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Conversational Report
Wikimujeres - 23 February 2021



The objective of the meeting was to talk to members of Wikimujeres, who primarily edit on the Spanish and Catalan language projects, to collect their thoughts, feedback and questions, on the proposed ideas for candidates for community-sourced seats on the Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees.

Topics and Notes[edit]

The community member was introduced the rationale behind the current Call for Feedback and the main discussion that have happened in the last two weeks in meta, the Office Hours and the Telegram chat.

Feedback on specific ideas[edit]

Ranked voting system[edit]
  • The volunteer doesn't have any problem with this method, it allows for a more nuanced vote, it allows defining preferences in a better way, as was done in the last ASBS elections.
  • Regarding a gender quota, this volunteer thinks that the board needs to be aware of the deep gender gap on Wikimedia, once it is assumed, there can be a process in order to attack it. This volunteer doesn't know if it is about a gender equality quota, but filling these holes, all following the recommendations of the strategy process.
Call for types of skills and experiences[edit]
  • When someone comes on the board, you have to think about continuing their formation during their time on the board, otherwise we are also closing the door to new voices to be part of the board.
  • While it's fine to have people with great resumes, you can also have preconceived ideas,
Regional seats[edit]
  • The volunteer find it hard to see how the regions could be represented on the board, because there is no clear line of division. The volunteer stated that it would prefer that regional representation be promoted via regional hubs and IGC.
  • Wikimedia's governance needs to be reformed, not just external leadership positions like the board, but internal. In Wikipedia the older editors are the kings of the mambo and that has to change.