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This model is our attempt to describe the data partnership process and the rules, criteria, and decision-making patterns that govern it. By describing the rationale behind these activities we hope to shed light on how we undertake data partnership work. Likewise, the model acts as a common framework for assessing and understanding the needs and benefits of each potential partnership. Such a framework allows us to make intelligent decisions when allocating our limited resources, while keeping our ultimate goal in mind: giving more people more access to more knowledge.

This formalization of our data partnership process in this model is, for us, relevant to the movement’s strategy principles principles and recommendations recommendations of managing internal knowledge (recommendation seven) and transparency and accountability (principle eight).

This document covers the following aspects of data partnerships:

  • Partner type: the types of partner with whom we engage and the most effective way to interact with potential and existing partners
  • Partnership phases: the different phases through which partnerships progress
  • Partnership scenarios: the most common forms these data partnerships take
  • The decision making process: the relevant questions and criteria to decide if, when and how we work with potential partners

The data partnerships model is a living document that will be updated over time; this current version is our second iteration of the model. Feedback gathered from relevant stakeholders will inform later versions of this model and the planning of future activities and our product roadmap. It is our hope that the model will create a better understanding of data partnerships and inform collaboration with the Wikidata and Wikibase communities, as well as among teams at Wikimedia Deutschland, the Wikimedia Foundation, the Wikimedia movement at large. However, since this model is a product of Wikimedia Deutschland’s work, we recommend that Wikimedians working on partnerships adapt elements of this model to the specifics of their respective situations.