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*** This is Wikimedia Deutschland's 2018 midterm report to the Wikimedia Movement, covering the time period from January 1st - June 30th 2018. For the full-year report for 2018 please go to Wikimedia Deutschland Movement Report 2018. ***



Wikimedia Deutschland is looking back on a busy first half of 2018. Our staff grew to almost 120, our membership to over 65,000. In late 2017, the board had added two new members through the process of ‘cooptation’ (as opposed to election), lending crucial expertise in areas of accounting and technology. These new members have been onboarded and are now actively serving on board committees.

The organizational chart was simplified by merging some departments, resulting in three departments: Central Services, Programs and Software Development.

The board reaffirmed WMDE’s commitment to commission staff to support and co-lead the movement strategy process and approved the respective agreement with the Wikimedia Foundation.

We began an organizational strategy development journey  “Designing the Future’’, by developing new formats and artefacts, and filling them with content - including trend/environmental analyses as well as a stakeholder analysis. We then proceeded to identifying, discussing and prioritizing strategic options that will guide program work and annual planning for the next few years. This process is interwoven with the movement strategic direction, considering at each step how Wikimedia Deutschland can strengthen knowledge as a service and knowledge equity for the German-speaking and the international communities that we support.

In a parallel fashion staff and board are drafting a set of organizational, value-based guiding principles that will inform how the organization does all programmatic work. These will be likely focused on acting as a learning, impact oriented organization that makes community driven and data-based decisions, works collaboratively with communities and within the knowledge ecosystem and that contributes significantly to the international movement. Later in summer of 2018, we will share and publish the formats, artefacts and results of the Future Strategy.



Wikimedia Deutschland's Plan and Budget 2018  was approved by WMDE's Board of Directors and WMDE’s General Assembly on November 18, 2017. As per this Annual Plan 2018, we are focusing our programmatic work on three fields of action:

Fields of Action in Wikimedia Deutschland's Annual Plan 2018
Fields of Action in Wikimedia Deutschland's Annual Plan 2018

In this report, we are describing the work of Wikimedia Deutschland in these three fields of action during the year 2018. Wikimedia Deutschland’s work in previous years and more detailed descriptions of past programs and initiatives can be found in previous reports and plans.