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  • Where do images belong? | Headings bug(?) in huwikbooks | Copyrights | Using wikipedia to rank fame | Using parser extension | Arbitration Committee rewrite | wikispecies. | 'MiniUpload' form | Welcoming Users | Universal User Names | Wikipedia approved content | Colour schemes of the Wikimedia wikis | Where to discuss wikipedia interwiki resolution? | New measure for enforcing NPOV. Can/should it be done? | Re-election of Chinese wiki administrator | feasibility of holding a poll here? | Wikinews writing contest | | Help needed | Wikidemocratism vs. wikithoritarianism | User name changes | How to stop disambiguation pages from being counted? | What can I do? |New Wikipedia | Discussion indexes | Google Grants | how can i add a javascript(or just php) effect to the article page?
  • Just a small query... | Metapub in italian language? | Donations Wikipedia sister projects, like Wikiversity | Category templates | List Summary Service | Local time | Recent changes | subpages | Where does we manage same-language projects cooperation and collaboration? | Derisive hatespeak on frontpage | Cyberstalking and Wikipedia | Special:Wantedpages | Site update? | Neapolitan link | click-counter and other tools. | Image policy and planned languages
  • Local adaptation of CheckUser policy | Disable uploads for new wikis | Unified File Archives | Resolution policy talk page comment | International vandalism day? | Wikipedia Admin Period of Duty and Academic Review | Why isn't the talk page email notification feature more widespread? | News, Current Events et cetera | Standardizing language templates (1 subtopic) | Law issue | Wolof Wikiquote | Wikipedia Update | Where are the Site Notices gone | Interwiki links | Spanish translation for Jimmy's video | Subpages
  • Official Dialect | Bot-generated articles | Wanted: Wikielections | Talk:Fundraising 2007 | Talk:Stewards/elections_2007 | Is there a policy or discussion about consistency between same topic articles in different languages? | Embedding transcluded pages at different levels | | Search engine on pt.wikipedia | Changing "Main Page" link based on language | set pagemoves to autoconfirmed - please read and comment (3 subtopics) | Template for new sites | How to prevent URL blacklisting across the whole Wikipedia?
  • Uncategorized images and unused files | Buddha comment | Chavacano de Zamboanga Wikipedia | Dead link to project page | Access logs / privacy policy | Root names | Vandalism, socking on nv | In Chinese Wiki, the administrator broke the wiki policy and abused of power to lock all channels to stop dissenters' speech.[1]. | Where to ask for technical help? | I want a copy of your donation system. |


  • Suggestion | Translation for fundraising message | SVG preview not working? | Set upload to autoconfirmed Wikimedia-wide | Legitimation | Local Meta | Images uploaded to Meta before 29 December 2006 without copyright license declared | translation extension | ZIP files | Bias on Arabic Wikipedia?Toolserver? | Where to request an extension to be deployed to Wikiversity | international language support via special:Gadgets | Visitor counter request | Disclaimers | Help | Default language interface (Meta and other project) depending on user's browser preference | RfC — rethinking the list of the top ten wikipedias | Dues-paying membership | Essays | Transwiki'ing behavior guidelines | Would like to donate | Wikia as the solution to the notability issue | Global blocking | WYSIWYG editing | Vukiped opens the gas with bots... yet again | Wikimedia Radio | policy, rules and guidelines on a local wikipedia | Proposal to switch to ISO 639-3 codes | Governance reform | Official Election Notice | Javascript designed on another Wiki
  • Logo overlapping text on "wiki does not exist" page. | Modification of the official board election page | With all this talk about globalization... | Steward requests/SUL requests/Usurpation policy | Illegitimate arbitrators elections in Russian Wikipedia? | Technical wishlist | Chocolate | Global rollback group | iu.wikt | Why is Wikipedia listing news on their Main Page? | No more admins
  • Usurpation policy | GFDL concerns | Wolof wiktionary | Why no links to bugzilla with projects already requested to be closed? | Save the Siberian Wikipedia! | Uma reclamação a fazer | Globalização de navegadores web | SUL Question | Global sysops (poll) (closed) | Trouble at the Persian Wikipedia
