Wikimedia Foundation Report, January 2014

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Video of the monthly Wikimedia Foundation metrics and activities meeting covering the month of January (February 6, 2014)

Data and Trends[edit]

2013 traffic trends (presentation slides)

Global unique visitors for December:

490 million (-7.98% compared with November; +3.73% compared with the previous year)
(comScore data for all Wikimedia Foundation projects; comScore will release January data later in February)

Page requests for January:

20.678 billion (+13.2% compared with December; -7.0% compared with the previous year)
(Server log data, all Wikimedia Foundation content projects including mobile access, but excluding Wikidata and the Wikipedia main portal page.)

Active Registered Editors for December 2013 (>= 5 mainspace edits/month, excluding bots):

75,441 (+0.99% compared with November / -2.72% compared with the previous year)
(Database data, all Wikimedia Foundation projects.)

Report Card (integrating various statistical data and trends about WMF projects):



Wikimedia Foundation YTD Revenue and Expenses vs Plan as of December 31, 2013
Wikimedia Foundation YTD Expenses by Functions as of December 31, 2013

(Financial information is only available through December 2013 at the time of this report.)

All financial information presented is for the Month-To-Date and Year-To-Date December 31, 2013.

Revenue 34,750,758
 Engineering Group 7,818,380
 Fundraising Group 2,267,144
 Grantmaking Group 838,068
 Programs Group 866,479
 Grants 1,289,803
 Governance Group 377,413
 Legal/Community Advocacy/Communications Group 1,752,003
 Finance/HR/Admin Group 3,566,318
Total Expenses 18,775,608
Total surplus (15,975,150)
in US dollars
  • Revenue for the month of December is $20.14MM versus plan of $19.61MM, approximately $535K or 3% over plan.
  • Year-to-date revenue is $34.75MM versus plan of $36.32MM, approximately $1.57MM or 4% under plan.
  • Expenses for the month of December is $3.65MM versus plan of $4.43MM, approximately $778K or 18% under plan, primarily due to lower personnel expenses, capital expenses, internet hosting, payment processing fees, and travel expenses partially offset by higher outside contract services.
  • Year-to-date expenses is $18.78MM versus plan of $22.86MM, approximately $4.08MM or 18% under plan, primarily due to lower personnel expenses, capital expenses, internet hosting, legal fees, payment processing fees, staff development expenses, and travel expenses partially offset by higher outside contract services and recruiting fees.
  • Cash position is $55.34MM as of December 31, 2013.


New community-centered trademark policy[edit]

After a seven-month long community consultation, the Foundation's legal team concluded work on the new trademark policy. The community discussion, which had more words than The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, resulted in a policy that is unconventional in how it provides liberal use of the Wikimedia marks, while maintaining legal protection. The final policy was approved by the Board of Trustees on February 1, effective immediately.

After one year, Individual Engagement Grants demonstrate potential for impact[edit]

Projects from the first round of IEGs

One year after Individual Engagement Grants program was launched in January 2013, the Foundation's Learning & Evaluation team completed an impact assessment of the projects funded in the first round. One of the projects, The Wikipedia Library, generated $279,000 worth in donations from commercial research database providers, enabling Wikipedia editors to use high quality sources for free. At a grant cost of only $7,500, this represents a 37x return on investment. Another project, on generating publicity in China for Wikipedia, gained 10,000 followers for a new Wikipedia account on social networking site Weibo (25% of whom are women). Applications for the first round of 2014 start in March.

Multimedia vision for 2016, and request for comment on MP4 video[edit]

The Foundation's recently formed Multimedia team presented a multimedia vision for 2016. It is a scenario describing possible new tools for collaborating on multimedia on Commons, Wikipedia and other projects. The team invited community feedback on these ideas.

Separately, the multimedia team started a request for comment (RfC) on whether to support video files in the MP4 format on Wikimedia sites, in addition to the existing software support for the free formats Ogg Theora and WebM. Currently, only about 0.2% of the around 20 million files on Commons are videos, and it is assumed that MP4 support would make uploading and viewing videos much easier for many users, especially on some mobile devices that cannot play videos in the existing free formats. However, MP4 is a proprietary format covered by patents. Most users in the RfC preferred not to support MP4, maintaining the current practice of only using free formats.

