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This page provides an overview of the documentation of all sessions held at the Wikimedia Conference 2017. As the Movement Strategy track was documented in a different, more narrative-approach way, you can find it here. You can find the documentation for the other sessions of the Movement Partnerships track and the Capacity-Building & Learning track below (to be published).

You can always reach out to Cornelius Kibelka if you have questions or feedback. 

Movement Strategy track[edit]

Please go to these subpages, where the whole track is documented in a different, more narrative-approach way.

Movement Partnerships track (Documentation to be published)[edit]

  • 15: Wikimedia Foundation + Community Partnerships: Let's work better together!
  • 16: Increasing awareness of Wikipedia: How to forge strategic partnerships to achieve this goal?
  • 17: A quest for the holy grail of the Wikimedia movement: how to get communities and volunteers involved in partnerships
  • 18: Bringing collaborative approaches from software development into other partnerships
  • 19: Working together: Wikimedia Foundation Communications and Wikimedia movement affiliates
  • 20: Partnerships Clinic: Warning signs and how to deal with them
  • 21: Love & Money? How to make it work. Or: What is the relation between funding and partnerships?
  • 22: Put a ring on it – benefits of a formal partnership agreement and how to write one
  • 23: Global public policy roundtable
  • 24: New ambitions for Wiki Loves Monuments: Collaborating to discover, document, and share the world's built heritage
  • 25: Sharing talks: Awareness / Usage
  • 26: Sharing talks: Advocacy / Outreach
  • 27: Sharing talks: Content donations / GLAM

Capacity-Building & Learning track (Documentation to be published)[edit]

  • 30: Collaborative + Participatory Communication: A how-to guide
  • 31: The Council Strikes Back
  • 32: Wizards, Muggles and Wikidata: cooperation with external organisations
  • 33: Intro to Wikimedia Foundation Grants
  • 34: How to grow a user group
  • 35: Building strategic processes within the movement
  • 36: Project Creation and Management
  • 37: The 99 dimensions of community events
  • 38: Design a Communication Strategy aligned with your organization's goals
  • 39: Advocating for free culture
  • 40: Orientation for Newcomers to the Wikimedia movement
  • 41: Community leadership development: Where we are now, where we could go.
  • 42: Community Capacity Development: Results & Future
  • 43: Fantastic employees and where to find them
  • 45: Cooptation in volunteer Wikimedia boards
  • 46: Interacting with the Wikimedia blog and social media accounts
  • 47: Introduction to Wikimedia Foundation brand materials
  • 48: Give feedback on the Wikimedia Resource Center
  • 49: Lightning Talks

Further sessions (Documentation to be published)[edit]

  • 50: Ask the Board of Trustees anything