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This page is a translated version of the page Wikimedia Diversity Conference 2017/Scholarships and the translation is 67% complete.
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A ó fún àwọn olùkópa ní owó ìrànlọ́wọ́, gẹ́gẹ́ bí àlàyé wọn tí kún tó lórí iṣẹ́ tí wọn ti n ṣe sẹ́yìn wá àti ìrírí, pẹ̀lú n gbèrò wọn láti ṣe ìrànwọ́ nínú ìjẹ́kí ètò jẹ́ àseyọrí àti ṣíse àpéjọ yìí, pẹ̀lú ìkópa ọjọ́ iwájú. À n rọ àwọn olùforúkọ̀sìlẹ̀ ki wọ́n gbà láti gbà ipọ̀ asojú fún àwọn àbá lóri àti kópa nínú ètò ṣíse àpéjọ yìí.

Àwọn àgbájọ Wikimedia tókù náà lèní owó ìrànlọ́wọ́ fún ohun bíi: owó ìrìn-àjò. Gbogbo àwọn olùkópa ní wọ́n yì o sètò ìrìn-àjò wọn fún ara wọn.

Owó ìrànlọ́wọ́

Àwọn olùkópa lè forúkọ̀sìlẹ̀ fún ìkan lára àwọn ètò owó ìrànlọ́wọ́ yìí.

(1) Owó ìrànlọ́wọ́ fún ìkópa nínú àpéjọ Owó ìrànlọ́wọ́ yìí kájú owó fún ìkópa nínú àpéjọ, bíi: oúnjẹ àjọ àlejò kan, oúnjẹ ọ̀sán méjì, "fika" nlá méjì pẹ̀lú kékeré méjì. Iye owó ìrànlọ́wọ́ tirú 1: 25

(2) Owó ìrànlọ́wọ́ fún ìkópa nínú àpéjọ + ibùgbé Owó ìrànlọ́wọ́ yìí wà fún àwọn olùkópa tí nbọ̀ láti Sweden tàbí Europe TÀBÍ àwọn olùkópa tí àgbájọ Wikimedia míràn nṣe agbátẹ̀rù ìrìn-àjò wọn. Owó ìrànlọ́wọ́ yìí kájú ìkópa nínú àpéjọ pẹ̀lú ibùgbé ní ilé ìtura àpéjọ náà. Iye owó ìrànlọ́wọ́ tirú 2: 20

(3) Owó ìrànlọ́wọ́ fún ìkópa nínú àpéjọ + ibùgbé + owó ìrìn-àjò. Ní l'ọ́wọ́, ètò 287 USD wà fún owó ìrànlọ́wọ́ ẹni tí abá mú, láti yìí wà fún àwọn olùkópa tí nbọ̀ láti ara owó ìrìn-àjò (à nretí owó láti àwọn ibò míràn). Iye owó ìrànlọ́wọ́ tirú 3: 35

Àwọn ọjọ́ t'óṣe pàtàkì

  • 20 August: Àkókò ìparí fún ìforúkọ̀sìlẹ̀ fún owó ìrànlọ́wọ́ ibugbe ati irin-ajo
  • 21 Aug - 27 Aug: Ìyẹ̀wò ìgbìmọ̀ owó ìrànlọ́wọ́ fún yíyàn lára àwọn t'ó forúkọ̀sìlẹ̀
  • 31 August: Ìfi t'étí àwọn tí a yàn fún owó ìrànlọ́wọ́

Ìgbìmọ̀ owó ìrànlọ́wọ́

  • Sara Mörtsell (WMSE)
  • Netha Hussain
  • John Andersson (WMSE)
  • Anass Sedrati
  • Felix Nartey
  • Sofie Sigrinn

Criteria for Scholarships

Eligibility to apply

We’re looking for attendees who:

  •  Participate in Wikimedia projects in their capacity as staff or volunteer.
  • Can share information about diversity in the community they work with, able to identify the challenges and propose solutions for the same.
  • Want to work together and share strategies to support and promote diversity in Wikimedia.
  • Are from a diverse range of backgrounds and experience levels. Anyone with rare or notable experience or background that would add value to the event are particularly welcome.

Selection Criteria

Scholarship award will be based on the following criteria:

Impact on Wikimedia community

Examples of impact on Wikimedia community:

  1. Improved the skills/increased the awareness of persons from underrepresented groups about Wikimedia projects (such as organizing an event for teaching senior citizens to edit Wikipedia).
  2. Identified/addressed content gaps/participation gaps in Wikimedia movement (conducted research about gender gap on Wikipedia’s content, created a social media platform for helping LGBT+ Wikimedians to socialize and collaborate).
  3. Increased access to Wikimedia projects among underrepresented groups (worked on Wikipedia Zero to allow free access to Wikipedia, improved Kiwix to support offline Wikipedia).

Collaboration within the movement

Examples of collaboration within the movement:

  1. Has undertaken leadership roles to promote diversity of participation in Wikimedia projects (such as started a taskforce or Wikiproject to bring knowledge from/about Indian art forms).
  2. Has championed for the cause of diversity by working with/for underrepresented groups as a leader or ally and increased their visibility within Wikimedia projects (worked on anti-harassment policy, wrote a press article about Wikimedians with special needs).
  3. Has helped to bring about cultural change towards making Wikimedia projects more accessible and welcoming to underrepresented groups (worked on notability policy to allow perspectives from underrepresented groups on Wikipedia, advocated for diversity in Wikimedia movement’s strategy process).
  4. Has worked towards creating partnerships between Wikimedia movement and external organizations that resonate Wikimedia’s value of commitment to openness and diversity.

Participants are encouraged to think beyond these examples and write freely about any experience they think is valid in the context of diversity in Wikimedia movement. We are particularly looking for rare experiences and perspectives that can be shaped into a concrete idea or a working goal during the conference.