New search engine[edit]

A new search infrastructure is being rolled out out to all Wikimedia wikis. It is based on the existing open-source software "Elasticsearch", instead of the "Lucene-search" software that was written especially for MediaWiki. "Lucene-search" has worked well on Wikimedia sites for around 8 years, but developed some technical problems in 2013. The new search system for MediaWiki is called "CirrusSearch". Its search results will reflect page updates much quicker than the old system. The text of templates in an article will now be found too, and some new search options were added. CirrusSearch is first becoming available as an optional Beta feature (see the timeline).


A detailed report of the Tech Department's activities for January 2014 can be found at:
Department Highlights

Major news in January include:

Presentation slides on VisualEditor


In January, the VisualEditor team continued their work on improving the stability and performance of this visual editing interface to edit pages on Wikipedia and its sister sites; they also added some new features. You can now edit page settings like whether to display a table of contents or whether to show section edit labels. You can also specify the size of a media file manually, see a list of keyboard shortcuts, and create and edit media galleries using a very basic stand-in editor whilst the final form is being designed. Work also continued on a dialog for quickly adding "citation" references based on templates, more media and page settings, setting content language and right-to-left indicators, and equation editing.

The Parsoid team (developing the program that converts wikitext to annotated HTML, behind the scenes of VisualEditor) did a lot of bug fixing around images, links, references and various other areas. We also mentored students, participated in discussions relating to the architecture of MediaWiki, and started to work on "packaging" Parsoid to make it easier to install.

Maryana Pinchuk presenting about Flow (slides)

Editor engagement[edit]

This month, the Core Features team worked on integrating MediaWiki tools for dealing with spam and vandalism (AbuseFilter and Spam Blacklist) into Flow, a new wiki discussion system. We also launched an updated visual design and user interface for Flow, based on the first round of experienced user feedback last month, as well as ongoing user testing with new users. Lastly, we created a script to disable Flow and convert its content, so that we can begin testing Flow on two WikiProjects that volunteered on the English Wikipedia while being able to revert to wikitext if needed.

The Growth team improved the GettingStarted extension, in part to support local configuration for different Wikipedias. The latest version of GettingStarted and GuidedTour will be released in English and 23 other languages in early February. The team also completed several iterations of design and data analysis in support of upcoming work on Wikipedia article creation. We presented new designs for the Draft namespace, and completed a series of remote usability tests. We also finalized and published extensive quantitative analysis of trends in article creation across the largest Wikipedias.

Presentation slides from the quarterly review of the Mobile Web & App team


During the last month, the Wikipedia Zero team worked on supporting secure HTTPS connections for partners in the Zero program, which allows mobile subscribers to access Wikipedia content at no data cost. We also continued to work on a proof-of-concept HTML5 web app for Firefox OS, fixed bugs in the legacy Firefox OS Wikipedia app, and prepared alpha functionality for the integration of Wikipedia Zero with the rebooted Android Wikipedia app. The team also met with the business development team to plan for partners and Wikipedia Zero-related work at large, and conducted tech facilitation to enable partner launches and align approaches with current and future partners.

The Mobile web projects team has been directing much of their attention over the last month at delivering a tablet-friendly mobile experience. We've added support for tables of contents, made some design improvements, and have worked towards making VisualEditor work on tablets (in alpha for now). We have also released our overlay UI improvements as well as an improved inline diff view for MobileFrontend into stable. Finally, we have also been working to expand our coverage of browser tests to facilitate quality assurance and help prevent the introduction of bugs and regressions.


Department highlights
  • Anne Gomez joined as the new Product Manager for the Online Fundraising team.
  • As of 12/31/13, the fundraising team has raised a total of $36,689,093.29 this Fiscal Year. Some of these funds may be accounted for in January's totals.

Major Gifts and Foundations[edit]

  • Finalized December Numbers: 2.8 million
  • Sending out Annual reports to Benefactors

Online Fundraising[edit]

  • The online fundraising team prepared international banner campaigns to run in February. Messages were translated into multiple languages in preparation for the international campaigns. If you would like to help with the translation process, please get involved.
  • For the latest updates and a brief recap from the December English campaign, please see the updates page on Meta


Department highlights
  • Welcome, Alex Wang, new Project and Event Grants Program Officer.
  • Wikimania Scholarships applications opened in January and are still being accepted until February 17. Thanks to the Wikimedia Scholarship committee for getting these up and running. These scholarships will support community members to come to London this upcoming August.
  • The new Grants homepage consolidates resources under one umbrella, as well as a better articulation of the grantmaking work in which our community engages.
  • IEG Round 1 Impact report is posted. Highlights include a 37x return on investment for The Wikipedia Library, and some potential areas for further study. See overall blog post.
  • Overall for grantmaking, 6 requests were funded, 1 grant was renewed, and 16 reports were accepted or reviewed in January 2014.
  • An improved FDC proposal form for 2013-2014 Round 2 was launched in January 2014 and is available to organizations that submitted Letters of intent for that round.
  • Happy 10th anniversary to the Odia Wikipedia! We are excited to support the growth of the Odia language online through our grant to the CIS India Access To Knowledge program, and proud of our active community in India.

