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Wikimedia District of Columbia/Project ideas

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Wikimedia DC has great potential to do outreach to cultural institutions and other organizations, the local community, and more. There's also great interest from these other organizations to work with us -- perhaps greater than our current capacity to support them.

  1. We need to brainstorm about these and suggest other ideas.
  2. Discuss (w:WP:RFC style?) and prioritize
  3. Form a timeline for when we want to schedule events and work on things

Conferences & symposiums[edit]



Smithsonian Archive of American Art[edit]

  • We have a list of topics they have resources on; We need to help tag these, with assessments and importance, and identify a handful (high importance, poor quality) that they can work on Done
  • Brown bag lunch & seminar on Wikipedia (planned) Done
  • Possible Wikipedian-in-Residence / intern Done

Smithsonian American Art Museum[edit]

National Zoo[edit]

Wikipedia Takes the National Zoo - Mapping DC, the local OpenStreetMap group, had a "mapping party" at the National Zoo in September 2009, adding substantial detail. A follow-up mapping party is needed, and could be interesting to also photograph animals, make effort to improve Wikipedia content and tie it together with the map information. The Smithsonian is especially interested in mobile apps & geo and the map & wiki content could be a good fit for that.

National Archives collaboration[edit]

  • WikiProject FedFlix
  • Follow-up meetup at NARA2 in College Park, Maryland Done
  • Possible Wikipedian-in-Residence Done
  • Map collection, prioritize digitization, possibly georectify and make available and easily searched on Wikimedia Commons. MapWarper is an open source web application (written in Ruby) that makes it easy to georeference maps in a collaborative way. We might want to adopt and improve this tool, and have loose integration with Wikimedia Commons. Or adapt the idea and integrate such a tool more tightly with MediaWiki and Wikimedia Commons. Such a project could involve more than NARA, such as the Library of Congress, NYPL (New York Public Library), and others.

Library of Congress[edit]

  • Map collection? (per above)

United States Holocaust Museum[edit]

  • Has expressed interest in having an intern working on pertinent Wikipedia content

National Museum of Women in the Arts[edit]

  • w:User:Ser Amantio di Nicolao has suggested the National Museum of Women in the Arts as a possibly good GLAM partner. (especially with Wikimedia's interest in improving gender diversity)

George Washington University Special Collections Research Center[edit]

  • Has started its own campaign to add content from special collections to Wikipedia, and is very interested in stepping up its participation by taking part in Wikimedia/DC projects and events. Would love to discuss hosting an event as well, or getting university students involved in a project.

Wikipedia Takes ___[edit]

In addition to the Wikipedia Takes DC (zoo edition), here are other ideas:

Wikipedia Takes DC (public art)[edit]

Support w:User:Missvain and w:Wikipedia:WikiProject Public art/DC and help photograph and geolocate public art in DC, as part of a Wikipedia Takes DC event.

  • There is 100% possibility of collaborating with the local OpenStreetMap group on the mapping component.
  • It's also very likely that DC's GIS / OCTO office would be interested in participating in such an event, and having us produce a GIS data layer. It could be incorporated into their data catalog as an "unofficial" dataset and we can help maintain it.

With the data + Wikipedia content, all sorts of cool mashups and apps could be possible.

Wikipedia Takes Baltimore[edit]

Baltimore Heritage is interested in organizing a Wikipedia Takes Baltimore event with us. The focus would be historic sites around Baltimore, getting photographs, geocoordinates, and improving articles, as well as this being an important outreach opportunity.

Local outreach[edit]

We could do workshops and outreach at local libraries and other places with the goal of increasing diversity of volunteers.

Government & data[edit]

Bureau of Labor Statistics[edit]

w:User:Econterms and w:User:Bkwillwm, of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, have mentioned they are interested in making their economic data available to Wikipedia. There is a possibility of taking the stats and generating infoboxes that could go in articles like Economy of Virginia. (see w:Wikipedia:Meetup/DC_13/Notes#Bureau_of_Labor_Statistics)

World Bank[edit]

Another possible source for data (http://data.worldbank.org) and likely would be interested in working with us.

DC tech community outreach & projects[edit]

Geodata & maps[edit]

DC is a leader in open source geo tech, maps and data, and there is a strong demand within the Wikimedia community for better way to make maps, to integrate OpenStreetMap data/maps, etc. Can we/do we want to put some effort to push this forward? (maybe in collaboration with Wikimedia Germany) Individually we definitely can, or group of people can.

GLAM tech[edit]

  • there are many needs to improve Wikimedia tools and technical capabilities, in support of GLAM collaborations, such as mass uploading of photographs and video. (see outreach:GLAM/Tools_&_Requests) Is this something we want to support? if so, how?