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Wikimedia 2030 is all about reaching out. We have big ideas – about the kind of internet we want, the knowledge we want people to have access to, the impact we believe people can make, if they are able to share their knowledge. To realize these ideas we need partners though, lots of them. Frequently, we are actually already working on realizing similar ideas as other communities, institutions, NGOs, but we don’t necessarily use the same language when we talk about them. The SDGs offer a common reasoning, a common language to talk about the change we want to make happen – and they can function as a reminder to talk about those big ideas as tangible stories of how Free Knowledge is making a difference: the local history preserved, the research made possible, the map created and the impact it has on one life or many.

This year’s Wikimania theme ‘Stronger together: Wikimedia, Free Knowledge and the SDGs’ invites lots of interesting questions about the impact we want to have as a movement.

From a communications perspective, that also invites the question of how we can draw on the SDGs to reach out and engage people outside of the movement – which is why we want to use this opportunity to work on a common understanding, gather stories of SDG-related change made possible by Wikimedians, and to draw up an on-wiki resource page with videos and photo ‘testimonials’ for everyone to use in their outreach after the conference.

We will be hosting a workshop on Friday, 16 August, most likely facilitated by an outside storytelling expert, to work on these ideas with the attendants and to collect first testimonials, i.e. brief stories of where and how Wikimedians are making an impact with reference to the SDGs. We are reaching out to you to invite you to take part in the workshop and to see how we might best use the results in our common public communication at Wikimania and thereafter.

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