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Communications is a Wikimedia Foundation department. The teams in the department share information, create connections, protect and grow our reputation, build belonging in and awareness of — the Wikimedia movement, the Wikimedia projects, and the Wikimedia Foundation's work itself — with a global audience.


Anusha Alikhan

Chief Communications Officer

Zack McCune

Director, Brand Studio

Nazneen Nawaz

Senior Director, External Communications

Evelyn Mwangi

Director, Internal Communications

Mayur Paul

Senior Director, Movement Communications

<div class="flex-grid-col wmf-collapsible-box-title" id="Brand Studio">Brand Studio

We connect Wikimedia to culture by creating storytelling objects (videos! murals! animated GIFs!), guiding creative partnerships, and developing marketing campaign materials.

Everything we make works towards increasing awareness, usage, and support for Wikipedia and Wikimedia projects worldwide.

The team

Zack McCune

Director of Brand

Corli de Kock

Senior Brand Strategist

Tas Elias

Brand Collaboration Lead

Samir Elsharbaty

Brand Associate

Blanca Flores


Mathoto Matsetela-Hartmann

Senior Manager, Global Brand

Jordan McRae

Multimedia Designer

Marina Ramos

Senior Copywriter

Einav Jacubovich

Global Creative Director

<div class="flex-grid-col wmf-collapsible-box-title" id="External Communications">External Communications
The Wikimedia Foundation's External Communications team works to raise awareness of Wikimedia projects and movement among audiences beyond the Foundation and our volunteer community.

The team

Nazneen Nawaz

Senior Director, External Communications

Gabrielle Basha

Executive Communications Associate

Brooke Camarda

Senior Marketing Specialist

Sara Campos

Senior Digital Experience Specialist

Lauren Dickinson

Senior Manager, Communications

Ed Erhart

Communications Specialist

Vidhu Goyal

Manager, Communications

Nino Hemmer

Head of Audience Insights

Barbara Kandek

Communications Specialist

Fu-Ying Lin

Analyst III

Gwada Majange

Lead Communications Specialist

Segun Oworu

Senior Lifecycle Insights Analyst

Lucas Pasqual

Senior Social Media Specialist

Laura Pulecio Duarte

Public Policy Communications Specialist

Olga Spingou

Senior Manager, Integrated Marketing

<div class="flex-grid-col wmf-collapsible-box-title" id="Movement Communications">Movement Communications
Movement Communications brings people together and works to create a sense of belonging. We build connections, help people understand our mission and celebrate their role in its success.

The team

Mayur Paul

Senior Director, Movement Communications

Rae Adimer

Movement Communications Associate

Aida Akhmedova

Movement Communications Specialist

Giselle Bordoy

Senior Global Movement Communications Specialist (Latin America)

Benoît Evellin

Movement Communications Specialist (Product & Tech)

Szymon Grabarczuk

Lead Movement Communications Specialist (Product & Tech)

Johan Jönsson

Manager, Movement Communications

Winnie Kabintie

Senior Global Movement Communications Specialist (Africa)

Chris Koerner

Senior Movement Communications Specialist

Ivonne Kristiani

Senior Global Movement Communications Specialist (ESEAP)

Elena Lappen

Manager, Movement Communications

Luca Martinelli

Movement Communications Specialist (Product & Tech)

Belinda Mbambo

Senior Manager, Global Movement Communications

Lisa McCabe

Senior Manager, Movement Communications

Junko Nakayama

Facilitator, Japanese communities

Uzoma Ozurumba

Senior Movement Communications Specialist (Product & Tech)

Mahuton Possoupe

Global Movement Communications Specialist (Africa)

Amal Ramadan

Senior Movement Communications Specialist (Product & Tech)

Rachit Sharma

Senior Global Movement Communications Specialist (Asia)

Kelsi Stine-Rowe

Senior Manager, Movement Communications

Natalia Szafran-Kozakowska

Senior Global Movement Communications Specialist (Europe)

Sandister Tei

Movement Communications Specialist (Product & Tech)

Benedict Udeh

Movement Communications Specialist (Product & Tech)

Gregory Varnum

Senior Strategist, Movement Communications

Nick Wilson

Senior Movement Communications Specialist (Product & Tech)

Manar Yacoub Criner

Senior Global Movement Communications Specialist (MENA)

<div class="flex-grid-col wmf-collapsible-box-title" id="Internal Communications">Internal Communications
Internal Communications seeks to create an engaged and informed staff at the Wikimedia Foundation, increasing the sense of welcoming and belonging in our workplace culture. We aim to ensure that each person in our globally distributed organization has access to the information they need to collaborate and achieve our mission.

The team

Evelyn Mwangi

Director of Internal Communications

Lindsay Ferguson

Internal Communications Lead

<div class="flex-grid-col wmf-collapsible-box-title" id="Program Management">Program Management
The program management team operates across all teams in the Communications department in order to bring a collective resonance to all team, departmental, and foundation-level work: managing, overseeing, and shepherding various aspects of each team’s work.

The team

Carla Casilli

Senior Manager, Program Management

Amba Priya Dube

Project Manager

Lena Traer

Senior Creative Project Manager