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Wikimedia European Affiliates Cooperation/European Regional Event June 2021

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Discussing the implementation of the 2030 recommendations

We have planned a third Regional European Affiliates Transition Event which will take place virtually on 19 June (from 13:00 CEST until 16:30 CEST). This is a follow-up event of the first two Wikimedia European Affiliates Cooperation Events.


During our last meeting we focused on gathering support for three specific projects:

  • Grand Tour of Europe
  • The Capacity Exchange
  • Minority Language Hub

This time we would like to catch everyone up on the progress with regards to these three projects with SHORT updates and allow participants to introduce new initiatives for which they might be looking for more participants. These new initiatives will have the chance to go "in depth" on their topic and use a break out session to gather support.

One of the breakout sessions will feature Anna Mazgal and Dimi Dimitrov who will speak about the efforts of the Free Knowledge Advocacy Group in Brussels. An inter-Chapter cooperation project that works on making EU legislation free-knowledge-friendly. Their current challenge is to explain to policymakers how our communities self-moderate the projects. Something that affiliates could help with.

The event will be organised and hosted by Wikimedia Österreich, Wikimedia Deutschland, and Wikimedia Nederland. We are currently preparing the agenda and structure of the meeting and will share details on how to participate soon. The meeting will be held in English.

Add Topics[edit]

Please enter topics that you would like to discuss at the meeting in the list below (and maybe also add links to concepts that might help explain the topic or idea):

  1. Europe Ultraperipherical Regions (added by DarwIn - WMPT/ Madeira)
  2. From Gender (content) Gaps to SoGi (participation) Gaps in Europe - a short presentation and discussion about mid-term agenda in what is considered 'PRIDE Month' in USA. This will include some of update plans for #1 Queering Wikipedia Conference in 2022, that is now set as trans-local and hybrid event after 2 cancelations of physical event (added by Zblace - WM LGBT+)


All times are in CEST, so for those of you who are use EEST times, please add one hour to the CEST times listed here:

  • 12:50 CEST: Zoom meeting opens
  • 13:00 CEST: Welcome and Intro
  • 13:10 CEST: Warmup chat
  • 13:15 CEST: Short updates and conversations
    • Update about progress after the February meeting
      Quick presentation (~ 5 mins of each topic, plus potentially 5 mins conversation)
      • Capacity exchange
      • Grand Tour of Europe (WMSE)
      • Underrepresented & Indigenous Language support structure (WMNO)
    • Introduction of breakout rooms (5 minutes each)
      • R1 Free Knowledge Advocacy Group EU: Anna Mazgal, Dimi Dimitrov
      • R2 From Gender (content) Gaps to SoGi (participation) Gaps in Europe: Zblace
    • Update around supporting the implementation (15 mins)
      • Implementation grants
  • 14:45 CEST: break
    • Optional: collecting topics for future meetings
  • 15:00 CEST: Breakout rooms (Participants split up and discuss, rooms close after 45 mins)
    • FKAGEU
    • From Gender Gaps to SoGi Gaps in Europe
  • 15:55 CEST: Come back together and report out
  • 16:10 CEST: Outro, next steps
  • 16:15 CEST: End of meeting, socialising for 15 mins
  • 16:30 CEST: Zoom room closes

Interpretation into Spanish will be available in the main room during this meeting. This was organised based on some requests we received that translation support into Spanish would be helpful.


Access to the meeting is restricted to the representatives who signed up here by 16th June 2021, to create a well-balanced group of participants which covers the variety of affiliates in Europe. An invite to the zoom meeting will be sent to participants prior to the meeting. Please add your name and the name of your affiliate below.

Update 18 June: Everyone listed here should have received the invite with the zoom link. Please contact the organisers if this is not the case.

Organizers: Alice Wiegand (WMDE), Jan-Bart de Vreede (WMNL) and Philip Kopetzky (WMAT)

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Friendly space policy[edit]

Note that the Wikimedia friendly space policy is applied, and that we will have a friendly space officer in the meeting to ensure that the policy is adhered to.