Annual Plan Grants (Funds Dissemination Committee)[edit]

  • The FDC Advisory Group is planning its review of the FDC process, scheduled for May 2014 in Germany. The FDC Advisory Group is tasked with providing a recommendation to the WMF Executive Director about improvements to the FDC process, based on assessments and learning.
  • The proposal form has been improved between rounds and was launched for 2013-2014 Round 2 applicants in January, in preparation for the 2013-2014 Round 2 proposal deadline on 1 April 2014. To create a proposal form, organizations that have already submitted Letters of Intent for this round should go to the "proposal form hub page" that was created when their Letters of intent were submitted, and use the proposal creation tool to create a proposal form. Please contact FDCSupport(_AT_) with any questions.
  • Annual Plan Grantees receiving grants in 2012-2013 Round 2 submitted progress reports for Q2 (1 October - 31 December 2013) on 30 January 2014. Read Wikimedia Norge's Q2 progress report or Wikimédia France's Q2 progress report. We thank WMNO and WMFR for submitting these reports on time and sharing their learning with the larger movement.
  • Eligibility for 2013-2014 Round 2 is underway: all organizations that submitted Letters of Intent for the 2013-2014 Round 2 Annual Plan Grants cycle have until 15 March 2014 to fill any eligibility gaps. Please reach out to FDCsupport(_AT_) with questions about eligibility, or the eligibility gaps and potential eligibility gaps outlined in this table.
  • First installments for grants awarded in 2013-2014 Round 1 are being sent, and three grantees have confirmed receipt of the first installments of grant funds in January 2014.
  • Site visits from FDC staff and FDC members to WMDE, WMHU, and WMIN are planned for February.

Project and Event Grants[edit]

  • 4 requests were funded and 11 reports were accepted in January 2014.
  • We hired Alex Wang as the new Program Officer for Project and Event Grants. You can read more about her here.

Grants awarded in January 2014[edit]

Reports accepted in January 2014[edit]

Travel & Participation Support[edit]

  • 2 new requests were funded and 2 reports were accepted in January 2014.
  • We're working with WMF's Communications Design Manager to recruit a design contractor to help with the TPS redesign
  • A pilot is being planned to experiment with microgrants to contributors on Arabic Wikipedia. This pilot aims to test some assumptions and grantmaking systems at WMF for making small grants to individuals in the Global South, which may feed into TPS or other grants programs.

Requests awarded in January 2014[edit]

Reports accepted in January 2014[edit]

Siko Bouterse presenting about the impact of round 1 IEGs (slides)

Individual Engagement Grants[edit]

Reports accepted in January 2014[edit]

3 final reports were accepted in January 2014

Grantmaking Learning and Evaluation[edit]

  • Meta-wiki cleanup month, including:
    • Updated all pages to reflect new grants program names
    • Moved all grants program pages to the "Grants:" namespace
    • Created a shiny new Grants homepage
    • The "Grants:" namespace is now part of default search option on meta
  • Completed an impact assessment of IEG Round 1 grant projects (see IEG section).
  • Revamped and deployed suite of surveys for grants programs to better understand their nascent work (see IEG section for those results; FDC results to come in February)
  • Launched work with consultants to look into:
    • Tool for internal grants management (Fluxx)
    • Org effectiveness measures of other movements (TCC)
    • Overall impact of historic Project and Event Grants (Inspire)


Department highlights
Presentation slides about Wikipedia Zero

Wikipedia Zero[edit]

