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October 2020

Multimedia & Community Programs[edit]

2020-10-30: Join the competition Czechoslovakia in the time of totalitarianism.[edit]

Take part in the Czechoslovakia 1945-1989 competition, which runs from November 17 to December 31.

Write an article, expand the existing one or upload a photo(s) related to the period 1948–1989 in Czechoslovakia and win prizes! Everything on the competition page.


Wikidata & Tech Programs[edit]

2020-10-24: Lecture "Wikidata" at the "Otevřená data ve veřejné správě 2020" conference[edit]

On Friday, October 23, 2020, with the presentation of Wikidata by Vojtěch Dostál, we participated in the conference Otevřená data ve veřejné správě 2020, organized by the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic. More information can be found on the conference website, where you can find presentations by speakers. This time the conference was online.

The conference dealt mainly with open data of state administration and self-government institutions. Attention was paid to practical examples of working with data.


2020-10-20: Cooperation with the Theater Institute[edit]

Jan Purkert, a Wikidatist-resident from the Theater Institute, ("User:Purkii") continues to connect people in the IDU Virtual Study with Wikidata records. Thanks to access to non-public information about the dates of birth of persons in the IDU, he was able to automatically link part of the database. He connected 15,000 people and thanks to the intercession of Wikidat, the formatting of the link to The Virtual Study now works:$1. We put the rest of the people in the Mix'n'Match catalog so the community could help. Intern Dominika Kuntzmannová ("User:Dominika1812") will also take part in the manual work on connections. We are preparing a blog post summarizing the results of this year's cooperation.


2020-10-25: Wikimedia CR has a new addition to the position of Wikidata/Tech programs coordinator[edit]

In September 2020, we were happy to expand the Wikimedia CR team with the position of Wikidata/Tech programs coordinator, ie. the first employee to focus on this technical area and develop community collaboration, especially on the Wikimedia project Wikidata. This long-planned position was filled by Michal Josef Špaček. More info.


EDUcational Programs[edit]

2020-10-05: Libraries' Week with Wikipedia[edit]

Today the 24. vol. of Libraries' Week is starting!

Librarians throughout the country are preparing a number of events for readers. And in return, we prepared one event for librarians.

This year's Library Week is dedicated to local education and its history. Librarians will map it and present it to the public within their municipalities. We therefore want to encourage them to share the results of their work with the widest possible audience - and moreover permanently - throughWikipedia.

That is why we have prepared the call "Libraries' Week with Wikipedia", in which it is very easy to participate. This year we come also with video tutorials and online support. More information about Libraries' Week you can find here (in CZ only).


2020-10-21: Lockdown? Online wikiclub returns[edit]

Since October 21, the online wikiclub has returned. For the first time, we tried to hold online sessions during the spring corona-crisis. Our volunteers, experienced wikipedians (trainers and mentors), offer to newcomers individual consultations on anything related to browsing and especially creating Wikipedia. More info:


2020-10-31: How to edit Wikipedia?[edit]

We are happy to introduce you an updated version of the How to Write Wikipedia online guide. It will come in handy for all beginners and intermediates. In addition, it was created by the methodologist and lecturer of senior courses, Vojtěch Veselý, who knows well how to properly didactically implement wikipedia beginnings. 🔽 https: // Jak_psát_Wikipedii


2020-10-29: Online course Seniors edit Wikipedi for intermediate[edit]

The course for former students of the course Seniors Write Wikipedia for Beginners takes place from 3 th November every Tuesday from 14:00 in 6 lessons. The lecturer will be Vojtěch Veselý. The form of the course is an online Zoom platform, the link will be delivered to participants by email.



2020-10-10: Conference Učitel IN[edit]

On October 10, the online conference Učitel IN will take place, which will serve to meet teachers who are fans of technology and ICT in education. The lecturer and enthusiast of the Uč (s) Wiki program speaks at the conference with two topics. One of them is the topic of digital minimalism, where he talks about how to effectively manage information and entertainment sources on the Internet. He also includes Wikipedia in the second output and introduces the concept of photography (not only) at Commons.

Recordings of lectures are available on the web.


2020-10-12: Online course Seniors write Wikipedia[edit]

Coronavirus complicates the organization of senior courses for us, so we decided to join forces with Elpida and re-organize (as in the spring) an online course for beginner seniors who want to learn how to edit Wikipedia. So you can participate from the comfort of your home, using the online transmission platform. Lecturer Martin Strachoň will communicate with you, share his screen and will also be available to you (he or one of the helpers) remotely during the week. If you have technology (computer, internet, camera and microphone), do not hesitate to log in. You do not need to install anything for the course and simply connect via the link.

Applications and more info can be found on the website of Elpida.


2020-10-11: New from Students write Wikipedia[edit]

Read what's new in the edu program Students write Wikipedia:


2020-10-11: SePW autumn news[edit]

After a while, there is again a new newsletter with autumn news from the project Seniors Write Wikipedia. Read what's new:


2020-10-05: Senior courses in the time of the corona[edit]

Autumn runs of courses for seniors are mostly suspended, canceled, or replaced by an online variant. Currently, only a course for beginners is taught at the Central Library in Prague under the guidance of Vojta Veselý.