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Wikimedia Education SAARC conference/Submissions/My experience as a university and web ambassador in the education program at the Hashemite University in jordan

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Areen Abu Rumman

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Wikimedians of Levant, Wikipedia & Education User Group

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From the approach of the human being is the sum of experience and experiments that gained , I was inspired to transfer my experience with the program of education in the Hashemite University and join the "Digital Arabic content club" on our university campus and how I developed my skills in the creation , translation , coordination and the addition of references and pictures to the articles etc ... And this link represents my contributions on the dashboard here.recently when i was accepted to attend Wikimedia+Education Conference which was 5-7 April 2019 Donostia-San Sebastian - Basque Country, and i had a presentation about my experience that had a good impact on audience and Laurie was one of them , after a conference she emailed me and said (Hi Areen, I wanted to send a note to let you know that your short presentations was one of the highlights of my conference attendance. I’m a librarian/professor at Oregon State University and I was very inspired by your enthusiasm and the work you have done. I will share it with my students. ) there is video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o-NXOwioH1o&feature=youtu.be) you can see me from the minute 2:02.

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The current Arabic content is mostly advertising and non-encyclopedic in its nature. Through the transfer of my experience with the education program through our university club , where I am a Vice-President, where it requires me responsibility to communicate with the students and their training and teaching editing and the creation of articles to develop and promote Arabic content. So we try to introduced a substitute for the literal copying which helped professors with their assignment making in a digital way that guarantees that a student has read and correctly represented what they have learned.And this is one of the fruits of introducing technology in the education and development of communities and i will take more examples in case of acceptance of the submission.

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Wikipedians interested in Education, teachers, professors, educators, and any administrative who is interested in establishing Wikipedia education program.

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