Wikimedia Cuteness Association/Membership list

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This membership page is for endorsed mascots of a Wikimedia affiliate, team, working group, project, conference, etc.

Columns with * are required.

Cutie's name * Cutie gender Cutie species/specs Mascot of... * Communication Personal assistant * Photo link Comments
Black Philip none goat (white) ... Philip (board WMAT)
Cancunchyk male turtle ... Nataliia Tymkiv in 2017 part of exchange program with Shaxal
Cody Tux none penguin (small) likes developers TheDJ
Guy Homard male homarus gammarus Brest (Brittany, France) Twitter Kergourlay Commons category
Isabella female Penguin supports the Sustainability Initiative Kritzolina, also known as Christel Isabella with Christel
Kawałek male I love you bear Poland lovers KuboF Hromoslav
Lara female seagull young Wikipedians program Freddy2001
Nepomuk male owl affiliated with Wikimedia Österreich Claudia Garád
Pengarino male penguin for GLAMwiki Liam Wyatt Category:Pengaroo child of Pengaroo
Pengaroo female penguin for GLAMwiki Liam Wyatt mother of Pengarino
Percy Plush ... no tiger nor cat ... Twitter Jean-Frédéric
Rory male tiger WMF's legal + support & safety (and whoever loves him) Michelle Paulson & James Alexander Rory at WMF wiki
Shaxal male lion Africa Asaf Bartov in 2017 part of exchange program with Cancunchyk
Wendy the Weasel female weasel user page
Dimi z & Romaine Commons category
Wozzy the Owl male pygmy owl Wiki Loves Earth in Bulgaria Spiritia & Spasimir Pilev Actively promotes Wikimedia cuteness and environmental awareness
Erminig female stoat (ermine) NCO Twitter various people of the NCO Commons category she speaks English, breton, German and sometimes French ;) her godmother is Ki7sun3
Petit Tigre none White tiger Twitter PierreSelim F!riend of Percy, co-founder of WCA
Lynx none iberian lynx Wikimedia España Various members
Pookie female Bush Baby (Galago) WikiAfrica facebook: @wikiafrica Islahaddow and Anthere At Wikimania 2017
Guin male Penguin, transforms into neck pillow Deryck C. Deleted by over-zealous copyright enforcers Attended Wikimania 2016 & 17
Rummy female Baby Emperor Penguin Krinkle & Rummana
Cumulus of Labs Unicorn Wikimedia Cloud Services (formerly Wikimedia Labs) valhallasw At the 2016 Wikimedia Hackathon
Hucklemary Phin female dolphin not-a-fishes notafish named by Claudia Garád
Rani female Indian elephant Gender diversity Rohini Coming soon
Chaton liberté agender Kitten Free Software and Privacy Léna
Chocolate Moose none Queryboo Vigneron
Quiet Queryboo non-binary Queryboo Ash Crow
Querybook Queryboo Twitter Envlh
Qte Queryboo Queryboo Harmonia Amanda twin of Qurious Queryboo[1]
Qurious Queryboo undecided (they/them[2][3]) Queryboo @WikidataFacts twin of Qte Queryboo[1]
Poly female Bird Marios Magioladitis At Wikimedia Hackathon Vienna 2017
Daisy female Structured Data Bee Structured data on Wikimedia projects The Wikidata team Commons category You can crochet your own sister of these ladies. Make the swarm of Structured Data Bees larger! Pattern here.
Pluche female Structured Data Bee Structured data on Wikimedia projects Sjoerddebruin Commons category
Vicky female Structured Data Bee Structured data on Wikimedia projects Pam Commons category
Rita female Structured Data Bee Structured data on Wikimedia projects Spinster Commons category
Lena female Structured Data Bee Structured data on Wikimedia projects Jean-Fred Commons category
Melina female Ggia Commons category
Wikippus male Hippocampus Diversity & equity - the male hippocampus carries the fertilized eggs inside his body and gives birth to its infants ManosHacker Commons category Hippocampus is the structure in the brain associated with memory that stores, processes and delivers objective info. Like Wikipedia.
Sir Charles male dog likes Commons DarwIn
Puttri male Penguin (light blue and white) Punjabi Wikimedians Satdeep Gill
Azania female Ndebele Woman Ndebele Wikipedia Dumi Commons category active since 16 April 2018
Purrrrrcy tiger Wikimedia Foundation Legal Email Jacob Rogers Staff photo May be seen accompanied by others on the legal team, or by James Alexander.
Trudi female lama (white) Punjabi Wikimedians Wikilover90
Squishy female penquin (white & black) Punjabi Wikimedians Wikilover90
Barrie male Black-capped squirrel monkey Instagram Husky Commons category Might have a posttraumatic stress disorder.
Ella female Afifa
Aeron undecided Welsh dragon Train the Wikidata trainers Auregann/Lea Lacroix (WMDE) and Jens Ohlig (WMDE) On Twitter
Ada undecided Ecritures
Nellie female Husky Commons category
George male Giraffe Dqfn13 George has only two legs and one ossicone. Because of his handicap he needs help and choose Dqfn13 to do so.
Prof Octavia female Octopus Education Team Mascot Sailesh