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Wikimédia Europe

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Wikimédia Europe
Logo de Wikimédia Europe
Membres de Wikimédia Europe
Membres de Wikimédia Europe
LieuBrussels, Belgium & remote
Code d’affiliéWMEU
Code de pays ISOEU
Statut légalAssociation internationale sans but lucratif (AISBL)
Date de fondation
  • juin 2022 – working group finishes
  • 13 janvier 2023 – formal recognition
Bureau principalRégion de Bruxelles-Capitale
Membres27 (liste des membres)
Langue(s) officielle(s)anglais
Autre(s) langue(s)français, néerlandais
PrésidentClaudia Garád
SecrétaireMaciej Artur Nadzikiewicz
TrésorierCapucine-Marin Dubroca-Voisin
Membres du Conseil
Personnes clés
  • Dimitar Dimitrov
  • Anna Mazgal
Document d’incorporationStatuts
Budget542 000 EUR (2024)
Liste de diffusionupdates(_AT_)wikimedia-europe(_DOT_)eu
RemarquesBoard resolutions

Membres de Wikimédia Europe

Le 20 juillet 2022, lors de la réunion des affiliés incorporés de Wikimédia, les représentants de 21 affiliés ont confirmé l'engagement de leurs organisations à fonder Wikimédia Europe. Au 30 mai 2023, les membres de Wikimédia Europe sont :


Organisations thématiques

Groupes d’utilisateurs

Conseil d'administration et personnel

Conseil d’administration

Conseil d'administration de Wikimédia Europe
Photo Nom Nom d’utilisateur Wikimedia Siège Terme Rôle Affiliation
Claudia Garád
Wikimedia Austria
Maciej Artur Nadzikiewicz
Wikimedia Poland
Wikimedia France
Rebecca MacKinnon
(22 Aug 2022)
Gonçalo Themudo
Wikimedia Portugal


Assemblée générale

Informations et documentation

Informations pour les nouveaux arrivants

We created a presentation to brief potential future members on Wikimedia Europe.

Présentation pour les futurs membres

Si vous souhaitez rejoindre Wikimédia Europe, veuillez contacter Anna Mazgal (anna@wikimedia.be).

Founding documents

  • Statutes – our founding document is available here
  • Trademark – our agreement with WMF is available here.

Reports and plans

Stay updated!

You can join the following mailing lists to get updates from us:

Updates (updates(_AT_)wikimedia-europe(_DOT_)eu) – this is a list of all news related to Wikimedia Europe, our meetings, organisational matters and Board activity. The people receiving those emails are both official representatives of their organisations to WMEU and other people from those organisations and groups who wish to be informed about Wikimedia Europe's internal affairs. If you or anybody else from your organisation would like to be there – let us know and we will make that happen[2][3].

Public policy list (publicpolicy(_AT_)lists(_DOT_)wikimedia(_DOT_)org) – this is a public list to share policy updates, look for experiences and perspectives in general policy and advocacy questions – both by us in Brussels and our subscribers. The subscribers are policy and advocacy experts, enthusiasts and followers from Wikimedia and other organisations, including EU institutions, media and entities we sometimes get on opposite positions in policy debates with. It has a moderate amount of traffic and serves to share a much-praised monthly digest on Brussels policy prepared by Dimi[4][5][6].

Voir aussi

Tous les documents de documentation peuvent être trouvés ici :



  1. The 2-year Board term runs from the official incorporation of the organisation in January 2023
  2. Confidentiality level: unless the author of a message specifies differently (for example for data protection purposes), you are free to forward these messages to your colleagues, board and members of your organisation.
  3. People not added to the group can't post to its members.
  4. Confidentiality level: the list has a searchable public archive, so it is not suitable for passing on confidential information. You are free to forward these messages to anyone, within and outside your organisation.
  5. People not added to the list can't post to its members.
  6. Anybody can sign up, upon admin approval.