Wikimedia Cuteness Association/Behind the Scenes of the Wikimedia Conference 2016

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During the Wikimedia Conference 2016 in Berlin we learned to make a logic model: an input-output-outcomes analysis. With this logic model we map the intended goals, inputs, outputs and outcomes we expected. We, the cute mascots of the Wikimedia movement, think that not just the sessions but also the interactions between/after the sessions are important for the functioning of the movement. Because in this logic model anyone at the conference is involved, we asked many participants of the conference for input, thank you for the help! Keep in mind: the logic model describes our analysis from the perspective of the Wikimedia Cuteness Association.

At the end of many lines there is a question mark that gives an explanation when hovering over it with the mouse pointer, if the reader needs more information about that specific point. The numbers between brackets (like [1]) refer to the pages linked at the bottom of the page.

Theory of Change

Mental exercise changes the world

Name of Program

Behind the scenes of the Wikimedia Conference 2016 in Berlin

Logo Wikimedia Cuteness Association
Logo Wikimedia Cuteness Association

Wikimedia Cuteness Association (WCA)
Organisation for plushies (mascots) in the Wikimedia movement

What we invest

- Wenke, Teele, Daniela & friends (?)
- Wendy the Weasel & friends (?)
- Sweets & candy (?)
- Secretly dancers (?)
- Exciting affiliates
- Inspirational energetic hosts
- Good food & drinks to energize
- Non-plushies (?)
- Alcohol transfusions
- Overdose in post-its
- Cute baby and toddler
- A haunting Wikidata ghost (?)


- Crazy dancing (?)
- Meet-ups between plushies and humans (?)
- Guided tour through the catacombs of WMDE office on the 1st floor (?)
- Floating hallway conversations + naps (?)
- Seats testing (?)
- Food fights (?)
- Interim executive director of the Wikimedia Foundation secretly editing Wikipedia (?)
- Test to see how plushies react on flash lights of cameras (?)
- Design workshop for sock puppets (?)
- Documenting the cuteness (?)
- Physical exercise (the dancing) to remove the chocolate (?)
- Attempts to speak the other ones language (?)
- Eating stroopwafels to be happy (?)
- Mascots eating WiFi cables (?)
- Wikimedia scary and fairy storytelling (?) (?)


- Creative dance moves
- Inspirational conference
- Crazy stories (?) (?)
- Maximum 4 hour sleep (?)
- Cuteness (?)
- Lovely awkward hugs
- Instantly viral cute photos
- Close encounters of the third kind (?)
- Wikimedia Cuteness Association logic model (?)

  Who we reach

- Anyone with free knowledge (?)
- Loving people
- The little man on the Moon (?)
- Aliens with knowledge appetite (?)
- Spiders to make a net( )work (?)
- Funds Dissemination Committee (partly!) (?)


- Sleepy Wikipedians
- Invisible group hugs
- Caffeine high
- Diabetes (?)
- Exposure of the secret life of Wikipedians on photos
- Happiness global metrics (?)
- Non-plushies fall in love for plushies (?)
- Cuteness chief appointed in the Wikimedia Foundation, in the soft ware department (?)
- "Mandatory" cuteness metric
- New exe-cute-ive director found for the Wikimedia Foundation (?)
- Search for cute office for the Wikimedia Cuteness Association (a( )cute problem)
- Transparency: dis-covering WMF communication
- Founding of the Wikimedia Cuteness Advisory Committee (?)
- Cuteness Space Policy (?)

  Intermediate (?)

- Laughing pets joining the Wikimedia Cuteness Association (?)
- Wikimedia Moon office + part time staff (?)
- After the chocolate in 7th heaven (?)
- Plushies overcome board differences
- Group photo next conference on the Moon (?)
- Plushies quota in Wikimedia boards worldwide (?)
- Founding of the Wikimedia Cuteness Dissemination Committee (?)
- Annual Cuteness Plan (?)
- Plushies elected board seat(s) (?)

  Long-term (?)

- Having an alien language Wikipedia
- Writing Wikipedia with your mind
- Implantation of translating device (?)
- Freedom of Panorama on the Moon (?)
- Wikimedia Galactic Lobbying Policy written (?)
- Cuteness saves the world!


Caffeine works. Chocolate has positive effect on all lifeforms. We all assume good faith!