Wikimedia Czech Republic/2013 Budget proposal

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item source CZK
membership fees members 8000
sponsored programmes sponsors 10000
FDC Finances FDC 275000
Consolided grants Grants (from 2012) 476408
Own resources total From 2012 125019
Revenues total total revenues 894427
item source CZK
Current headquarters in Paluba boardgame club own resources 1000
administrative costs own resources 3000
General Assembly own resources 500
Bank fees own resources 500
Accountant 1/2 own resources 10000
Office 1/2 own resources 20000
Own resources total 35000
sponsored programmes sponsors 10000
sponsorship total 10000
Accountant 2/2 FDC 20000
Office 2/2 FDC 65000
Travel costs FDC 130000
Human resources (student, temporary worker/officer) FDC 60000
FDC funds total 275000
Wikimedium Magazine Consolided Grants 25000
Fairs and presentations Consolided Grants 62000
hosting/domains Consolided Grants 5500
Other P&O related activities Consolided Grants 46000
Digitalization of stereo slides of the Map archive of the Faculty of Science, Charles university, Prague Consolided Grants 115000
Other MG related activities Consolided Grants 52000
Wiki Loves Monuments 2013 Consolided Grants 80000
Grants total 385500
Expenses total total expenses 705500