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Wikimedia Foundation Annual Plan/Quarterly check-ins/CE Q2 2017

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Notes from the Quarterly Review meeting with the Wikimedia Foundation's Community Engagement teams, January 23, 2017, 9:00am - 11:00am PDT.

Please keep in mind that these minutes are mostly a rough paraphrase of what was said at the meeting, rather than a source of authoritative information. Consider referring to the presentation slides, blog posts, press releases and other official material

Slides (to be published at https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:Wikimedia_Foundation_quarterly_check-ins after the meeting): ...

Part 1[edit]

Present (in the office): James Alexander, Jaime V., Lisa, Michelle P., Jacob R., Katy L., Jaime A.

participating remotely: Quim Gil, Maggie Dennis, Alex S., Chris Koerner, Erica Litrenta, Heather Walls, Joady L., Karen B., Katherine M., Patrick, Quim, Sherry, Tighe, Trevor,

Slides 1-2: Part 1 Introduction[edit]

  • Maggie welcomes everyone
  • We are the first team to run a quarterly using the new template/format you're about to see

Slide 3[edit]

  • Cross-team goals, delivered by Maggie
  • These are Community-Engagement-wide goals

Slide 4[edit]

  • Goal: Commitment to annual planning
    • CR, L&E, Maggie involved
    • Last quarter goals
    • Next quarter goals
  • Ensuring productivity and building trust

Slide 5[edit]

  • Goal: Lead community-facing component of ongoing strategy consultation
    • Everyone in CE
    • Last quarter goals: Job Description for coordinators, advised on community processes
    • Next quarter goals: support developing work/tasks
  • 4 FTE across CE in q3-q4 to support this process
  • Intend to scale to fit staffing/time needs

Slide 6[edit]

  • Goal: Meet staffing needs to meet CE goals
    • This involves some hiring (done) and then more hiring (upcoming)
    • List of hires done and hires upcoming

Slide 7[edit]

  • Goal: Grow capacity of Education Collaborative to support more global community initiatives
    • Last Q: Education team/L&E team run global campaign and standard set of lesson plans
    • Next quarter: Education team, Maria, Nichole: document learnngs from this experiment (including revisiting some issues that surfaced during this quarter)
  • Want to encourage more of these kinds of shared projects

Slide 8[edit]

  • Goal: develop community leadership and mentorship to support effective program and community development
    • This program will be reflected in a number of upcoming team, etc slides
    • CE, WMDE, CE project leads
    • Wikimedia Conference is of high importance, details on work we have done and are doing to support this
    • Support Katherine by briefing and offering assistance with any issues regarding this

Slide 9[edit]

  • Goal: Improve access to information about Wikimedia programs and communities to connect people and resources efficiently
    • Across many departments
    • Designed and implemented templates to connect information
    • Hub launched in alpha, with blog post to announce
    • Q3 includes testing feedback mechanisms (?), etc

Slide 10[edit]

  • Goal: Improve the representation of Wikimedia communities beyond English Wikipedia in the 2016 Community Wishlist Survey to reflect a diverse, global movement (Page 1)
    • Technical Collaboration, Community Tech
    • Maggie's thoughts: Wishlist is an awesome idea, possibly better than buttered bread! Our goal is to help this initiative thrive throughout diverse communities.
    • Invested heavily in diversifying the proposals and the voters, and it paid off.
    • Additional challenges because of increased number of proposals (a good problem to have!) Ameliorated by categorizing to ease finding types of wishes.
    • Recommend investigating technical resources toward improving the survey infrastructure to handle the potential growth of proposals and voters.

