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Two representatives per chapter only please. Please strive to send at least one representative who didn't attend the Chapters' Conference before. Italics denote chapters which still didn't receive formal recognition.

Note: This page is for informational purposes only. To register, please use the Amiando site with the registration code you received via e-mail.

Chapter Name Interim contact person
for the chapter
Representative 1 Representative 2 Comments
Icons-flag-ar.png Wikimedia Argentina Galileo Vidoni Galileo Vidoni Ivana Lysholm
Icons-flag-at.png Wikimedia Österreich Manuel Schneider Kurt Kulac Manuel Schneider also Ruben Demus (staff)
Icons-flag-au.png Wikimedia Australia Craig Franklin Anne Frazer Craig Franklin
Icons-flag-bd.png Wikimedia Bangladesh Tanvir Rahman Tanvir Rahman Ali Haidar Khan
Icons-flag-br.png Wikimedia Brasil CasteloBranco Rodrigo Tetsuo Argenton Mateus Nobre Important: /Brasil
Icons-flag-ca.png Wikimedia Canada Ray Saintonge Ray Saintonge Jeffery Nichols
Icons-flag-ch.png Wikimedia CH Charles Andrès Charles Andrès Ilario Valdelli also Patrick Kenel (TAO Project)
Icons-flag-cl.png Wikimedia Chile Osmar Valdebenito Osmar Valdebenito Daniel Bravo
Icons-flag-cz.png Wikimedia Česká republika Michal Reiter Michal Reiter Pavel Hrdlicka
Icons-flag-de.png Wikimedia Deutschland Delphine Ménard Martin Rulsch also Pavel Richter (CEO)
Icons-flag-dk.png Wikimedia Danmark Ole Andersen Ole Andersen Simon Van Studinski
Icons-flag-us.png Wikimedia District of Columbia Nicholas Michael Bashour Nicholas Michael Bashour Kristin Anderson
Icons-flag-ee.png Wikimedia Eesti Raul Veede Raul Veede Ivo Kruusamägi
Icons-flag-es.png Wikimedia España Jorge Sierra Jorge Sierra Santiago Navarro
Icons-flag-fi.png Wikimedia Suomi Tommi Kovala Niklas Laxström Ulpu Pajari
Icons-flag-fr.png Wikimédia France Thierry Coudray Christophe Henner Thierry Coudray (Executive Director)
Icons-flag-uk.png Wikimedia UK Jon Davies Roger Bamkin Ashley Van Haeften Also Jon Davies (Chief Exec)
Icons-flag-hk.png Wikimedia Hong Kong Rover Wong Rover Wong Carole Tang
Icons-flag-id.png Wikimedia Indonesia Kartika Sari Henry Kartika Sari Henry Ivonne Kristiani
Icons-flag-il.png Wikimedia Israel Harel Cain Itzik Edri Tomer A.
Icons-flag-in.png Wikimedia India Cherian Tinu Abraham Naveen Francis Tinucherian
Icons-flag-it.png Wikimedia Italia Frieda Brioschi Frieda Brioschi Laurentius also Civvi (staff)
Icons-flag-kz.png Wikimedia Kazakhstan Nartay Ashim Rauan Kenzhekhanuly Nartay Ashim
Icons-flag-ke.png Wikimedia Kenya Abbas Mahmood Alex Wafula Stephen Wanjau
Icons-flag-mk.png Wikimedia Macedonia User:Brest Slobodan Jakoski
Icons-flag-mo.png Wikimedia Macau
Icons-flag-hu.png Wikimédia Magyarország Bence Damokos Gergő Tisza Bence Damokos
Icons-flag-mx.png Wikimedia México Iván Martínez Iván Martínez Salvador Alcántar
Icons-flag-nl.png Wikimedia Nederland Ziko van Dijk Ziko van Dijk Paul Becherer
Icons-flag-no.png Wikimedia Norge Kjetil Ree Kjetil Ree
Icons-flag-us.png Wikimedia New York City Pharos Richard Knipel Jeremy Baron
Icons-flag-ph.png Wikimedia Philippines Jojit Ballesteros (President) Eugene Villar (S) Butch Bustria (BM) WMPH email
Icons-flag-pl.png Wikimedia Polska Pawel Drozd (Treasurer) Maciej Król (BM)
Icons-flag-pt.png Wikimedia Portugal Susana Morais Susana Morais João Miguel Vasconcelos
Icons-flag-ru.png Wikimedia Russia Vladimir Medeyko Vladimir Medeyko Stanislav Kozlovsky
Icons-flag-rs.png Wikimedia Serbia Filip Maljković Nikola Smolenski Mile Kiš
Icons-flag-se.png Wikimedia Sverige Holger Motzkau Bengt Oberger Holger Motzkau also Jakob Hammarbäck (staff)
Icons-flag-tw.png Wikimedia Taiwan Ted Chien Dennis Chen
Icons-flag-ua.png Wikimedia Ukraine Yuri Perohanych Yuri Perohanych Ievgen Buket
Icons-flag-ve.png Wikimedia Venezuela Carlos Manuel Colina (Treasurer) Carlos Manuel Colina Oscar Costero
Icons-flag-za.png Wikimedia South Africa Lourie Pieterse Lourie Pieterse David Richfield

Chapters Committee

Voting Member

Non-Voting Member

Wikimedia Foundation


Movement Roles Project Working Group

Bridgespan Group consultants for FDC/Grants project

  • Laura Lanzerotti
  • Libbie Landles-Dowling