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February 2022

Educational programs[edit]


After a very successful fundraising campaign for our "Seniors Write Wikipedia" educational programme, we have already started five new courses since the beginning of the year and more are on the way. Even the pandemic online regime has not slowed us down and we have more and more people interested in our senior courses. That's why we have already decided to open another - this year already the sixth - course on writing wikipedia for seniors. Unlike the other ones, this one is taught in the morning. It is therefore ideal for those who could not sign up for the previous afternoon courses due to time constraints.

So if you are willing and available Fridays from 9:30 to 11:30, feel free to sign up here!

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2022-02-18: Students will participate in WikiGap 2022![edit]

As part of our educational programs, we will participate in the worldwide project - WikiGap 2022! This is an international event, which will take place in the Czech Republic for the fourth time and aims to increase the number of women editing Wikipedia and to expand the number of women's topics on the Czech Wikipedia in general.

Under the wings of our educational program Students Writing Wikipedia, we offer to organize an editathon (i.e. editing marathon) for students. The events should take place in March, as we want to dedicate the whole month to women.

If you would like to organize your own student editathon, please contact us.
Come celebrate International Women's Day and learn how to edit Wikipedia at the same time!


2022-02-21: EduWiki Week 2022 - celebrating Free Knowledge[edit]

EduWiki Week is a virtual celebration of Free Knowledge in education. It aims to showcase the value of the Wikimedia projects in education, and the amazing work of our EduWiki community and allied organisations.

This year it takes place from 21st to 25th February.

If you are interested in what is the world wide community up to in EDU, you can follow the programme or later the recordings here.


2022-02-21: Wikipedia and libraries as a guide to the 21st century.[edit]

How is information verified on Wikipedia? What is its role in the current information jungle? How does a Wikipedian verify the source of their information? What photos and audiovisual files will find a place in the Commons repository and what will be problematic ones in terms of free licenses?

Lucie talked about this topic with librarians on 22 February as part of the educational cycle "Libraries as 21st century guides - media education for librarians and the public" of the Open Society Foundation (OSF).

In addition to this activity, we have previously considered together the use of Wikiversity for managing the outputs of the OSF project. Many of the librarians involved also already have hands-on experience with our courses or editing.

In May, participants will take part in the next round of the 1Lib1Ref campaign challenge.


Programs for community[edit]

2022-02-07: WikiGap 2022 - writing about important women figures on Czech Wikipedia[edit]

We are launching our greatest event: WikiGap!
The goal is to get more female editors on Wikipedia and increase the number of articles about prominent women and women's issues.

"Did you know that the Czech Wikipedia has five times more articles about men than women? And the proportion of female editors is less than 15%."

WikiGap will include a series of editathons (editing workshops) and other activities aimed at reducing the gender gap on Wikipedia. You can take part in several events scheduled within WikiGap, or get involved online independently.

Opening editathon - 10 March 2022 (Thursday) 15:00 - 19:00

  • offline meeting at the American Center in Prague and the possibility to participate online via the Zoom platform (depending on the epidemiological situation, a change to an online-only format is possible)

Weekend Editathon - 20 March 2022 (Sunday) 15:00 - 18:00

  • online meeting via the Zoom platform

Editaton for Senior Participants (SePW) - 24 March 2022 16:30 - 19:30

  • online meeting via the Zoom platform

WikiGap Brno - 30 March 2022 (Wednesday) 16:30 - 19:30

  • offline meeting in Moravska zemska knihovna in Brno and the possibility to participate online via Zoom platform

If you would like to participate, let us know! Please register for each event using the registration form. Also if you need any support regarding the language (the form is in Chech but we are happy to assist you, please contact me directly:

All information is available on the WikiGap international competition website.