Slide 11[edit]

  • Goal: as in Slide 10
    • Promoted wishlist tool to groups for help prioritizing/supporting
    • Outreach via multiple channels, including personal
  • Less engagement than might have been hoped for; planning improved future strategies
    • Top voted wish in program category has already been completed by a community developer! Ability to set any language document as "base" language for translation
  • Question: Wishlist really does sound like a cross-departmental/cross-program initiative. True? (Jaime V.)
    • A: Yep.
  • Q: Explain more about increased resources for wishlist infrastructure? (Wes)
    • A: Generally around technical means of better access (Maggie)
    • A 2.0: If we double participation again (and that's totally possible!), we may need new strategies (successful examples: Commons Picture of the Year contest) (Quim)

Slide 12: Learning & Evaluation[edit]

  • Jaime: Presenting these goals for L&E (some have already appeared in cross-department, above)

Slide 13[edit]

  • Goal: Develop community leadership/mentorship to support networks and learning
  • Programs as well as L&E
  • Leadership Development - recruiting and setting criteria for attending Learning Days, etc at WM Conference (gotten so popular that these were needed)
    • 8 criteria; if you met 3 of them you could attend
  • Next quarter, facilitation co-creation Learning Days; prepare next steps to dialogue about developing shared learning space

Slide 14[edit]

  • Goal: Responsive support
    • Sometimes people just reach out to us with questions, and we want to be able to work with them to give good answers
  • Attended WikiCon NA and did 10 rotation session topics, then debrief WMF participants about it to maximize internal learning

Slide 15[edit]

  • Next two slides are Program 3 (tools to improve access to info)
  • I.e. WRC, better templates, redesign/improve resource portal for L&E
    • Hired technical support intern for this, as well as help from Asaf (thank you!)

Slide 16[edit]

  • Second half of Program 3: Program & Events Dashboard
    • Launched in Beta last quarter
    • Lots of programs (including some test ones) run through dashboard
  • Next quarter: fully launching campaign feature to organize multiple events along theme(s)

Slide 17[edit]

  • Goal: Support AffCom and core supports to affiliate collaborations
    • Spported review of FDC applicants (comparing, setting targets)
    • Initiated the design for CRM needs (CR & L&E - piloting Salesforce this quarter using extra licenses we already have)
    • Eligibility criteria for WM Conference
  • Next quarter: Implement pilot, support AffCom

Slide 18[edit]

  • Maintain consistency and responsiveness on regular workflows related to supporting AffCom, etc

Slide 19[edit]

  • Goal: Develop CE Insights
    • Done: Finalize, translate, and prepare to distribute CE Insights (thanks to everyone who helped)
      • Had to invest in professional translation for vital languages
    • Develop analysis plan for CE Insights
  • Next quarter: Distribute CE Insights, publish summary

Slide 20[edit]

  • Achievements, What would you do differently, what did you struggle with

Question: On CRM, how are you tracking the pilot? A: Connections to orgs or projects, who is talking to them about what, if they have reports coming up (all of this is done manually right now). We don't know who is communicating with whom across department(s), so this will help us save that information Q: So first step would be for CE to expand it beyond (?CE?)? A: Yes, we're piloting in Q3 and then deciding if pilot pays off enough to try expanding it

Q: Melody is looking at multiple CRM systems right now too. CT works with Fundraising Tech on issues like this, this is an issue ripe for potential consolidation A: Yes, we're watching Mel's work and testing out Salesforce in the meantime since it's here anyway A: Should online and offline communities remain partioned in whatever eventual system? Something to think about

Slide 21: Technical Collaboration[edit]

  • Quim: Intro
  • Team's first anniversary just passed, as combination of Community Liaisons and Developer Relations, which have a longer history.

Slide 22[edit]

  • Main activities include supporting Product teams in engaging with communities. For this quarter we selected three team goals, all of them involving consultations.
  • The first one has been alreadymentioned by Maggie, our support to the Community Wishlist.
  • This one is about publishing the analysis and results of the Flow Satisfaction Survey, which we run in the previous quarter.
    • We were hoping to have Flow analysis done by now, but amount and variety of responses were heavy and complex, so team is having to work through it slowly and with attention rather than rushing it.
    • This is the biggest and most complex survey this team has run, and it shows.
    • We are hoping to publish the analysis by end of January

Slide 23[edit]

