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Wikimedians have the opportunity to collaborate with the Wikimedia Foundation on-wiki until 19 May and in various live discussions. This collaboration will inform the final content of the Wikimedia Foundation annual plan for the financial year that runs from 01 July 2023 to 30 June 2024.

Annual Plan summary slides. Other languages: (ar, zh, fr, hi, pt, uk, id, es, ru, sw, ja)

Live Conversations[edit]

These conversations offer an opportunity for members of the Wikimedia Movement to share their plans and intentions for the coming year with the Foundation and one another, as well as to learn more and offer suggestions about the Foundation’s annual plan.

Community members are welcome to attend any of the live calls that are convenient for them. If you would like to attend a call and interpretation is not available in your preferred language, please email movementcomms(_AT_) and we will arrange it for you.

  1. March 23 at 18:00 UTC open call on Artificial Intelligence in Wikimedia. (completed)
  2. April 26 from : Conversation with the Wikimedia Foundation. Interpretation will be available in English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish.Meeting link Add to Calendar (completed, recording)
  3. April 27 from : Conversation with the Wikimedia Foundation. Interpretation will be available in Arabic, French, Polish, Russian and Swahili. Meeting link (completed, recording)
  4. April 28: In person Conversation with the Wikimedia Foundation in partnership with WikiConference India. A video recording of this event and notes will be shared here when available. (completed)
  5. April 30 from : Conversation with the Wikimedia Foundation. Interpretation will be available in Mandarin Chinese, Japanese and Indonesian. Meeting Link Add to Calendar. (completed, recording)

Focus group conversations[edit]

As well as the above general conversations, the WMF Product & Technology department is hosting some small focus group conversations. These are each focused on discussing a specific part of draft "objectives and key results" document with a group of people who would likely be affected by that OKR. These include:

Note, these conversations are not intended to be comprehensive in their coverage. If participants approve, notes and/or recording of the meetings will be made available. Feedback from anyone on any of the OKRs is still welcome on the relevant section of the draft's talkpage.


A summary version of the annual plan will be posted locally in multiple languages on various Wikipedias. The full version with accompanying translations will live on this Meta-Wiki portal. You can collaborate with us on both local talk pages and here on the Meta-Wiki talk page until May 19. We will add links here to where the content has been posted as they become available.

The Product & Technology department has also published its draft "objectives and key results" document, and is seeking feedback on that talkpage throughout April and May.

Feedback Summary[edit]

(Notes from community calls and focus groups will live here. In May, we will also add a summary of all feedback from calls and talk pages here)