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Wikimedia Diversity Conference 2017/Travel guide

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Preparing for your trip[edit]

Weather in Stockholm[edit]

November in Stockholm is commonly mildly cold and one out of three days it rains. We are expecting temperatures between 0 and 5 degrees Celsius (that’s between 32 and 41 degrees Fahrenheit) and it is not uncommon for the first snow to have fallen. We recommend to check the forecast before packing. Participants are encouraged to dress in layers. A warm jacket, underpants, winter socks, an umbrella and a cap will be good to have, especially if you are flying in from a warm country.


Sweden’s currency is the Swedish Crown (SEK, kr). Please consider that you can only pay with SEK in Sweden and that you will have to change money at a Change Office or use a cash machine (Bankomat) to withdraw SEK (the latter is often cheaper). There are currency exchange offices and cashpoints (EC, Visa, MasterCard, Maestro) at Arlanda airport (ARN), Skavsta airport (NYO) and at the Central Station. Cashpoints can also be found all over the city.

Please note that some shops, restaurants and bars only take credit card and do not accept cash.

Internet Access[edit]

Free wireless network access throughout the conference venue and at the hotels is provided (your voucher codes are provided upon registration).

Free WiFi is also common in cafes and restaurants; you may have to ask for a password. See here for more info.

There is also free WiFi on both Flygbussarna and Arlanda Express.

Electricity Access[edit]

Electrical plug

In Sweden plug type F (230V at 50 Hz), also known as a Schuko plug, is used. Please bring your adapter if needed! A corresponding adapter can probably be found at Kjell&Co or Teknikmagasinet located at the Stockholm Central station.

Most important addresses[edit]

1 = Venue and hotel, 2 = Wikimedia Sverige's office, 3 = The Central Station, 4 = Livrustkammaren, 5 = Kafferepet, 6 = Stockholm City Terminal

Conference venue and accommodation[edit]

  • Sheraton Stockholm, located down town and only a few minutes walk from Stockholm Central station.

Sheraton Hotel
Tegelbacken 6
SE-10123 Stockholm
(Open Street Map, Google)

Friday night opening event[edit]

Livrustkammaren (Royal Armory Museum), 15 minutes walk from Sheraton hotel
Slottsbacken 3,
SE-11130 Stockholm

(Open Street Map, Google)  

Wikimedia Sverige Office[edit]

Wikimedia Sverige
Hantverkargatan 21
SE-112 21 Stockholm
Nearest subway station: Rådhuset (blue line)

How to get around[edit]

These are the ways we suggest you travel from the airport. See Wikivoyage for more info.

Airport transfer[edit]

To get from Arlanda Airport to central Stockholm you can either use Arlanda Express (fast and a bit pricey train), Flygbussarna (ordinary transfer bus) or taxi (make sure to use the fixed price).

Arlanda Express

Departs from both terminals 5 and 4, and takes 20 minutes to get to the central station. Buy tickets in the machines at the platform, or download the app (Arlanda Express) and buy tickets there. The ticket (single journey) is 280 SEK.


Departs outside terminals 5 and 4, and takes about 45 minutes to get to the central station. Buy tickets in the machines outside the terminals or on the bus (credit card only) or download the app (Flygbussarna, at Google Play or App Store) and buy tickets there. The ticket (including return ticket) is 198 SEK.


Major taxi companies operate on a fixed price basis between Arlanda and central Stockholm. Prices at the taxi stands range from 450 SEK to 520 SEK. Generally, you can freely choose among the waiting taxis, or ask the operator for a specific company. Beware of the smaller, expensive, taxi companies.

Each taxi has a yellow and white price tag (per 10 km and 15 minutes) on the right rear window; prefer cabs where the price is no more than 350 kr. A taxi ride from Arlanda to Sheraton takes approximately 40 minutes, from the central station a taxi ride almost takes longer time then if you walk.

Public Transport[edit]

With Sheraton located only around 300 meters from the central station, a walk is the easiest way to get there. Would you need public transport to go anywhere else you have to make sure you have a valid ticket before boarding a bus or subway. Tickets can be bought using the app (SL-biljetter, at Google Play or App Store) or as a pre-paied card at Pressbyrån or at the SL-center at the central station.