  • Reading team (specifically the Android App team) was interested in a consultation - knowing which experimental features they could implement that would bring in readers into small contributor role
    • This goal challenges our internal organization (bringing readers to a contributor role), which is a healthy challenge.
    • Had to delay the end of the consultation due to more implementation work than expected being needed to make the consultation usable by the people we wanted to survey. Deadlines pushed to next quarter.
    • First attempt was was based on a text-only table, it was somewhat unclear to editors, and resulted in confusion and very little response. Second attempt, at Moushira's recommendation, provided interactive wireframes and screenshots, and is producing significantly more response from community members. This is more work for the team to set up, but worthwhile.
    • Consultation happening right now on mw.org, instead (will be completed this quarter)
    • App team have embraced the consultation and are looking forward to see whether there is any idea that can be implemented in the near future.

Slide 24[edit]

  • First review of Technical Collaboration Guideline (to help product teams and communities work together, freeing community liaisons up to focus on complex issues only)
    • Had planned to have first draft officially approved by now, but due to extending the feedback period to improve our alignment, that date has been pushed back.
    • We got a request from WMF product managers to have a closer review, which is happening now.
    • Communities had shown mild support, in the sense that the comments were positive but we didn't get many. We took the chance to ask fir further review at least from very experienced community members, for instance the Stewards.
    • Regardless of this delay, we are confident that the project is still on time and the draft will be completed as planned.

Slide 25[edit]

  • Developer Relations: Wikimedia Developer Summit 2017 program preparation
    • Tried to bring some improvements to Summit (better support for remote participation, beyond WMF, etc) - we have played the best hand we could with the cards we were given on this
    • We are running a satisfaction survey right now, and the full results will be ready in a few weeks, but first impression of feedback was that it was very positive
    • Summit was, by all our measurements, a success

Slide 26[edit]

  • New goal: connect FOSS developers with Community Wishlist to do work on them in hackathons, GSoC, Outreachy, maybe grants...
    • Scanning the hundreds of proposals voted in the Community Wishlist for projects suitable for volunteer developers
    • In the previous survey, the results were ok, but now we have a dedicated Developer Advocate, so we think we can do more

Slides 27-28[edit]

Achievements, Do-different, struggles.

  • Any questions?
    • Comment: Thank you! Dev summit went wonderfully smoothly and was a great improvement. We know you're always quietly working behind the scenes to make things great, Quim. Also really glad to see the Developer Wishlist idea that came out from the Summit. I like the idea of reaching out to volunteers. (Wes)
      • Two years ago, the Summit had a similar size and it was organized basically by Rachel with some help. This time, about seventeen people pitching in, and the success comes thanks to their work. Now I don't know how we managed before! Organizing the Developer Wishllist brings a bit more stress in this quarter [because we had not planned for it], but it is a good kind of stress (Quim)
    • Question: Regarding struggling with interactions between community liaisons and product managers - how are you improving on this? (Michel)
      • A: The core roles of CLs and PMs are clear, but the boundaries are fuzzy, and sometimes this brings friction. The relations PM-CL work one by one, but we are trying to find a common standard across teamsallowing for better organization and flexibility. We've now split the discussion into 2 areas: 1) anything with a public impact (goes through the Technical Collaboration Guideline), 2) internal (led by Erica as Senior Liaison, with Trevor as Product contact, also negotiating some support from Team Practices right now).(Quim)
      • With struggle comes progress! (Wes)
    • Question: was there a common thread in where plans could be better? (Michel)

A: Quick answer, standardizing procedure for releasing. It's a moving target still, being discussed in Discovery, so I can't give a comprehensive answer yet

Slide 29: Community Engagement Scorecards[edit]

  • We don't generally read these out loud, but they are in the slide desk to skim as you wish

Slide 30: L&E KPIs[edit]

  • Question re parenthetical notations on slide
    • breaking out "regular" bumps from "unusual" bumps (caused by non-regular events, etc)
  • Comment: thank you to everyone for pitching in on things like Annual Plan, even when the work is outside of your core work

Part 2[edit]

Present (in the office): Jaime A., James A, Sarah, Joe, Chuck, Michelle and Jacob R., Joady L, Jaimes V., Katy L participating remotely: ... Maggie Dennis, Tighe F, Wes M, Jake O, Karen B, Chris S, Katherine, Alex S., Alex W., Quim, Sati, Trevor

