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How to improve community involvement[edit]

Facilitated by Patricio Lorente
In order to come to some kind of conclusion Patricio decided to introduce each group to the sum of the work of the previous and add to that. the last group did give some conclude with some action-suggestions to make headway.

WMCON 2015 Berlin Session 24 table 7

1. Community :[edit]

In order to answer the Question "How to improve community involvement" participants needed to define what are the constituent parts of the community.

  • Community = Σ
    • Wikinauts : individual editors, on- and off-wiki Volunteers, ...
      • The WIKInauts is in turn organised in overlapping sub-communities : most noticeable Language but also gender, lgbt, by continent, country of residence or geographical area. One individual can belong to several of those sub-communities.
    • Affiliates : like GLAM's
    • Institutions : like public authorities
  • OKF (Open Knowledge Foundation) Copyright reform advocates are part of community !

1.1. Characteristics of this Community :[edit]

  • No single member can represent the community
  • Members they are NOT CUSTOMERS (like Google + or Facebook)

2. WMF :[edit]

  • looks at world through glasses tainted by English (language) / US (country) worldview
  • is not enough in touch with the communit(y/ies)
    • example India : 30 languages communities > WMF not taking communities into account
    • get involved in the actions the community are doing
  • too much banker

3. Strategy to Involve Community :[edit]

  • WMF/Chapters
    • complementary roles
    • help WMF loose their English/US centricicty
    • define/propose Global Vision
    • collect listen to Community Input
    • Create Doors to the sub-communities

4. Proposed Actions :[edit]

  • WMF & chapters do surveys to get in touch with
    • the communities
    • the communities NEEDS
    • the communities EXPECTATIONS

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