Registration will be open at both the social event at Livrustkammaren Friday evening and at Sheraton Saturday morning.

The registration desk is also the help desk where most of your questions can be answered.

Social events[edit]

For early birds arriving Thursday there is a wiki meet-up at café Kafferepet right next to Sheraton where you are welcome to join in and meet some members of the Swedish community.

Important phone numbers[edit]

  • Police/Fire/Ambulance, Emergency : 112
  • Police, Non emergency: 114 14
  • Medical information, Non emergency: 1177
  • Sheraton hotel: +46 (0)8 412 34 00
  • International calling code for Sweden: +46
  • Taxi Stockholm: +46 (0)8 150 000
Event team
  • Sara Mörtsell (head of event team): +46 (0)73 - 383 26 70
  • Axel Pettersson (safety and volunteer coordinator): +46 (0)733 - 96 55 65

Useful Swedish phrases[edit]


Good morning!

Good day/ afternoon!

Good evening!


Bless you!

See you later!

See you tomorrow!




I like you/that.

I’m tired.

I’m fine.

Thank you

Please / You’re welcome

Excuse me / Sorry


How can I go to...

I’m looking for...

I’d like to have...


God morgon!

God dag!

God kväll!



Vi ses!

Vi ses imorgon!




Jag gillar dig/det.

Jag är trött.

Jag är nöjd.


[Not applicable] / Var så god

Ursäkta mig / Förlåt


Hur kommer jag till...

Jag letar efter...

Jag vill ha...

Attendee information[edit]

Feel free to add arrival and departure time to be able to meet up at the airport.

Country Username Languages Arrival Departure Comments
Israel User:Hanay English & Hebrew November 2, 18:45 November 8, 11:00
India User:Saileshpat Odia, Hindi & English November 2, 20:10 November 7, 18:00
Germany User:Earlyspatz German, English, French November 3, 23:05 November 5, 20:45
Tunisia User:Dyolf77 Arabic, French, English November 3, 08:45 November 5, 18:45
Bangladesh User:Afifa Afrin Bengali, English November 3, 16:30 November 8, 11:40
Italy Camelia Italian, English, Romanian November 3, 13‍‍:‍‍‍‍05 November 5, 17‍‍:‍‍‍‍40
Serbia User:Dungodung Serbian, English November 3, 13:05 November 6, 18:45
USA User:KellyDoyle English November 2, 15:45 November 6, 13:55
Nepal User:Janak Bhatta Doteli, Nepali, English, Hindi November 3, 12:10 November 5, 21:45
USA User:Jackiekoerner English, German November 3, 13:00 November 6, 11:40
Sri Lanka User:Rehman English, Sinhala November 2, 14:25 November 6, 12:20
India User:Chinmayee Mishra Odia,English November 2, 20:10 November 7, 18:00
USA User:Rosiestep English, Serbian, Spanish, French November 2, 22:30 November 7, 10:20
USA/India User:AbhiSuryawanshi Hindi, Marathi, English, Panjabi, Bhojpuri, Urdu November 3, 06:15 November 6, 16:45
Spain User:Gini10 Spanish, English, French November 3, 14:00 November 11, 11:00
India User:Pavanaja Kannada, Tulu, Hindi & English November 3, 18:45 November 7, 17:10
Tunisia User:Youssefbhy Arabic, French & English November 3, 15:30 November 7, 7:00
Egypt User:لا روسا Arabic, Spanish, English November 3, 17:35 November 5, 17:40


For the fun of it, and to have an impressive number, we'd like to see the number of languages represented at #WikiDivCon. Add the languages you feel comfortable using in the list below.

  1. Svenska (Swedish)
  2. Odia
  3. Hindi
  4. German
  5. French
  6. Arabic
  7. বাংলা (Bengali)
  8. Italian
  9. Romanian
  10. Serbian
  11. Spanish
  12. Esperanto
  13. Malayalam
  14. Kannada
  15. Tulu
  16. Doteli
  17. Sinhala
  18. Russian
  19. Hebrew (עברית)
  20. English
  21. ไทย (Thai)