Slide 1-2:Intro[edit]

Slide 3: Community Resources[edit]

Katy Love: we support tens of thousands of members of our movement, from volunteers to organizations, with grants and other important support


  • Goal: Finalize strategy for planning Wikimania to move forward next editions
    • Wikimania 2017 and 2018 are moving forward, Project Lead Ellie
    • Trying to make the largest movement event cost effective, also more diverse in terms of movement participation
    • Ellie working towards making Wikimania 2017 and 2018 budgets for the next FY - looking ahead at 2018 Wikimania in South Africa
    • ~700 applicants every year with a likely 100-120 supported through scholarships (focus on participants from Global South)


  • Goal: Based on evaluation, launch new community capacity development (CCD) program in on-wiki communities developing core capacities like comms, conflict management, on-wiki technical skills, etc
    • Program led by Asaf and a pilot done in calendar year 2016 Search Calendar
    • Help by a number of staff for Asaf to run these programs
    • Conducted surveys and interviews and nearly finished compiling results (goal not totally achieved by quarter end due to illness, but it is being finalized now)
    • From the results of the qualtitative interviews and the surveys, we see this pilot as a success.


  • Visual: User Group Brasil/Community Capacity Development in Brasil

Picture of Comms training - successful intervention to build communications skills

  • We observed that the community has increased confidence in taking this work on
  • Have seen good results from interventions with on-wiki technical trainings with Tamil community, with good results. One Wikimedian has accrued 200k edits on Wikidata post training, and believes "it is the future of Wikipeida."
  • Now that we have these great stories and well developed training materials & tools, what do we do next?
    • Looking at how we can expand and develop new additional capacities post-pilot. We will want to have conversations with other departments who have expertise in some of these areas like governance. We'd want to leverage affiliate expertise in areas like partnerships.
    • However, this is all contingent on what happens during Movement Strategy and Annual Plan


  • Goal: Run participatory grantmaking rounds to allocate funds to community: our core work
  • 72 Grants to 41 counteries this quarter, totalling >$4m
    • Rapid Grants - new grants program intended to be lightweight - 70% of ones given this quarter went to emerging communities. Successful in expanding our reach in the movement! Some samples of Rapid grants this quarter:
  1. GLAM grant to Univ. of São Paulo,
  2. Wikipedia Asian Month,
  3. NY Academy of Science held its second editathon,
  4. WikiClub Northern Territories Australia's projects focusing on women and indigenous people where there was no offline work before
    • Thinking about how we staff the program, considering turnaround time, etc
  • Good coordination work around WMF's strategy for offline access (specifically Kiwix). Moving forward on having a cross-team approach to working to support offline initiatives
  • APG - FDC gave their grants, and multi-year gratns were made (**big deal**)
  • Simple APG funding stream: annual grants to non-chapters increasing and we're happy to provide a lighter weight annual plan grant process


  • Visual: Bombay Hackathon
    • Resulted in 6 projects (3 related to Marathi language Wikipedia)
  • Visual: Wikimedia US-DC runs 21 ediathons
  • Some grant reports that came in this quarter with with some good stats:
  1. 2016 Bombay Hackathon - 4 Code Sprints for students + editathon, which led 6 projects (including Marathi language Wiki)
  2. Wikimedia DC - ran 21 editathons on variety of topic (Women in STEM, African American history)
  3. INSPIRE Campaign - tackling the gender gap; first time we had a proactive grantmaking strategy; please read: https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Grants:Evaluation/Inspire_Campaigns/Gender_gap -- we got great data, but we're left asking a lot of questions: how can we address this goal as a movement? Sati and Alex are online to answer questions


