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Emmanuel talking
Slides (pdf) by Emmanuel
Handout (pdf) by Emmanuel

24 Software development as a new opportunity for chapters


  • Don't be too ambitious. Many things will fail, but that's not a problem. Involve volunteers.
  • WMUK is looking at a project to automatically rate article and media file quality.


Emmanuel Engelhart (WMCH) soft dev.[edit]

Introduced his background, here makes the speech as a developer.

  • Why it is important to invest in software? The question of working with free knowledge is how we have to do it.
  • It is not good to let WMF decide what is necessary.
  • Software projects are risky, it is possible to lose much money.
  • There are 2 types of projects: integration or software dev (from scratch). Focus is on the last.
It must be ae an emancipation factor
  • Free software is a good decision because of access to the source code, save privacy
  • It is important to deal with the endusers
  • No solution works out of the box. If you by an external solution, please test it.
Thoughts about Software development projects
  • Chapters want to be big players in software projects but don't have money
  • there are many volunteers with computing background
  • you have to work with them as partners
  • KIWIX is a volunteer project (7 ways to go offline); see
  • WMCH is not big enough, but there is much to do in development
  • KIWIX is used in Afripedia and other projects, also with hardware
  • volunteers work for fun - make that happen
  • more people are working for money - that is not the same
  • support people with information and publishing - that costs not much and is important for them
  • connect these volunteers with people in international teams (MediaWiki, Softewaredev come together, ...)
  • many of these vol developers have no project management - support this for them, Chapters and WMF have the possibility
  • you don't need much money
  • important is a project page, takes one hour but is very important
  • not be to ambitious
  • much will fail - that is not a problem
  • give projects a change
  • most important are the people, right people can do enough
  • it works not like Wikipedia does
  • Try to involve volunteers!

Michael Maggs (WMUK) - WikiRate: rating Wikimedia[edit]

Slides (pdf) by Michael

A plan for tech work that is being considered by WMUK. How to rate article and media file quality.

For more details, see

How can you measure your impact? Target must be smart. This is an overview, what can be done.

  • Increasing need for chapters to measure using SMART targets
  • SMART means Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely
  • Measuring article and media file quality (as opposed to quantity) is very difficult and expensive at the moment. Mostly done by hand.
  • We want to provide an easy-to-use set of tools to rate article and media file quality.
Other Work
Who could use?
  • Chapters to measure their impacts
  • Educationalists
  • Individual editors
  • Academic and Wiki researchers
  • Foundations analytics team
How to create the model
  • Score some articles/media files manually
  • List of possible inputs, and desired outputs
  • Adjust (train) the model using standard machine learning techniques
Apply the trained model
  • Use trained model to rate articles and media files automatically by quality.
  • Keeps FDC happy if you can report hard numbers to them!


  • Use the Mailinglist List from the foundation to find projects and other developers
  • How to extimate Softwareprojects?