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Wikimedia Deutschland promotes Free Knowledge in various ways. We support communities such as Wikipedia, we develop software for Wikimedia projects and the Free Knowledge ecosystem, and we want to improve the political and legal frameworks for Wikipedia and for Free Knowledge in general. Our programmatic work is based on seven long-term strategies, which we have grouped into the fields of Volunteers, Technology and Conditions for Free Knowledge. We review our strategies annually to adapt them to new developments.

Strategies for our programmatic work[edit]


Cooperation with the communities[edit]

Wikimedia Germany actively supports and accompanies our community in welcoming and integrating volunteers and adopting new technologies and formats. We actively initiate developments.

Attracting volunteers[edit]

We find new ways to successfully attract volunteers to Wikipedia and ensure dynamic development of the encyclopedia.


Wikidata [edit]

We develop and establish Wikidata as a central platform in the network of open, linked, structured data.

Wikibase ecosystem[edit]

Wikibase is easy to use as a stand-alone solution even without prior technical experience. It is used by various organisations to store, process and exchange data.

Innovation engine[edit]

We bring our international movement forward by regularly developing innovative products and services that are used within Wikimedia projects.

Conditions for Free Knowledge

Political frameworks[edit]

We bring about political changes at various levels and help to shape them.

Institutional Practise[edit]

We work to ensure that institutions and other social actors contribute to a free and diverse knowledge commons.

Major strategic changes compared to 2020[edit]

The strategic changes confirmed at the 25th general meeting on June 21, 2020, have already been incorporated into the 2020 plan. The Board and the ED have discussed adjustments to the strategies in a strategic dialogue in 2020 as well. They came to the conclusion that there is no need to change the programmatic fields of action. Within the field of action Volunteers, the analysis focused on "Attracting Volunteers". The results will be documented by the end of the year. Changes to programmatic strategies are generally subject to the approval of the general meeting.

Movement Strategy[edit]

In May 2020, the principles and recommendations for the implementation of the strategic direction for the Wikimedia Movement, which was decided upon in 2018, were published. The recommendations show ways in which our international movement wants to implement the strategic direction in concrete terms. Wikimedia Deutschland is actively involved in the implementation, both to strengthen the structures of our Movement and by adjusting our own programs.

We have already taken the first steps in 2020:

  • With our Supervisory Board, we identified three recommendations as our focus for 2021: In the global implementation, we focus on recommendations with a direct impact on our organisational and financial structures: ensuring equity in decision-making and improving the sustainability of our movement. We are therefore addressing the questions of how we can improve global decision-making structures and make the Movement robust and sustainable. As a recommendation with direct community relevance, we focus on the recommendation of providing security and inclusion, and thus on the question of how to offer new volunteers an appealing environment for their engagement.
  • Since September, the teams in the office have been engaged in programmatic planning, and looking at how the principles and recommendations will be incorporated into the work in 2021 and beyond. In addition to the aforementioned focus on safety and inclusion, our programmatic work will continue to change in the 2030 context.
  • In October and November, we discussed with members from the German-speaking communities in online meetings and a survey which recommendations are important to them and their work and what they would like to see implemented.
  • We fed the results of the discussions with the board and the communities back into the global process, where the feedback from the global movement was collected and discussed together in November and December. Further global online events will take place in January and February to co-create a plan for the first 18 months of implementation.

In 2021, this work will continue and be further deepened. Starting in January, we will develop and decide on positions and the understanding of our role, with which Wikimedia Deutschland will enter the discussion on global organisational, funding and decision-making structures. In the first quarter of 2021, we will also begin to document where Wikimedia Deutschland contributes to the implementation of the Movement Strategy through its programmatic work.

Our work[edit]

From this year on, we will present more details of our work in the annual plan under 'What we do' in addition to the strategies, goals and objectives in order to make our programmatic work more transparent and tangible.