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Purpose of the Partnership Model

The model describes the framework and practice of partnerships around Wikidata and Wikibase at Wikimedia Deutschland (WMDE). The Partnerships Model serves as a reference for decision making and the practical work that comes with future partnerships by describing guidelines and rationales behind partnership-related activities. This document is also the first attempt within our organisation to explicitly describe the process of partnerships and the rules, criteria, and decision making patterns behind it.

This paper focuses on the following aspects of data partnerships:

  1. Types of Partners: Allows us to better understand the types of partners, and how we can best interact with potential and existing partners in order to make an impact
  2. Phases of Partnerships: From first contact to post-project.
  3. Scenarios: Describes the to-date most common scenarios for working with partners around data
  4. Decision Making: Provides a set of questions and criteria for decision making about if, when and how to work with data partners.
  5. Allocation of Resources: Helps us to allocate staff resources in time in the form of a matrix of responsibilities that visualizes who is working on which aspect and on which step (RASCI)
  6. Evaluation, Monitoring and Documentation: Provides a framework for evaluation, monitoring and documentation.
  7. Learning, Quality Improvement: Allows us to learn and become better over time, (e.g. at estimating and allocating resources towards each partnership)

The Partnership Model is a living document that will be updated over time. We hope that creating the basis for a better understanding of data partnerships will inform the collaboration among teams at WMDE and the Wikimedia Foundation both working on data partnerships, as well as with other players in the growing network of communities around Wikidata and Wikibase.

Results from focused user group research at workshops and events will be added to this document. We will include these results that can be useful for the planning of future activities and our roadmap.

Partnerships and related projects at Wikimedia Deutschland are developed and nurtured by the teams working on specific programs, with the support and strategic consultation from the executive team. Members of the software development department, the GLAM team, and the respective executive team members for partnerships and monitoring/evaluation contributed to this document.

We focus on common elements in partnerships. Wikimedians working on specific partnerships may need to adapt elements of the Partnership Model to the respective context, e.g. when working with institutions in a GLAM project or when supporting a partnership in a large EU-funded project.