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Public outreach experiences[edit]

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Goal: Share experiences on outreach events that chapters' have held and the lessons learned

An important part of a chapter's activity is reaching out to the public, educating them about Wikipedia and encouraging them to get involved. This session focused on sharing experiences regarding the 10th anniversary of Wikipedia.


  • 3 meetings in 3 cities, press was invited.
  • Conference in July 2011 at the 10th anniversary of the Spanish Wikipedia.


  • Scientists were invited to a press conference (e.g. members of the Academy of Science). Motto: "We don't edit Wikipedia, but we think it is great thing!"
  • WikiMeeting: Miss Ukrainian Wikipedian was elected. Only one unknown girl showed up. Afterwards she became a highly active Wikipedian in the Ukraine. National TV was reporting.
  • WikiTraining by one professor etc.


  • "Third Age" application: Retired people not only have the time to contribute but they have valuable knowledge.
    • Workshop with Navy pensionists with resulting articles.
  • An annual Wiki Academy


  • event regarding cultural heritage on Saturday, 15th of January. Images were donated to Wikipedia.
  • Hackathon: tool development...
  • Translations on Europeana website
  • GLAM mini-conference with 100-200 guests, closed with a donation of 50.000 images from the national museum
  • great press coverage


  • Conference in Lisbon, sponsored by the Technical University. Screening of Truth in Numbers. At the end tehre was a birthday cake.
  • Press coverage: TV, newspapers.


  • There were some problems with the academic world before the 10th birthday, so public outreach focused primarily to the academics. A well-known academic Hungarian did a keynote speech (of sorts) at a conference. Remarkable: There is greater interest regarding Wikipedia in the academic world than the Hungarian chapter had thought.


  • 4 events in 3 cities, a party, a conference, a visit to a museums plus an information booth in a shopping mall.
  • As in Hungary it was not so important to reach the press, since press coverage is good.


  • A week of activites, directed by Ting Chen. The first public project in Kenya.
  • Public lecture at two universities about Wikipedia (iHub).
  • Launch of the Kenyan school project (party).


  • Party funded by the chapter in five cities. Cakes, coffee etc.
  • Good public knowledge of the project installed in Australia.
  • Very located events (120 people at the four events). Some people were sort of reactivated/reenergised for the project.


  • Jimmy Wales was there, which meant lots of media interest.
  • Negative media reactions were turned around.
  • Public lecture with Jimmy Wales.
  • Editathon at a library (20 Wikipedians at the end of the day).

Czech Republic[edit]

  • Classical concert at Prague, the recording of which some day will be released on Commons.


  • Since there are weekly meetings, there was just a meeting of 20 core people (cake and stuff). The venue wasn't available.
  • There a plans for very big conference in autumn.
  • press coverage due to press release, interviews with radio broadcasters.


  • Press covered the event by itself.