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Wikimedia Conference 2017/Thematic, regional, language-specific meetups

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Thematic/regional/language-specific meetups[edit]

If you are planning a thematic/regional/language-specific meetup, please indicate your interest in the overview below. The event team suggests to use the rooms at the conference venue Mercure Hotel Berlin Tempelhof Airport from 19:30 to 23:00 on Friday, March 31, for this purpose. In order to be able to better plan ahead, we would like to kindly ask you to indicate your interest in hosting the get-together on Friday in the overview below.

Meetup Name Description Initiator/Contact Person Participants Date&Time (suggested by event team) Location

(suggested by event team)

Arabic Wikimedians Meetup for Arabic speaking Wikimedians, of the six user groups (Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Levant, Iraq, and Morocco) Fjmustak Farah Mustaklem, Emna Mizouni, Mounir TOUZRI, Anass Sedrati, Jack Rabah, Nidhal Jarrar Friday 31.03, from 19:30 Körner 2
East and South East Asia Wikimedians Meetup for East and South East Asia Wikimedians (Related participants such as members ofTaiwan and Indonesia Chapter; Korea, China, Thailand, Philippines Usergroup, and Malaysia Wikimedians) (The agenda. Liang_(WMTW) Aaron (WMTW), Biyanto (WMID), Filipinayzd (PH-WC), Kartika (WMID), Erick (CN), Motoko(KO), Chongkian (Wikipedia Malaysia), Taweetham Friday 31.03, from 19:30 Körner 1
Wikimedians from Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) Meetup for Wikimedians from Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) Magalia ~ 40, including
Sakhalinio (WMTR)
Friday 31.03, from 19:30 Britz Meeting program and minutes
Wikidata meetup Come and meet other Wikidata editors, ask questions, chat about your favorite tools and topics. All Wikidata editors, beginners or experienced, are welcome. English and German spoken. Léa see the list here Friday 31.03, from 19:30 Schiller Bar (Herrfurthstraße 7), very close to the conference venue
African Meetup Meetup for all African Wikimedians, come lets meet and discuss the future of Indaba and Indaba 18! Felix Emna Mizouni, Mounir TOUZRI, Georges Fodouop, Alice Backer, Raphael Berchie, Blossom Ozurumba, Anass Sedrati, Oliver Stegen (sw:wp), Thouny Friday 31.03, from 19:30 - 20:00 Hasenheide
Wikimedia DC Open House Come and chat with the Wikimedia DC team! Let's talk about how we can collaborate on programs in the United States and around the world! Kirill Lokshin 10–20 Friday 31.03, from 19:30 Kindl
WM Minority languages Europe Meetup for minorities languages in Europe or other, discussing common grounds and challenges, as well as future prospects Iñaki LL Kippelboy (Amical Wikimedia), Rodelar, Mboix (Wikimujeres, Viquidones, Wikiemakume), Ilario Friday 31.03, from 19:30 Schulenburg
Wiki Loves Monuments Informal meetup in a bar for WLM previous, current and future organizers (and others). To hang out, inspire each other and have fun. Because built heritage is cool! Effeietsanders Friday 31.03, from 19:30 (people will scatter after an hour) Mercure hotel bar
WikiWomen WikiWomen meet up during the Friday afternoon break to say hello to old friends and make new ones! Looks like the largest gathering of WikiWomen at WMCon ever! Anasuyas and Rosiestep Alice Backer, Mboix, Blossom Ozurumba, Camelia(Wikimujeres, Viquidones, Wikiemakume, WikiDonne) Sameichel, Astrid Carlsen (WMNO), Shouston (WMF), Alex Wang, Geisa Santos Friday, 31.03, 15.45 to 16.30 Hasenheide (hotel venue)
Esperanto Wikimedians Meet-up of members of the Esperanto User Group, another Esperanto speaking participants and interested non-speakers. KuboF Hromoslav (talk) 5-10 Saturday The meet-up language will be Esperanto. You are welcome also if you are interested how it sounds :-)
Cooperation between Iberocoop and WikiIndaba Meet-up of members of Iberocoop and WikiIndaba affiliates User:Flixtey, User:Anna Torres (WMF), User:Bimbo, User:Bachounda, User:Rberchie, User:Islahaddow, User:ProtoplasmaKid 5-10 Friday, 17:45 to 18:30 Hasenheide (hotel venue)
Wikimedia Commons meet-up

User: Mboix

Friday, 31.3., from 19:30 Kindl
Tech Talk Do you miss talking about software development? Do you need some engineering comfort? Or maybe you just like geeks? Join us! Qgil-WMF after some email requests n++; Friday, 21:00 till late. Bar at the Hotel Lobby The plan is to have conversation free as in freedom but (sorry) not free beer.
Iberocoop Meeting for Iberocoop initiative chapters and affiliates ProtoplasmaKid Saturday, 15:15 Hasenheide
Nordic Wikimedia meetup Meeting for chapters and affiliates from Nordic countries Tanel Pern, WMEE (User:Daniel Charms) 10-15 Saturday, 16:00 Körner 2
Wikipedia + Libraries Meetup Wikimedians who work with libraries, librarians who work with Wikimedia. All welcome. Jake Orlowitz

User:Ocaasi (WMF)

10-30 Sunday lunch, 13:15-14:15 Kindl If you like libraries, really you have to come!
LGTB+ meetup LGBT+ user group discussion. everyone

interested in improving access to, and the quality of, LGBT+ information and policies on our Wikimedia projects is welcome to join in or find out more in a relaxed and informal late chat.

Fae Friday, 21:30 Kindl
Diaspora oranisations Meetup for world-wide organisation, which are non-geographically focused and operating in diaspora mode. Daniel Mietchen, KuboF Hromoslav invitees: Esperanto and Free Knowledge, Art+Feminism User Group, Wikimedia LGBT+, MediaWiki Stakeholders' Group, WikiWomen's User Group/ Wikimujeres, The Wikinewsie Group, Wiki Project Med Saturday, 16:15 Körner 1 meetup page
Turkic languages meetup Meetup for Turkic languages representatives and interested persons Visem invitees: Turkic Speking persons & guests Saturday, 16:20 Britz
Wiki Loves Earth meetup Meetup to discuss Wiki Loves Earth. Just walk in at any time between 13:00 and 14:00 if you have ideas or want to give some feedback about organising WLE or if you have questions. NickK People organising, wanting to organise or just wanting to know more about WLE Saturday lunch, 13:00-14:00 Schulenburg