Wikimedia Foundation board agenda 2016-06

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Wednesday, June 22, 2016[edit]

The Chair will call the meeting to order.
The Board will review potential changes to the Whistleblower policy and Board Handbook, as well as an update on the endowment.
Committee updates
The chairs of the Governance, Human Resources, and Audit committees will provide an update from their committee, if appropriate. The liaisons for the Funds Dissemination Committee and Affiliations Committee may also provide an update.
2015-16 Round 2 Funds Dissemination Committee recommendations
The Board will consider approving the 2015-16 Round 2 Recommendations from the Funds Dissemination Committee.
Katherine will provide a regular operations update for the Wikimedia Foundation.
Community Engagement
Maggie will provide an update on the work in the Community Engagement team.
HR presentation
Joady will join the meeting for an update on the 2016 engagement survey.

Thursday, June 23, 2016[edit]

Executive Director Search
Alice will provide an update from the Executive Director Search steering committee.
Annual plan
The Board will consider approving the 2016-17 Wikimedia Foundation Annual Plan.
Katherine will provide an update on strategy.
Board goals
Board members will discuss goals for the upcoming year.
Transparency initiatives
The Board will continue to discuss potential ways to improve transparency.
Board Support
The Board will discuss staff support.
Appointing the chapter and thematic organization selected trustees
The Board will consider formally appointing the new Board candidates to the Board.
Officers and committee membership
The Board will elect the Chair, Vice Chair, and other committee positions.
Executive session
The Board will reserve a period at the end of the meeting for confidential discussion without staff present, if needed.