  • Awesome number of grants! (Michelle)
  • With Asaf's program, how will you determine the next communities to focus on? (Michelle)
    • It's an ongoing conversation, depends somewhat on what communities are interested (Katy)
  • If Asaf gets deeper into Movement Strategy, will this fall by the wayside? (Jaime V)
    • We've talked about this, and Strategy is absolutely the priority in our team, because that will enable us to be more impactful and coordinated generally in upcoming months and years. It would be deferred to make room for Strategy if necessary, but we don't know yet if we will need to do that. (Katy)
    • Continuity and momemtum can be affected by staffing, and we might lose some of those if we have to defer Asaf's time
  • Turnaround for the grants sound amazing - Questions: Guidance for planning around Wikimania - should we plan for that (travel wise)? (Wes)
    • Ellie will be planning for that and it will be noted in the next Annual Plan so other teams can budget around that (Katy)
    • Is there a summary from last year of less participation from the WMF at Wikimania? (Wes)
    • Will forward to Wes (Katy)
    • Ways to formalize the CCD? (Wes)
    • Looking forward to have more cross-departmental collaboration (Katy)

Slide 9: Support & Safety[edit]

  • Patrick will start off, then James A
  • Starting off with our training modules!


  • Goal: Prepare to introduce and begin drafting of training modules for functionaries and event organizers to help support the health of communities
    • Not a lot of extant documentation about how community can handle harassment issues, so that's the slot we're trying to fill
    • Hosted WikiCon NA workshop on TMs (what makes good training good, and bad training bad? how to design for this topic?)
    • 1st draft of modules done and on (going up on, for Events) Meta
    • Scoped out some expansion of our anti-harassment work (which was great) but ate some drafting time
    • Made up time and have a lot of material is on meta right now for the first draft
    • First module is out right now for review
    • Q4: Translation time! Whee!


  • Learnings
    • Unexpected? Drafting led to best practices copnversation among team members, but also lack of community interest in module design (we are trying a different approach involving prototypes going forward)
    • Hard getting engagement with the community on all of this - there's a lot of content so we're working on functional prototypes to deliver this content; will get better engagement
  • Do differently? More time for drafting process, more capacity for unexpected derails or opportunities


  • Goal: Facilitate communication between the Wikimedia Foundation and community for better collaboration in movement-wide initiatives.
    • New Readers conversation (Joe) - terminology, concepts, methods
    • Terms of Use conversation (Joe) - CC 4.0
    • Don't underestimate cleanup work when helping on a consultation


  • James A takes over
  • Goal: Improve access to information for Wikimedia programs and communities to connect people and resources efficiently
    • Resources that the community can use to help themselves and help others to make our own work more sustainablel
    • We've created resources that we and the community can link to - crisis support / suicide prevention / rough times
    • Law enforcements and emergency methods only work for certain cases - imminent danger
    • Gadget that was put together that will detect your country so it can put your country's contacts can be seen first
    • Focusing on harassment resources - important because SuSa's role as "cop" is not always the most effective position to be in


Goal: Optimize support & safety work for staff, community and the public by responding efficiently and effectively in workflows

    • worked on normal workflow - keep within 3hour time frame responses including : business@ and answers@ (turnaround within 2 days)
    • working on refining processes for non-emergency harassment cases; spoke about it last quarter
    • more checklists and timelines to be used in the future to assess how long cases will take
    • plan to move from Sugar CRM to Salesforce // will also look at ZenDesk (a lot are email/ticket-based)


  • Q2 goal: Survey audiences to check SuSa performance - functionary and support groups.
    • What are we doing well, what aren't we?
    • Stewards photo!


  • Q2 goal: Survey audiences to check SuSa performance - Staff
    • Thank you to all staff who participated!
    • Results were positive, though places that we can develop do exist


  • None

Slide 17: Programs[edit]

Tighe presents. Please save all programs questions for the end.

  • Disambiguating "Programs" (like annual plan stuff) and "Programs" like the community programs we're about to talk about
  • L&E talked about the Program Events Dashboard
  • Collab that Maggie touched on
  • CR supports a lot of work that Programs also supports through CR grants
  • Thanks to Kacie Harold - she repped Programs @ WikiIndaba, is experienced with the educaton program and has funded many Education Programs in her work.

