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The first meeting of Wikimedia Digitization User Group was held at the Mercure Hotel Berlin Tempelhof in Berlin, the 20th of April of 2018.

Since many of us were attending the Wikimedia Conference 2018, we took the opportunity to hold the first meeting of the User Group since it's approval.

We had an overview of the User Group objectives and perspectives and we discussed and resolved some issues to continue improving our work:

  • We will use a Telegram group as a daily means of communication regarding projects and other issues revolving around Digitization. Wikimedians interested in joining the user group can add themselves here:

  • As one of our main goals is to improve the knowledge that exists in the community regarding digitization projects; the tools that we use, best practices, learning patterns, etc. we decided to create a Meta page in which we will start documenting information in a orderly way. That page is Digitization.
  • We will set a simple survey form to know which digitization projects are being conducted by different communities to improve the panorama of needs and opportunities of collaboration among them.
  • Other topics, such as, structure of the group will be discussed in the telegram channel.


  1. Zeroth (talk)
  2. Ijon (talk)
  3. Zeetendra »)
  4. Pepe piton (talk)
  5. VIGNERON * discut. (Wikisource Community User Group)
  6. Wikilover90 (talk)
  7. Satdeep Gill
  8. Señoritaleona
  9. Psychoslave
  10. Balajijagadesh
  11. Jayantanth
  12. Harej
  13. KuboF Hromoslav
  14. Pdproject