  • Wikipedia Text, our USSD/SMS service currently being piloted with Airtel Kenya and the Praekelt Foundation, was shortlisted for the Best Mobile Education Product or Service in the GSMA's Global Mobile Awards. The winner will be announced at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on February 25. Wikipedia Text allows users to search Wikipedia and read articles via a series of text messages. For the first time ever, we are bringing Wikipedia's vast knowledge base to the billions of people who do not yet use mobile internet.
  • Launched our 25th Wikipedia Zero partner: Babilon Mobile in Tajikistan. In January we served 50 million free page views across 22 countries.
  • Adele Vrana was promoted to Partner Manager for Wikipedia Zero in Africa and the Middle East.
  • The Wikipedia Zero team held a two-day offsite to clarify short term priorities and set the context for annual planning.
  • The partner engineering team kicked off development of the Wikipedia Zero partner portal, which will provide centralized resources and self-service implementation features, so we can support more carrier partners.
  • We posted the third Partner Manager position, to head up Asia and Eastern Europe.
LiAnna Davis presenting about the new "Editing Wikipedia" brochure (slides)

Wikipedia Education Program[edit]

Global programs
  • We enhanced the learning experience for student editors on English Wikipedia by adding new GuidedTours interactive tutorials to our online student training, and began investigating the possibility of completely converting the trainings into extended GuidedTours.
  • We introduced new features to the Education Program extension to make it easier for users to manage courses and keep track of student editors.
  • Rod Dunican, Director of Global Education, spoke at Saint Mary's College to a group of professors and librarians about the education program and the benefits of using Wikipedia as a teaching and learning tool.
Arab World program
  • Tighe Flanagan, Arab World education program manager, worked with program leaders in Egypt and Jordan to make sure course pages are up to date and that student usernames are valid in preparation for collecting quantitative measurements of student contributions. While the terms concluded in January, student contributions will be monitored through the end of February as most student contributions have historically occured after the final exam period.
Edward Galvez presenting about the beta evaluation reports (slides)

Program Evaluation and Design[edit]

  • In January, the team:
    • continued releasing its beta evaluation reports, publishing four additional report pages on meta covering On-wiki writing contests, GLAM Content Release Partnerships, Wiki Loves Monuments, and other photo upload initiatives
    • initiated support for four survey pilot projects with a handful of program leaders wishing to pilot survey strategies in their programs. These survey pilots will help the team as they begin to build out survey tools and item inventories for, as well as to pilot different surveying strategies with, program leaders needs for technical advice or supports. (Note: This included discussion about and/or technical supports for surveys for a hybrid course/edit-a-thon series program, a chapters Wikimedian in Residence program, a conference evaluation, and a Wikipedia Education Program survey of participating instructors.)
    • hosted a hang-out to overview and highlight results from the first four reports and engage program leaders in dialogue about the reporting process, strategy, findings, and next steps
    • scheduled the next four evaluation hangouts for February and March, and developed and/or coordinated evaluation tools and resources to be released in conjunction with each of these content-specific hangouts
    • prepared a brief update for the February Metrics meeting
  • The team is currently in the process of identifying a contractor to fill the community coordinator vacancy and has begun collecting community input for pre-conference workshop participation and program evaluation content for the upcoming Wikimedia Conference in Berlin.
HR presentation slides

Human Resources[edit]

HR is supporting Wikimedia Foundation staffing planning as part of the annual planning process, as well as continuing to support executive searches and a number of staff and organizational transition plans. We conducted a 1-day HR staff retreat to determine priorities for the upcoming year. We have brought on Anna Stillwell in a senior learning and organizational development contractor role, and Monica Breton as an intern. We have identified two Applicant Tracking System vendors that we are testing and are in process of selecting a potential Payroll vendor. We also rolled out a new parental leave program, and are assisting with reporting data to the FDC. W2s (United States tax documents) were distributed to US staff, and we continue to process greencards and H1Bs on the immigration front. We've shared initial employee engagement survey data to staff and managers.

Staff Changes[edit]

New Requisitions Filled
  • Gilles Dubuc, Senior Software Engineer (Engineering)
  • Shahyar Ghobadpour, Software Engineer – Features (Engineering)
  • Charles Salvia, Senior Software Engineer (Engineering)
  • Sam Smith, Software Engineer (Engineering)
  • Alex Wang, Grants Program Officer (Grantmaking)
New Interns
  • Monica Breton (Human Resources)
  • Ambrosia Lobo (Administration)
  • Shaila Nathu (Legal)
New Contractors
  • Melanie Brown (Human Resources)
  • Leslie Carr (Engineering)
  • Prateek Saxena (Engineering)
  • Anna Stillwell (Human Resources)
Contracts Extended
  • Arlo Breault (Engineering)
  • Edward Galvez (Programs)
  • Sucheta Ghoshal (Engineering)
  • Andrew Green (Engineering)
  • Michael Guss (Administration)
  • Limayli Huguet (Administration)
  • Kunal Mehta (Engineering)
  • Janet Renteria (Administration)
  • Yuan Li (Programs)
  • Melanie Brown
  • Leslie Carr
  • Matthew Roth
  • Sarah Stierch
Contracts Ended
  • Rita Chang
  • Akshata Metha
  • Naoko Sakurai-Chang
Department Change
  • Adele Vrana – moved from Finance and Administration to join Programs
New Postings
  • Test Infrastructure Engineer
  • Software Engineer (Mobile) (Android Apps)


