Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees/Call for feedback: Community Board seats/Reports/2021-03-03 Conversation with Wikimedians of Bénin User Group

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  • Mahuton - (Facilitation for the French language) Facilitator
  • Bachounda - (Facilitation support for French language and MENA region.)(notetaker)
  • Kevine
  • Fawaz
  • Patrick
  • Constant
  • Rachad
  • Saliou
  • Mermose

Ideas discussed[edit]

Quotas, Call for types of skills and experiences and candidates resources


A participant at the conversation said that the idea of quotas is a bad idea, specifically the gender quota. The participant suggested that if quota should be used then it could be a geographical quota based on the level of contributions of each region. Another participant (A woman) suggested an equal gender representation on the board. Another participant said that it could be a good idea to define a weighting system in order to give chance to candidates from under-represented groups.

To the question of if participants had the possibility to distribute the seats, how would they do that? A participant said 3 seats for women and 3 seats for men. Another participant said 1 seat for Africa and the others for other regions based on the contribution of each region to the movement.

Call for types of skills and experiences[edit]

One participant said that candidates should have minimum skills in people management and a good understanding of the movement. Another one said that good understanding of the movement should be the only skill that could be required.

Candidates resources[edit]

All participants in the conversation agreed that some resources should be provided to candidates. A participant said that mentoring / coaching support should be the most important one. Another participant added that there should be a package of resources shared among all candidates but not individual support or resources.