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Wikimedia Education SAARC conference/Submissions/SAMSKRITAM – THE LANGUAGE OF GOD and INDIAN EDUCATION

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user:Soorya Hebbar (SOORYA HEBBAR A)
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Bangalore, India

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Samskrita Bharati

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Understanding the tradition of Bharatiya knowledge System and role of samskritam as a medium. Modern key to such knowledge trove through Wikisource.
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Academic Paper Presentation

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20 min + 10 min q&a
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India is a multi-cultural, multi-lingual nation. The root of numerous Indian different languages is Samskritam. The Indian culture is also deeply influenced by the Samskritam. Samskrit is not just the language (as propagated) of our god but also the actual language associated with common people. Therefore an enormous literature had been written in Samskrit. In ancient India, the medium of schooling was Samskritam. There were numerous and regular educational seminars being conducted by the institutions, called Shastrartha, charcha or vakyartha. There have been so many ways of teaching and protect the knowledge such as koshas, sutras, lakshana shlokas and so on. Later on, Samskrit was deeply politicized by the vested interest groups and treated Samskrit as a language of God.

India was at the center of education and learning while the training was based on Samskritam. Great universities such as Nalanda, Takshashila were matter of pride. These days, in India, we do not have education program depended on Samskritam, but Samskrit based knowledge system can be helpful for effective education.

In Wikipedia if we could improve our articles with respect to Samskrit references, in order to Indian knowledge system articles, it will be more validated and reader-friendly. We can give links of Samskrit shlokas as reference of some articles for example Veda, Purana and historical past. It helps to enhance the quality of wiki article. Nowadays many people are looking for good quotations of great people. There are lot of quotes in samskrita, we can translate those quotes into Indian languages and upload in Wikiquote. Uniqueness of Samskritam is, 95% of words have their own verbal meaning. Not only that, all native Indian languages have more than 50% samskrita words and phrases. It is helpful to use samskrita origin words that are used in some other languages. In this manner, study with Samskritam will certainly help to enhance wiki and also the education.

How does your proposal add knowledge to the international community in Wikimedia and education

Hopefully, Wikimeadians will have a fresh narrative to approach wiki education programs and broadly get an idea about Indian Knowledge System.

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Students and academicians are the ideal audience.

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