Wikimedia Foundation Medium-term plan 2019/Thriving movement

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Wikimedia Foundation Medium-term plan 2019

This priority envisions a robust and resilient movement that reflects the world and embraces a growth mindset. It fosters a welcoming, diverse, sustainable, inclusive, respectful and safe movement of leaders, contributors, readers, advocates, developers, allies and partners. It envisions a healthy ecosystem across all Wikimedia projects.

It recognizes that growth is not a zero sum concept; and that growth in established communities and projects must be matched by growth in parts of the world where content, readership, brand awareness and usage are low, and in marginalized and underrepresented communities.


1. We will welcome and support newcomers.

Priorities supported: Thriving Movement, Brand Awareness, Worldwide Readership

  • We will facilitate the smooth entry, retention, and participation of new participants and contributors by providing them with safe & efficient onboarding. We will create programs and opportunities to connect that encourage and engage them. We will maintain platforms for learning, networking and mentorship in several languages.

2. We will have strong, diverse, and innovative communities that represent the world.

Priorities supported: All

  • We will implement sustainability strategies and processes for growing and regenerating our movement by engaging key open knowledge clusters and sectors. We will promote convenorship and build capacity across all world regions, encourage gender diversity across all initiatives, and create a global youth engagement strategy.

3. We will have strategic partnerships and coalitions with aligned organizations.

Priorities supported: Thriving Movement, Brand Awareness, Global Advocacy

  • We will build alliances and mobilize collective action and advocacy with selected partners around the world. We will collaboratively create programs with organizations that share our values to widen our partner network, expand our global footprint and raise brand awareness.

4. We will have strong and empowered movement leaders and affiliates.

Priorities supported: Thriving Movement, Brand Awareness

  • We will invest in the capacity of new and existing movement leaders and organizers and develop gender-equitable pipelines and pathways for moving leaders and experts from around the world into positions of strategic influence in the movement. We will ensure the sustainability of on-wiki roles, such as admins, bureaucrats and stewards, and strengthen our overall support for existing and new affiliates, functionaries, technical contributors, and other movement organizers.

5. We will support diverse content creation.

Priorities supported: Thriving Movement, Global Readership, Brand Awareness

  • We will support new and varied forms of the world’s knowledge being reflected in the Wikimedia ecosystem. To respond to global trends in knowledge creation and consumption, and through a more systematic understanding of global knowledge gaps, we will provide improved editing and content development experiences for existing and new contributors, and enable diverse multimedia content pilot programs. We will actively foster the inclusion of underrepresented and marginalized knowledge, and ensure content is locally relevant to communities.

6. We will have safe, secure spaces and equitable, efficient processes for all participants.

Priorities supported: All

  • We will improve key processes to enhance equity and efficiency within the movement as it grows and expands, and facilitate community decision making, with clear timelines and accountabilities. We will guide communities in following codes of conduct for safe and civil spaces, foster innovative and resilient community self governance practices, and reflect responsible online and offline behavior.


1. Grow communities and content.

  • By 2025, editor participation and retention rates rise by 5% each year across Wikimedia projects, including from underrepresented geographies.
  • By 2025, there is an 18% annual increase in content across all Wikimedia projects, as contribution and editorship grow around the world.

2. Newcomers.

  • By 2025, newcomers (e.g. first time grantees, event participants, online contributors, etc.) will feel significantly more empowered and welcome as new participants in the Wikimedia movement.

3. Diverse Communities.

  • By 2025, we will double the number of youth, people with diverse gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientations, and people from underrepresented geographies who participate in the Wikimedia movement.

4. Strategic Partnerships and Coalitions.

  • By 2025, Wikimedia will strengthen strategic collaboration with existing key allies and grow and diversify its network of partners engaged in open knowledge work.

5. Movement Leaders, Affiliates and User Groups.

  • By 2025, there will be significantly more diversity among movement leaders, proportionate to the global population.
  • By 2023, at least 80% of affiliates, user groups, and on-wiki roles, such as admins, bureaucrats and stewards, will report having the support they need to sustain their roles.

6. Diverse Local Content.

  • By 2025, partners and movement leaders will report increased satisfaction with the technosocial environment needed for large-scale content contribution.
  • By 2025, there will be significant increases in the presence of underrepresented forms of knowledge (such as oral knowledge) on the Wikimedia projects.

7. Safe Secure Spaces, Equitable Efficient Processes.

  • By 2025, there is a significant decrease – proportionate to contributor growth – in reported threats to safety among online contributors and movement organizers with diverse sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression.
  • By 2025, 90% of onboarding documentation for all types of volunteer activities and 90% of Wikimedia Foundation's announcements will be available in the 10 most spoken languages in the world.