18: Wikipedia Education Program[edit]

  • Goal: Support the Education program to grow by enabling program leaders to introduce Wikipedia in the classroom
  • Contigent on what's happening in the movement at that quarter
  • Vahid was at OpenCon and the team consulted with 38 individuals from 18 countries
  • became fully staffed in October - aiming to be back on track with workflows (compared to QoQ and YoY targets)
  • Co-hosing pre-conference in cooperation with Learning Days in Berlin with WMIL and WMAR
  • Goal: Effectively utilize communication tools to support the goals of the education program.
      • Communications work - we hired Nichole in October to support our work in Asia and our communications work
    • We didn't have anyone dedicated to this work for a few years, so this is a nice change to get in place
    • First priority in this is newsletter
    • Continues this quarter and we hope to implement regular changes there and we finally have page views (thank you to Analytics) and can see impact
  • GOAL: Grow capacity of the Education Collaborative to support more global community initiatives
    • Maggie mentioned this collab earlier, too
    • Education Collaborative is a group of volunteer leaders who aim to support their peers in the movement
    • EduWiki campaign this quarter (With Maria and L&E)
      • Learning to work with global program leaders and affiliates, and discussing what "membership" means
  • learnings
    • Unexpected? Tension between Education Collab and local affiliates - resulted in good conversations about roles and coordination
    • Differently? "Coordinate early and often"
    • Struggle? Hard conversations

Supporting communities where they are and seeing if education outreach activities align with their goals

  • Visual: Wikimedia Malaysia meetup
    • Nichole worked remotely from Asia for her first few months, and took the opportunity to visit a Kuala Lumpur meetup and talk about our programs with them
    • Possibily will see some pilots coming out of the region

Jake O speaks

  • GOAL: Improve access to reliable research and reference tools so editors can build quality content from authoritative sources
    • 200+ editors (including 50+ new ones) got access to resources
    • Next quarter: improving signup speed, expanding library platform, faster source access (including OAuth use)
    • Wikipedia Library Card Bundle (unified resource access)

Slide 24: TWL & GLAM[edit]

  • Visual oflibrary cards platform home page
  • Visual of partners list/publisher catalog
  • GOAL: Leverage Library networks to bring in new contributors and expand new partnerships and programs
    • 3 branches
    • Presented to IFLA (?)
    • WL facebook group already has lots of members! Also planning to form Library Community User Group next quarter
  • GOAL: Develop resources to improve research skills, digital literacy, and source access for Wikipedia’s readers
    • OABot technically ready this quarter
    • Next quarter, reach community consensus to use OABot
    • Q2 Worked with Seddon and Q3 looks into adding free-to-read links to English wikipedia articles
  • Learnings



Alex S

  • GOAL: Improve community capacity for GLAM-Wiki partnerships through increased GLAM-Wiki knowledge, support, and tools (slide 1)
    • focuses on WMF support and workflows that affects our GLAM communties
    • working with the community tech wishlist to make sure we are meeting technical needs (working with Amanda Bittaker) wanted to see more support
    • Created a space for GLAM leaders to ask questions
    • worked with Legal so when GLAM leaders wanted legal help (usually take down requests) ; were able to see when Alex S should step in
    • next quarter's focus is on Structured Data
  • GOAL: Improve community capacity for GLAM-Wiki partnerships through increased GLAM-Wiki knowledge, support, and tools (slide 2)
    • focus on documenting new case studies for community digitization practices to put it on Wikimedia Commons
    • next quarter - refining new portal and opportunities to find knowledge gaps; Meeting at UNESCO and meeting at WMCon to test Structured Data concerns
  • GOAL: Leverage GLAM networks to bring in new contributors; build and expand new partnerships and programs.
    • Partnerships with IFLA, ICOM, ICA. Still learning how to work together, figureing out what *can* be the projects (which is Alex's focus next quarter)
  • Learnings


    • Wes thanks Alex for participation and great explanationt to team @ Dev Summit

Slide 33: Community Engagement Scorecards[edit]

[slides skipped, people can view them online]

Maggie: thanks, all, for attending!