Total Requisitions Filled
January Actual: 162
January Total Plan: 183
January Filled: 5, January Attrition: 4
YTD Filled: 34, YTD Attrition: 17
Remaining Open positions to fiscal year end

Department Updates[edit]

Real-time feed for HR updates or

Finance and Administration[edit]

no updates for January 2014

Legal, Community Advocacy, and Communications Department[edit]

LCA Report, January 2014[edit]

  • The legal team launched a community consultation regarding the Foundation's first draft of its new Data Retention Guidelines. The consultation is scheduled to close on 14 February 2014. However, the guidelines are intended to be a living document that will be updated and expanded over time to reflect the Foundation's retention practices. We greatly appreciate the input we received from the community, which has already helped improve the guidelines.
  • The legal team (supported by Community Advocacy) has successfully concluded a seven-month long community consultation on the new trademark policy (see also general "Highlights" section). The community discussion, which had more words than The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, resulted in a policy that is unconventional in how it provides liberal use of the Wikimedia marks while maintaining legal protection. The final policy was approved by the Board of Trustees on February 1, effective immediately.
  • The Board has also approved the legal team’s recommendation to withdraw trademark registration for the Community Logo, based on a 75 day community consultation.
  • The community consultation on the new Privacy Policy draft continued into its 5th month. The community raised many new and interesting points in late December and early January, leading to an extension of the consultation period to ensure that substantive issues were properly addressed. The original close date was scheduled for 15 January 2014 and the current close date is scheduled for 14 February 2014.
  • The community consultation on the new Access to Nonpublic Information Policy draft also continued into its 5th month. We have received a great deal of feedback from the community regarding this complicated and sensitive issue and intend on making a bold recommendation to the Board of Trustees based on this feedback, which would remove the identification requirement from the draft policy.
  • The WMF legal team joined the Electronic Frontier Foundation and other organizations in a Copyright Week, writing about how Wikipedia shows the value of a vibrant public domain in a guest blog post. This post was later translated and posted by Wikimedia France ("Wikipédia illustre la valeur d’un domaine public vivant") and Wikimedia Israel ("ויקיפדיה ממחישה לשם מה נחוצה נחלת הכלל").
  • The legal team continues to participate in discussions about how the Wikimedia community should respond to a request for consultation from the European Commission on potential areas of copyright reform. The EC extended the deadline from February to March, so you now have more time to join in and help us out, if you are interested.
  • Community Advocacy continued its ongoing support of the Trademark and Privacy policy consultations, as well as providing leadership and support (and staff hours) to the community liaison team detailed to work on VisualEditor.
  • Community Advocacy is focusing on using tools to streamline our incredibly diverse workflows, and introduced the beta version of LCA tools, which will streamline the process of executing DMCA takedowns and reporting suspect files to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) as legally mandated.
  • Community Advocacy assisted with the processing and review of applicants for the inter-project Ombudsman commission, with the 2014 team taking seat for their one-year term on February 1st.

Contract Metrics[edit]

  • Submitted : 23
  • Completed : 28

Trademark Metrics[edit]

  • Submitted : 14
  • Approved: 7
  • Pending : 2
  • Approval not needed : 5

Domains Obtained[edit],,,,,,,,,,,

Coming & Going[edit]

We are happy to welcome Shaila Nathu, our first new legal intern for the spring semester - Shaila joins us as a second year law student at U.C. Hastings College of the Law.

Other Activities[edit]

The minutes and resolutions from the WMF Board of Trustees' November meeting were published.

Communications Report, January 2014[edit]

Cover illustration for the 2012–2013 Annual Report

A very busy first month of the year for Communications. We bid farewell to global comms manager Matthew Roth as he moved on to a new job. The 2012-13 Foundation Annual Report was launched, and the team worked through a handful of media stories, including paid editing. Media covered a number of new community initiatives, including the Wiki voice intro project and a wide range of Wikipedia general interest stories.

Major announcements[edit]

No major announcements in January.

