug 31 2010, registered in Estonia in October

1059 est: two languages: eesti and voro (e 86 editors, v 4 editors), 19 members, 3 in board, one audit committee,

1059 6000 start-up-grant, 1000 EEK donation, member fees, 6 meetings until now, (and lots of unofficial),

1100 projects: photo contest estonian nature (500 photos, „wikipedia in schools“)

1100 est plans: loves monuments, article contest, photo contest, wikipedia conference, wikipedia course at university, estonia has „viki village“

1102 on twitter „Wow... a lot of things from WM-DE but 3 minutes for them.... it's a crime! #wmcon


1102 FRAnce: lot of press

1103 Fra: „year of GLAMS“, french natonal library city of toulouse, versailles, benefits: contents, recognition, challenged: work, professionalization

1103 fra: membership 250 and rising, and people are quite active, 13 000 comntributions on internal wikis, 500 emails/months on mailing-lists. Challenge: efficient communication,

1104 Fra: paths to professionalizsation, external auditor, external secretary service, last year staff member, externical technical, external accounting, summer 2010 first trainee

Hong Kong[edit]

1106 HongKong: founded 2008, 50 members, 20 volunteers

1106 hk: has some press clippings, meetings, conferences, 10th anniversary bbq-party. Nice pictures form meetings, (and hiking pictures). Encouraged members to take photos.

1108 hk: bbq-party-photos, chinese new year-photos

1108 hk plans: education toolkit for liberal studies


1109 INDia: so many languages, founding jan 2011, members 7, hundreds of volunteers, media coverage

1111 ind: 31 meetups in 9 cities, participation at wikimania, community news letter, offlice cd (malayam), wikimedia-in-website

1112 ind: sixty locations wiki ten celebrations, participated in conferens,

1112 ind: outreach focus areas: cities/state/union territories, languages, it industry, education...

1113 ind: plans: longs slid, knowledge kiosks in libraries (no internet.), wiki academies. Stopped, no time.


1113 INDOnesia: estb, sep 2008, 29 members

1115 indo: project: wikibased wiriting competiton, 90 particpants from 10 unis, send colunteers to gdansk

1115 indo: project: recruitment and capacity building. “beacon of theology 2011” writing competition, “Jjang 2011” language revitalization, 2012 plan “free your knowledge”


1116 ISRael: nice slide (“with a joke from last year”), founded 2007, 20 paying members (lost some when we demanded they actually pay), budget 50.000 dollars, thanks to fundaiser

1118 isr: done: academy, (20 speakers, 300 attendees), public eventy 10th anniversary, philatelic material stamp, commemorative oage, postcard

1119 isr. corporated: voluntees humantarian work ofline wikipedia, GLAM national library, coop Israels librarian assoc, crown copyright legislation process, photo-tasking.excursion, offline HEWP, , and of xourse Wikimania 2011

1120 isr: what's haunting us: time's up, no problems. (most entertaining by now)


1121 ITAly: 383 members, various and complex identity, attention shifted to sister projects, open an office with Rome. “have some problems with our relation to community”,

1122 ita: funded by members formerly, since 2010 fundraising agreementm 2011 budget 400000EUR, charity status, no paid staff, but planning to hire part-time secretary

1123 ita: actions: former: many small events, now: fewer bigger events projects wiki@home, biblioteca musica, wikiafrica and some more.


1125 I'm very happy to announce the first african chapter in the State of the Chapters: kenya

1125 KENya: activity started july 2010, currently legal consultation, 30+ members,

1125 ken: wiki10 celebrations, w/ media attention, photo of members meeting with ICT-board of kenyan government, “wikipedia 2 schools”: installing offline wikipedia (30 schools), giving tutorials to students and teachers,

1127 ken: meet w/ google kenya.

1127 ken: plans “wikipedia takes nairobi” with ICT, photo contest

1128 ken: collabporating with TSLG kenya for offline wikipedia

1128 ken: finalize legal stuff and finalize bylaws.


1128 MACedonia: first assembly 2009, recognition by WMF 2009, charity, collaboration with similars orgas (like CC), last year intensive presentations @ universities, attract students as editor and for otjher project

1130 mac: collab w/ ministry of information society

1130 krieger: offline-wikipedias - a simple idea that sounds really interesting. Rest of chapters will present tomorrow.

At 1200 continue with movement roles, now coffee and snacks.


The following presentations' slides are available: