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Wikimedia Diary

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Wikimedia Diary is a public memory book (notebook) in which Wikimedians from all over the world are free to write any worth noting event/activities/experiences by them or community in this Wiki World.

As we all know, a diary is a book in which diarist keeps a daily record of events and experiences. Likewise, the basic idea of Wikimedia Diary is that we do many activities here in wiki world which we are proud of, but unfortunately it became only the history anytime. So, It is meant to record those activities on the happened date with a signature (~~~~) which is worth noting, and letting fellow Wikimedians know about what inspirational you've did. It would motivate users from all around the world to keep on cool activities and publish a note here.

Basic guidelines[edit]

  1. A note should be brief, and possibly adding a link would be best for readers.
  2. Diarist should date and sign their entries by adding h3 and typing four tildes (~~~~) under "Random Updates" appropriately.
  3. Feel free to create your own subpage. For example: [[Wikimedia Diary/Your_username]] or [[Wikimedia Diary/Your_Community]]. Don't forget to add it under appropriate heading.

Random Updates[edit]

October 19, 2019[edit]

October 17, 2019[edit]

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Individual users[edit]

Feel free to create your own subpage. For example: [[Wikimedia Diary/Your_username]]. Don't forget to add it here.