Wikimedia Foundation/Annual Report/2015-2016/A letter from Jimmy Wales

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Wikimedia Foundation 2016 Annual Report
A letter from Jimmy Wales
Founder of Wikipedia

Wikipedia is now 16 years old. People entering university today have never known a world without Wikipedia. It has existed from the time they first started learning to read.

I think that in 100 years, when people look back on this era they’re going to point to Wikipedia as a powerful example of human generosity, inspiration, and collaboration. A large group of people came together out of a passion for knowledge and gave an incredible gift to the world. That is an amazing thing and I am proud to have been part of it.

The fact that information spreads quickly means that truth can spread quickly—and lies can spread quickly. Wikipedia is there when you need factual information, not opinion or advocacy.

You read articles researched by thousands of volunteers. You click the links to check the data sources. You go read the cited news articles. And you verify the actual facts.

Facts still matter,
Jimmy Wales