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November 2021

Programs for community[edit]

2021-11-15: Join the Rainbow Editathon[edit]

Want to learn how to edit Wikipedia? Do you want to contribute to the expansion of human rights articles on Czech Wikipedia? Are you interested in minority issues?
Participate in the Rainbow Editathon

WHEN: 11/25/2021 (Thursday) at 5:00 p.m.
WHERE: STUD, z.s., Cejl 537/89, Brno
Sign up for the Rainbow Editathon, where experienced tutors and lecturers will help you with article creation! This event is for full newbies and more experienced Wikipedians/editors.
Registration form [[1]].
The event is organized by Wikimedia CR and financially supported by the US Embassy in Prague under the Small Grants Program.


Programs for community[edit]

2021-11-09: Join editathon Czechoslovakia 1948-89 in the Václav Havel Library on November 19[edit]

During Wikipedia Challenge Czechoslovakia 1948-89, we are organizing a Wikipedia editathon for both newcomers and experienced Wikipedians on November 19 from 4 to 8 pm in cooperation with the US Embassy in the Czech Republic and the Václav Havel Library. The great thing about it is that we will be able to use the library's extensive resources about Václav Havel (and not only him) and commemorate the 10th anniversary of his death, which will occur this year on 18 December, by editing articles about Václav Havel.

By participating in the editathon you can also enter the Czechoslovakia 1948-89 competition, in which randomly drawn participants who edited or uploaded photos will win beautiful prizes – tin cans, canvas bags and bookstore vouchers.

The event is free, please register in advance at this link. All other details can be found here.

FOTO: File:Anatol Svahilec v klipu pro soutěž Československo 1948–1989.jpg, autor: speech: Anatol Svahilec
postproduction: Jan Beránek, CC-BY-SA-3.0


Educational programs[edit]

2021-11-01: Videoreport from Senior Citizens WikiTown 2021[edit]

Have a look a the video from our lecturer Honza Beránek who kindly made this from our event Senior Citizens WikiTown 2021 in Týn nad Vltavou.


2021-11-15: Autumnal newsletter from Senior Citizens Write Wikipedia[edit]

Have a look on the new issueof our newsletter!


2021-11-25: New member of the team: Zuzana Dorážková[edit]

Zuzana Dorážková will take on the position of Lenka Kučerová as the coordinator of educational programs. She will coordinate projects Senior citizens write Wikipedia and collaboration projects with schools. You can find more about Zuzana on the blog.