Major Storylines through December[edit]

Checkpoint MediaWiki vulnerability (January 29)

In late January, website security firm notified WMF of a vulnerability in the MediaWiki software. WMF engineering quickly addressed the vulnerability and issued a patch to all MediaWiki users. Media were alerted to the discovery once the patch was deployed by Checkpoint, and several mostly neutral stories emerged covering the situation.

Marketwatch (news alert from Checkpoint) [1]
Network World [2]
Linux Today [3]
Threat Post [4]
Wikipedia voice intro project (January 28)

UK Wikipedian Andy Mabbett's (User:Pigsonthewing) Wikipedia voice intro project (WikiVIP) got major coverage through late January following a blog post by the Wikimedia UK chapter. Predominantly positive coverage largely centered on the high profile participation of comedian/performer Stephen Fry, but also mentioned a list of other celebrities who would lend their voice to the initiative.

Wikimedia UK blog post [5]
Fast Company [6]
Engadget [7]
Telegraph [8]
Google Knowledge graph and WP pageview drop (January 8)

In early to mid January, media took great interest in stories circulating that suggested Google's Knowledge Graph search results were having a significant impact on Wikipedia's page views, based on publicly posted PV data from the Foundation. Coverage was largely speculative about the connection of the factors, although the Foundation did point to internal research which suggested Knowledge Graph was not responsible for the observed pageview decline.

Times of India [9]
Daily Dot [10]

Other worthwhile reads[edit]

Wikipedia party to expand Sudbury's presence on the web
CBC Morning, North [11]
Mick Jagger on his memoirs 'Look it up on Wikipedia'
The Guardian [12]
Wikimedia considers supporting H.264 to boost accessibility, content
Ars Technica [13]
Wikipedia is top source of medical information for doctors
United Press International [14]
Copyright week, using and losing the public domain
Boing Boing [15] &EFF [16]
Wikipedia's 13th Birthday
Mashable [17]
Wikipedia, What Does Judith Newman Have to Do to Get a Page?
New York Times, original story [18], and follow up [19]

WMF Blog posts[edit] published 21 posts in January 2014. Four posts were multilingual, including versions in Odia, French, Ukrainian, and Portuguese.

Some highlights from the blog:

Happy 13th Birthday, Wikipedia! (January 15, 2014)
Wikimedia Ukraine opposes new copyright and telecommunication law’s amendments in Ukraine (January 16, 2014)
Wikipedia Shows the Value of a Vibrant Public Domain (January 14, 2014)
Introduction to the Board of Trustees (January 13, 2014)

Media Contact[edit]

Media contact through January 2014: wmf:Press room/Media Contact#January 2014

Wikipedia Signpost[edit]

For lots of detailed coverage and news summaries, see the community-edited newsletter “Wikipedia Signpost” for January 2014:

Visitors and Guests[edit]

Visitors and guests to the WMF office in January 2014:

  1. Matthew Caldwell (Mozilla)
  2. Charles A. Lim (SMART)
  3. Melissa Limcoaco (SMART)
  4. Earl S. Valencia (SMART)
  5. Arash Ghassemi (Union Bank)
  6. Saten Singh (Union Bank)
  7. Rafe Furst (Crowdfunder/Unreasonable Institute)
  8. Bob Kraynak (Cushman Wakefield)
  9. Richard Dimaio (
  10. Jordan Johnson (Wabash College)
  11. Stephen Fenton Jr (Wabash College)
  12. James Kennedy IV (Wabash College)
  13. Michael Haffner (Wabash College)
  14. Tyler Andrews (Wabash College)
  15. Tyler Trepton (Wabash College)
  16. Ben Bradshaw (Wabash College)
  17. Daniel Craig (Wabash College)
  18. Patrick Kroll (Wabash College)
  19. Patrick Bryant (Wabash College)
  20. Garrett Lynette (Wabash College)
  21. Justin Taylor (Wabash College)
  22. Adam Miller (Wabash College)
  23. Scott Crawford (Wabash College)
  24. James Jeffries (Wabash College)
  25. Tom Hehir (CCS Consulting)
  26. Isabela Bagueros (Twitter)
  27. Sumit Shah (Twitter)
  28. Brendan Corrigan (JP Morgan)
  29. Sebastian Violette (Gemalto)
  30. Jeremie Acemyoun (Gemalto)
  31. Bertrand LeRoux (Gemalto)
  32. Nico Pitney (Huffington Post)
  33. Tim Nichols (Hub)
  34. Ante Ukalovik (Infobip)