  • Globally hidden usernames should be hidden locally too, and local hiding of usernames should be possible | Image:Bookshelf-40x20.png | data mining in Special:Recent changes | Statistics | Global deleted image review | How to create new section/topic in Wikipedia | Global rights policy proposal for discussion | Puntori as a bureaucrat | HELP NEEDED Sysop out of control | Top 10 Wikipedias (poll) | Heh? | Talk:Global sysops#Deleted pages - issues concerning them | Blend files uploadable | Wiktionary | Wikimedia Foundation's Resolution:Licensing policy | W:Template:ArticleHistory | proposal for e-mail, talk pages | Navigation: Sisterprojects in same language | Huge copyvio on de-WP | Talk:Cross-wiki_arbitration_committee#Opt-in_arbitration | PD art on the Commons | Stewards intervened? | Help | Usurpt nick on meta | Interactive animation | Utilisateur SUL | Bot under user account | Arbcom member disclosing private information | Control over the content my user and talk pages... | Global blocking enabled | Unable to leave info in the main page of my.wikt | Tell is about your Wikipedia | Interwiki contributions
  • User:SterkeBak | Moderator abuse on zea:Wikipedia | Special talk: namespace? | Closed wikis | Referencing | New project proposal: "Wikigames" | Metawiki logo poll | community is requesting langcom to change current language proposal policy | Blacklist and GFDL | Another project idea... I know | On disbanding Wikiquote | Servers | Interproject collaboration: article changes | Tool down? | Rename | ScriptWiki | Identifying people with access to private information | Merging Meta with | CPU good practices | Wikimedia term | Content wrapping | Sisterlinks bot | Not the Wikipedia Weekly migrates to Meta? | Eas and Eml users | PMS propaganda? | What about the statistics | Wikipedia logo
  • Rename to Forum | Logo changing question | Secure Portal | Interlanguage feature | Disclaimers | Cometstyles releasing classified checkuser information onto Encyclopedia Dramatica IRC" | WikiGarden (proposal) | Wikiproof | Inactive bureaucrats on smaller wikis | Welcome message templates to point to wiki projects in other languages | Wikipedia Arbitration Committee election processes | Wiktionary | Bot assistance | Assistance on | WikiVoices | Behavior of keyword has changed slightly | authenticating claims of copyright ownership | SUL | Why isn't this option available? | Inputbox error | Gothic script problems | Babel templates need to be centralised? | WikiVoices goes live | Fundraiser 2008 | LANGUAGE POLICY COMMUNITY DRAFT. APPROVAL PROCEDURE | GFDL 1.3 and CC-BY-SA | Can't I cite some articles?| CommonsDelinker| Could an adminstrator update the Esperanto fundraising core messages?
  • Wikipedia portal page clarification? | Concepts for a dedicated "MediaWiki" client application with live update and patrolling tools | Three (Four) new ideas for the Wikimedia System | New GFDL | Default language in Special:Preferences across all WMF projects? | Канопус Киля | Blocking batch "ultra-stubs" creation? | Help | Proposing a new MediaWiki extension : Global Context Variables | nl-Wikipedia reaches 500.000 articles
  • Featured content form other projects | We want to start a wikimedia India Foundation. | Why not clicking icons in "Login successful" page jump to main page of each project | I think I can quote anything from All non-GFDL texts | Proposed redesign of | A Development Policy for Wikipedia | Discount book vouchers/coupons and featured articles | Implement of RevisionDelete | Merge and Delete | Alert: Account Hacker Prowling Around Meta | Comments on moderated | Broken link on Special pages | Broken "privacy policy" link in the fundraising 2008 (fr) | Let it go, or not?


  • Global userpage | SUL not working? | Chinese Wikipedia control contents, and becoming official, or government information release agency! | Alleged Commercialisation of the French Wikipedia | Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales | Saving spaces | Google vs other search engines | bugzillia help | Vietnamese Wikipedia and Non-free content | Redirect from | International year of astronomy 2009 | Language code guidelines? | I need urgent help! IP deletes pages on Upper Sorbian Wikipedia | Planet Wikimedia | Transfer from to wa.wikt | Update asked | Stanton Usability Initiative| Script for changing sites.
  • Gives sysops to "suppressredirect" right | Gender specifier | Localisation of error message | Aromanian Wikipedia | Sidebar | can the number of versions be limited? | Oriya Wiktionary closure notice is hidden | Username policy | election question| Betawiki | User Ali20 wiki is preventing me of voting for stuard elections | "movefile" right | Trouble updating to 3.1 | Technical question for stewards | Question | Input requested on a "respect pseudonyms" policy | how to setup a discussion page with version 1.7 | blocking live mirrors? | Semi-automated translation of missing articles aross wikis | Toki Pona Wikipedia | Blacklisted userspace characters | Wikipedia main page display error | Egyptian language Wikipedia | Wikimania 2009 | Extension:VariablesExtension | Legal enquiry | Hotcat Extension | Help for sw-wiki (work around lost password) | Hi guys, having some problems with my wiki
  • English Wikipedia mascot revote | wiki integration ideas, and a general question | another efficient layout request | Changing the project logo | Strange edit in{{H-langs:Help}} | ToC not appearing | Little problem with a user | Copyright policy on Albanian Wikipedia | CPU load at 100% while loading a page. normal?