Wikimedia Conference 2017/CEE Meeting

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CEE Meeting during WMCON 2017, Berlin

31.03.2017 (Friday), 19:30 CEST
Conference Venue - Britz.


Preliminary program[edit]

  1. Intro
  2. CEE Meeting 2017 in Warsaw: lead: Polimerek
    1. Brief report about progress of works of organizing committee
    2. Brief report about progress of works of program committee
    3. Preliminary set of topics and brainstorm about what other topics should be covered in the program
  3. CEE Meeting 2018 - discussion about future selection process: lead: ?
  4. CEE Spring" Lead: Philip/Magalia
    1. Status
    2. Technical issues / statistics
    3. More volunteers in the international team for PR
    4. ...
  5. Strategy discussion: lead: Shani
    1. Intro
    2. Roles set up
    3. Discussion in thematic groups (?)
    4. Summary & Conclusions.